Perchance To Frog: Cave Story Dev’s Kero Blaster Dated

Given the life he leads, that is one bored-looking frog.

Another pixelated retro action-platformer? I know, I know. But this one has a frog! Also, Kero Blaster is kinda the latest tadpole offspring from indie legend Cave Story‘s design/writing/sound/everything wizard, Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya, and it looks like a rather sumptuous offering in its simplicity. It’s leaping jetpacking into action – as frogs are wont to do – next month, and you can see a trailer below.

Kero Blaster – formerly known as Gero Blaster but given a name change under mysterious circumstances – will be out on May 11th. Its mechanics look chunky, fun, and Cave-Story-esque, but will its world possess the same depth? Will its solid core give way to a rabbit hole labyrinth of secrets? Here’s hoping.

The game was originally set to release last year, but Pixel delayed it at the last second, as is his rather notorious way. Now, however, he’s satisfied with the state it’s in, so out the door it goes.

Kero Blaster is releasing on mobile at the same time as it’s hitting PC, so maybe approach it with some caution. Don’t get me wrong: mobile games can be great too, but they are not always bastions of scope and length. That said, this is Pixel we’re talking about, and it sounds like collecting new items will open up many alternate paths for exploration.

Think you’ll give this one a go given its legacy, or are you all burned out on retro hop ‘n’ bops, even when they star frogs with cats for girlfriends?


  1. Spacewalk says:

    It certainly does look so.

  2. SuddenSight says:

    Certainly looks like Cave Story 2, but with money and a shop instead of the “experience” system of Cave Story (which is too bad, because that was one of the more unique elements of Cave Story style gunfights).

    That said, Pixel did atmosphere and story well in Cave Story and it looks like Pixel will be similar. So I am optimistic.

    And, of course, I am sad that there is no mac/linux at launch, but I’m not tremendously surprised.

  3. NailBombed says:

    Frogs and cats living together? That sounds slightly……….. squishy.

    Looks like a blast anywhoo. May well pick it up.

  4. islisis says:

    kero or sometimes gero is japanese for ‘ribbit’
    but gero also happens to be ‘vomit’

  5. Anthile says:

    To be fair, Cave Story was pretty much the original retro hop ‘n’ bops so they have that going for them.

  6. DantronLesotho says:

    I am so excited for this! At first the screenshots didn’t do it for me, but after seeing the video and hearing the music, I remembered the kind of charm that Pixel can cram into his games.

  7. darkhog says:

    1. I hope it’s not A. Fool joke, as I’d fancy another retro platformer from Pixel
    2. I wonder if Pixel speaks/understands English. I’d like to chat with him either via e-mail or some IM program, but my knowledge for Japanese language is… well, non-existent. Anyone has info on that?

    • wilynumber13 says:

      It’s definitely not a joke, this game was announced well over a year ago, possibly two.
      As for speaking with Pixel, he has a twitter, @amaya_pixel but he rarely posts in English so I would guess that he has only rudimentary English-speaking ability.

  8. Vagrant says:

    I’m fairly certain this ties back into a short comic series he did a long time ago, dealing with a cat & a frog in a relationship(?) or something. Either way, I’m excited because Cave Story was so sublime.

  9. Memphis-Ahn says:


  10. The Random One says:

    It’s still cute. So cute. The frog wears a jacket in the snow level!

  11. BooleanBob says:

    1) Pixel is always worth diving off the front page for
    2) I am also excited because Cave Story was so sublime
    3) Here is the manga Vagrant was talking about, it’s charming as all get-out, possibly breaking into post-maximum get-out levels of charm and calling our current models of understanding the universe into question