Get Your Dote On: Prime World Properly Launched

Push mid and win

With so many Dote ’em ups loose in the world by now, who has time to play them all? Especially when they’re only in open beta testing. Best to wait until they’re done enough to officially launch, then mosey on in and see what they’re all about. Now’s the time to hit Prime World, as after months of open beta testing it’s been declared cool to fool and has actually, properly launched. It’s free-to-play, of course.

Every MOBA other than Dota and League of Legends needs a ‘twist’ to have any hope of drawing players away from the two big names, and Prime World’s packing a fair few. Like, er, a Farmville-y castle-building game churning out resources to buy hero talents. It’s also got a few maps and modes beyond the typical classic three-lane Dota clone, which matchmaking regularly rotates through, from small tweaks to the formula like spawning loads of minions, to objective-based missions a bit like Dota 2’s event maps.

Prime World might not give enough reasons to switch away from the MOBAs you’ve put so very much time into mastering, but may be worth a bash if you fancy something new-ish for a bit.

As one would expect from a free-to-play LoLalike, players can spend cash money to unlock heroes and skins and all that.

Prime World’s up for download now on the official site, or through Steam if you insist. Here, have a gander at the game in this slightly wonky video of a recent competitive match:


  1. Awesumo says:

    Prime World defenders is actually a pretty good tower defence game, but this… well… if you want to play a moba then there are far better alternatives.

    • bstard says:

      Yes besides the achievements not always working and the speedshacking mobs when they got lightning-towered it’s a very descent TD. Not being sarcastic this time.

  2. DatonKallandor says:

    It’s a very pretty game with some hilariously bad (female) character designs, and a cool territory control mechanic (where the map changes visuals in waves as flags get capped) that’s totally wasted on a bad MOBA.

    Basically there’s a ton of neat stuff in Prime World, all of which is pointless, because it’s just a bad Free To Play MOBA.

  3. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Lady Battlethong is OP

    • BooleanBob says:

      I’m still not sure how they managed to make Mirana more stripperific.

  4. Sir_Pete says:

    I’m still waiting till somebody will release “MOBA” game, which is not the same Tri-lane map all over again. I had hope for Infinite Crysis (DC MOBA) but it is just LoL clone (no offense, but the maps are really same).

    So maybe the Heroes of the Storm is only answer to that? Or maybe Smite, although it’s the same map, but at least you are playing it in third person view.

    • Zankmam says:

      Dawngate does things a little bit differently.

      It’s not 100% original – but – it does innovate in all areas at least *a bit*. It’s pretty fun.

      IMO, it’s basically LoL 2.0 or maybe “what LoL should be” (according to Riot’s own vision, IMO).

      I like it. It’s better than the DC Moba and it’s probably better than S2’s Strife, although that too has some nice elements thrown in.

      • Premium User Badge

        Malarious says:

        I played it a while ago, back when it was in beta. It wasn’t quite as woefully casual as HotS but it was close. Maybe I’ll give it another go, if it’s gotten a bit more depth now.

    • aldrenean says:

      I’m having a good time with Dota 2 + Smite, and I intend to play Heroes of the Storm as well once I get access. Smite is fun when you want to fight/kill a lot, HotS looks like a great quick/casual alternative, but in the end they will always leave me wanting to play more DotA.

  5. Fenix says:

    Man, going through the hero roster it’s hard not to groan in disappointment… they clearly spent a considerable amount of resources developing this game, yet they didn’t even bother having original ideas and just recreated all the dota/lol people with not-so subtle names. ‘Maiden’ instead of Crystal Maiden, well done!

    Also, this is the backstory of one of the characters, pasted in its entirety: “It’s hard to live the life of an outcast. Her father was a Dokht soldier who raped the first Adornian woman he could find during the border skirmishes. Her mother died giving birth to her. The girl was raised by her grandfather. ”


    • dE says:

      I just played a funny game with their roster. It’s called “Guess the inspiration”.
      So far I’ve found:
      Healer – Leanna from Dark Messiah
      Blade Master – Naga Swordsman from Might and Magic
      Faceless – Looks like those Mask Guys from the Dark Souls 2 Trailer
      Doctrine – One of those Point and Click Adventures, I think
      Prince of Thieves – Prince of Persia, the Warrior Within one.
      Priestess – Looks like Healer from Prime World… wait a minute… actually several more palette swaps or minor touch ups happening with other heroes too!
      Assassin – Prince of Persia, this time the 2008 one.

  6. kwyjibo says:

    Can we use Dote ’em up as the official name for DOTA-clones/MOBAs/ARTS?

  7. hideinlight says:

    I can’t think of a worst date to release a game than on 1 April…