Rumble: War Thunder Ground Forces Beta Keys

Hello! The War Thunder Ground Forces beta – that means games of multiplayer tanks, as is so popular in these modern internets – is about to bombard these lonely shores, and Gaijin have sent us over a big batch of keys to give away.

You can grab them (and all the requisite info) below.

Use this widget to get the key. Godankey will not use your email address for any naughty purposes.

And here’s the info stuff!

Instructions for activation:

Login or register at
On the main page, click the “Redeem code” button in the right menu
Download the CBT-launcher and let it download the beta
ATTENTION: Beta-access is valid only for one PC that was used for the first launch of beta (ip-address doesn’t matter, only hardware).

Current Test Schedule
Monday – 01:00 GMT – 07:00 GMT
Tuesday – 13:00 GMT – 19:00 GMT
Wednesday – 01:00 GMT – 07:00 GMT
Thursday – 13:00 GMT – 19:00 GMT
Friday – 01:00 GMT – 07:00 GMT
Saturday – 11:00 GMT – 16:00 GMT
Sunday 1:00 GMT – 07:00 GMT & 11:00 GMT – 16:00 GMT
Players can obtain exclusive vehicles and other bonuses once the Open Beta starts (in addition to CBT-access), there are special Packs available at the official Store:

And here’s what it looks like:


  1. brgillespie says:

    Thanks, RPS!

  2. BlocParty says:

    I honestly want this just so I can Stuka the shit out of any tank that dares reveal itself.

    EDIT – Got a key, hell yea! I love you in the gayest, kinkiest way possible, RPS.

  3. GeminiathXL says:

    Much obliged!

  4. Gap Gen says:

    Personally I’m looking forward to Gaijin’s collaboration with Kate Beaton, Round Horses.

  5. vopperough says:

    Thank you so much RPS! being a massive World of Tanks fan i cant wait to try this!

  6. BillMurray says:

    Thanks chaps!

  7. Muad'Dib says:

    Thanks! :)

  8. Gap Gen says:

    Incidentally, I assume if you already have the Steam version of War Thunder you don’t need to download anything like it says above?

    • BlocParty says:

      No, you have to download the new tank maps and old maps that have been remade for tanks, as well as tank tech trees and all that jazz.

      • Gap Gen says:

        What I meant was, do you need to download the client again or will the new content work with the steam client?

  9. CookPassBabtridge says:


  10. relt says:

    Thank you very much for the key!

  11. TheBattleMaster says:

    I sent in the email, an anxiously waiting.

    That beta is expensive you know?!

    Anyway, Hello RPS, new member here.

    I have seen you guys around doing tons of reviews on websites and my monthly Game Informer, but I have generally ignored it. but guess who am I not ignoring anymore?! RPS! haha

    • TheBattleMaster says:

      Yep, got it, you guys are the greatest!

    • Gap Gen says:

      If it’s anything like War Thunder, it’s very forgiving of people who don’t want to pay for upgrades. If you dump money on it you can upgrade about twice as fast and get special planes, but it never penalises you for playing for free.

  12. Koozer says:


  13. ilves says:

    Well now I’m a sad panda, I play Warthunder regularly but am not in beta. Didn’t see this in time.

    • Jubaal says:

      ilves, I got a beta key, but now I’m not sure now I’ll have the time to play it. Rather than it go to waste I’d rather it go to someone who is keen to play.

      I’ll drop you a PM.

  14. HDD says:

    Thanks chaps())(!)

  15. thrymr says:


    No seriously… didn’t see this in time because I wasted it at work. again.

    Not only do I not have enough money so i have to work… i also miss the free goodies because I doN’t have enough time. Somethings wrong here.

    • BlocParty says:

      I actually got mine because of work – I had to download software on a computer and was reading RPS whilst waiting for it.

  16. guygodbois00 says:


  17. MellowKrogoth says:

    Aaagh! Too late. Well, I’ll let you guys live through the bugs. Make sure to report them so I get a good game on release ;) .

  18. Csirke says:

    BTW, I don’t really care about this game, and obviously I’m not doing it for any material gain, but: When you have these kinds of promotions, is it possible for subscribers to get some kind of advance notice?

    Or just remove the parts about the newsletter and key giveaways from the support page, since the last e-mail I got from there was in last August.

    Nevertheless, I’ll continue to subscribe because of the awesome content on the site, it’s just a bit misleading.

    Stay lovely!

  19. nitehawk says:

    War Thunder Ground Forces Beta Keys
    I have no idea how to parse this statement.

    (War Thunder) (Ground Forces) (Beta Keys)
    War Thunder must be explosions. Apparently this forced the beta keys to the ground.

    (War Thunder Ground) Forces (Beta Keys)
    What, did nobody want the beta keys? We have to force them on people?

    (War Thunder Ground) (Forces Beta) Keys
    They keys were not originally planned to be beta, but War Thunder Ground forced them to be so.

    • Axess Denyd says:

      You’re forgetting (War Thunder Ground) (Forces Beta Keys), in which War Thunder put all of the beta keys for Forces into a grinder.

  20. SpaceCat_ says:


    Plox gib.

  21. weary ghoul says:

    I got these guys mixed up with the Bit.Trip studio. Turns out there’s two Gaijins:
    link to
    link to

    the more you know

  22. Paty says:

    I always come too late… gosh….

  23. Spocky says:

    I don’t suppose anyone would be willing to send me a CBT key? I only just found out about this, and would really love to test it.

  24. Aborted Man says:

    Missed this today! Super bummed, I’ve been playing War Thunder since super-secret closed beta and haven’t gotten a chance to get into the ground forces beta. If anyone is willing to part with their key, drop me a PM.

  25. urukhash says:

    I am a huge world of tanks fan and i really want to try Ground Forces out, for it is way more realistic (no health bars on tanks). I missed this opportunity to get the key,i hope i will be able lucky enough to grab one next time.
    If anyone has a beta key and does not want to play for some reason, i can trade dota 2 keys with you for a CBT key.

  26. t1m0n says:

    give me cey

  27. Ortheclause says:

    Absolutely the best game I’ve ever played. Been waiting on tanks for quite a while… then heard of this and went insane. Thanks RPS for giving people cool stuff. Waiting on mine :D

  28. acipiter says:

    I missed this great chanche to get a key. My family dont have to money to buy a pack because we cant even afford the half of it ( even 20$)
    I hope somebody would give me a key i would be grateful for a life. The hope dies last. maybe i am lucky to get one for my birthday from a very generous person. :/
    my email :

  29. potetgull92 says:

    War Thunder tanks look amazing. Damn why am i always too late for these giveaways.

  30. Kn0wM3 says: Liked and hope to get a CBT Ground Forces Key! TNX a lot;)