Catfight: Samudai Reveals 2D Arena Duels

Protect ya neck
With games like Nidhogg, Samurai Gunn, and TowerFall, we live in a golden age of same-screen 2D melee arena murderfun. Let’s keep an eye on Samudai then, starting with the very first video developer Geek Sloth Games have released, which shows a pre-alpha build.

Samudai sees two cats leaping about, striking and dodging to try to knock each other off the screen. And oh my, check out that Japanese woodblock print-y style.

Geek Sloth explain:

Samudai is a fast paced action game where the objective is to knock the other player out of the level or into dangers. Players can run, jump, dodge, and clash with their opponent to get the upper hand. Both players continually try to push their opponent to their side of the screen and move up to their respective end stages.

While this first video is clearly from an early build, and the action’s perhaps a little unclear to a spectator (do they not get hurt at all?), I’m certainly keen to have more games that’ll make people laugh and cuss together playing shoulder-to-shoulder. Geek Sloth say they hope to release a demo “in the not too distant future.”


  1. InternetBatman says:

    I agree with the article. I appreciate the aesthetic, but the action is unclear, as is the moveset.

  2. The Random One says:

    It does appear that they don’t get hurt, and the goal of the game is to push your opponent into level hazard. An interesting concept, but I agree that the footage shown doesn’t fill me with confidence.

  3. Xiyng says:

    The cursor in the video is distracting.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Phasma Felis says:

    Looks like you’re trying to knock the other guy into the water, which makes sense with them being cats and all–when they hit the water, they squall and their little eyes get X’ed. If they’ve got lives left, a big stone finger lofts them back into play.

  5. Geebs says:

    It really needs a wider variety of barks

  6. Harlander says:

    We’ll get a demo of this next Sunday AD?

  7. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I sense a clear lack of pizza.

  8. edgymirrors says:

    Gorgeous art. And I don’t know what all the fuss has been with no online multiplayer for games like Towerfall, I think offline multi is great. I have a wife and friends to play with. It’s perfect. If you don’t have anyone to play with, get yourself a wife/husband, too. That’d be my suggestion at least.

  9. gaiusimperator says:

    *Geek Sloth say they hope to release a demo “in the not too distant future.”*

    Yes, but where in Time and Space?

  10. GeekSlothGames says:

    First of all, thanks to RPS and escpecially Alice O’Connor to write the article! As for the rest of you, thanks for the interest and feedback!

    We just wanted to release something even tho it was realy early Alpha. The idea behind the action was that you force your opponent into hazards or the sides of the screen by trying to control where he moves. While you take no direct damage the knockback distance increases exponentially with a system we like to call, the Kanji System :) This basicly means that every time you get a direct hit a Kanji appears on your respective side of the screen that will spell out the word ” Dishonored ” Every full letter will boost the knockback distance dramaticly.

    The clash system is still being tweaked but this is also a valid way of getting your opponent to where he does not want to go. We are still implementing alot of new things like moves and mechanics and we hope to have something new for everyone soon. Oh and like we said we will try to release the Demo really soon which will feature a ” complete ” first level that we will use to get feedback and make the game even better.

    So support us by liking our Facebook page. P.S Hmm-Hmm, Pizza tastes better if you have to wait a for it :P