Half Minute Hero 2 Counting Down To Launch

Flash! Flash, I love you, but we only have 30 seconds to kill a horse!

21 seconds may be sufficient time to flow, but to save the world you really should schedule in 30. And then another 30. And then oh! hurry! another 30, if you make it in time. That’s the big idea of Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming, which doles out bursts of action as your hero runs around whacking monsters and levelling up on a 30-second timer, hurrying to reach a shrine and top up time before it runs out.

The clock’s a-ticking, as the action-RPG sequel is now confirmed for a Steam release on Friday.

Saving the world’s not all one can do in 30 seconds, oh no. It’s also enough time for a princess to ditch school, to destroy demons, to explore the apocalypse, and several other scenarios. The sequel also introduces four-player multiplayer, which looks all sorts of frantic in the trailer below. It has a map editor with Steam Workshop support to boot.

The original–good grief–Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy only came to western PCs in 2012, by which point the sequel had already been out on PSP in Japan for over a year. 30 seconds to save the world; yonks to port a game.


  1. Renato Costa says:


    • DrMcCoy says:

      No! Nononono!

      I really hate being on a timer. And this abomination here, giving me 30 seconds? By the third 30 second buzzer, I’d have a heart attack and die.

      • frightlever says:

        You kid, but that’s pretty much how the first one made me feel.

      • mechabuddha says:

        Luckily, there’s a mechanic similar to Majora’s Mask. You pay an NPC some gold, and time resets back to the beginning, but you keep your level and equipment.

        Also: YES!!!

  2. golem09 says:

    Is that headline work in progress, or do I just not get it?

    • Dinjoralo says:

      The game has a timer that’s almost always counting down to zero.

  3. Foosnark says:

    The first Half-Minute Hero is the one game I bought for the PS Vita that I regret. I expected to enjoy it and didn’t at all. I guess I just don’t like that kind of time pressure.

  4. johnkillzyou says:

    One of my favourite games on the PSP, brilliant thing. A lovely deconstruction of the old JRPG tropes alongside the extremely clever pacing brings about perhaps the best portable experience. And spoiler alert: You get more than 30 seconds. By praying/giving buckets of money to the time goddess who loves money.

  5. GDwarf says:

    J’adore the original, even though it was not the best port ever (Protip: Switching between “modern” and “classic” visual styles changes how long the game is and what levels are available. Seriously). I hate time limits in games, but these levels are so carefully tailored around the time limit (and it pauses whenever you’re in a town, save on the hardest difficulty, giving you time to plan) that it becomes less about madly dashing from A to B and more about thinking your way through the level. More of a puzzle game than a test of reflexes. I very much look forward to 2, though I may not have the money to actually buy it any time soon.

  6. Ksempac says:

    I’m so pumped for that surprise release (i learned about it a week ago)

    I LOVED the first game. It’s actually less about the timer, and more about the tactics on how to be the most efficient. It’s all wrapped up in a fun story with lots of silly characters and jokes / RPG references.

    I enjoyed it so much that i unlocked everything (at least in normal mode) as well as finishing all levels in less than 30s. Doing so requires to discover every hidden trick, object and shortcuts in the game, and it’s really really fun. The game is so much deeper than you might think at first glance.