Not GTAV Is Not GTAV, But Is Trying To Save A Charity

Here’s a tricky spot. A group called NotGames have created a GTA spoof, called Not GTAV, with all of the proceeds going toward trying to save a charity. The charity is Peer Productions, a youth arts project, that brought the people who made the game together. And they’re doing great things in the South East of England, working with young people, teaching them acting, arts projects, and peer education. Due to a lack of funding, the charity will have to close its doors this Summer, unless they can raise a big pile of cash beforehand. The issue? The spoof game is not very good. The charity, however, is.

Setting out to make a game that pokes fun at the GTA series, specifically references aspects of GTA V, seems like a good idea – widely known game, easy target, lots of angles there. However, what NotGames have made is, er, Snake. It makes it a tough sale, really. The gag is you’re running over pedestrians, squishing the homeless, killing people in Lidl, and so on. Thing is, it’s still Snake. There are some pleasing jibes at David Cameron, but nothing toothy, and it’s all over in about fifteen minutes. HOWEVER. Why not throw some money at Peer Productions anyway?

They’re using a pay-what-you-want model, so you can find out if you think differently about the game for 10p, should you wish, or just reach into your massive pockets and give them £10,000. I love that they’ve done this, and entirely altruistically. It deserves support for that. It’s also a really fun look, the whole game hand-drawn, and all the sound effects recorded from the team’s own mouths. It’s daft, if nothing else.

So if you’ve some spare change, or a fortune looking for a good home, get yourself a copy – 100% will reach the charity. Or give directly to Peer Productions themselves.


  1. rustybroomhandle says:

    We did a similar thing last year, albeit more for our own purposes. Made a really crappy game in order to raise funds for our cat’s stupid-expensive eye operation. Generally people don’t mind that it’s a crap game because they know the real point is the fund raising, not the game itself. In our case it even created a short period of buzz and there’s still one person with an annoyingly high score that nobody has managed to beat.

  2. naetharu says:

    Just a quick note – you mention that “They’re using a pay-what-you-want model, so you can find out if you think differently about the game for 10p, should you wish”. I just wanted to point out that they state that any purchase under 49p goes right into the pockets of paypal assuming that is how to pay for the game. Just a quick heads up as it would be a shame for potential donations to get misdirected in that manner.

  3. frightlever says:

    Maybe Rockstar will throw in if it gets enough publicity – they do work with other charities.

    • Jay - NotGames says:

      Frightlever: We did write to Rockstar to tell them what we were doing and ask for an endorsement, tweet, or mention…. But we heard not a peep back. I suppose at least we didn’t hear the sound of a million lawyers coming down the hill! :)

  4. int says:

    And we’ve had GATV. Not long now until we get VTAG: the interactive graffitti simulator staring V from V for Vendetta.

  5. Jay - NotGames says:

    John Walker: Thank you so much for covering us on RPS. While we’re a little sad the game didn’t entertain you as much as we would have liked, we’re very touched by your kind words about our charity, and the fact that some of the David Cameron jokes worked for you is definitely a bonus! We were simply aiming to give gamers and non-gamers a fun 20 minutes with some good jokes using a proven addictive concept.

    So many charities ask for money these days. Peer Productions is a very small organisation with no marketing budget at all. They, and we, feel that giving away a fun game is better than simply shaking a donation box in front of the internet. Your coverage here will let more people than we could ever reach know about our quirky little not version of GTA (we like to think of it as Snake after a night of Dirty Tequila).

    If anyone reading this is still undecided, please watch our trailers at If you don’t find them funny, you probably won’t find the game funny either, but maybe you know someone who will… The game is DRM free so you could donate and pass the zip to a friend, or, if you really hate it, enemy :)

    Either way, I’ll be nervously checking this thread every hour or so for as long as it’s live, so if anyone has any questions I’ll try my best to get back to you asap. If you fancy trolling us, that seems to be happening a lot on Greenlight, so pop over there, have a read, and while you’re there, maybe Vote for us?

    Thanks again, John, for your honesty, and for helping us to spread the word. We liked your tweet too. Made us smile. We might start using “a not very good game for a very good cause” as a strapline! Would that be okay?

    • oggnogg says:

      I like the slider control for the donation amount. Either it’s very cleverly worded or I’m easily manipulated. Now go buy those kids a beer or whatever it is you do. Have a nice weekend!

  6. kalirion says:

    So … charity for a charity? Charity squared?

  7. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    The spoof game is not very good. What NotGames have made is, er, Snake.


  8. The Random One says:

    Well, we need more Snake clones. A sadly underdeveloped game concept (curse you, Nokia!) But none has ever approached the best.

    • Jay - NotGames says:

      Love the link, Random One! Surely, though, the best version of Snake is Grand Theft Auto? Run stuff over… pick up a tail… try to avoid crashing into it… Jus sayin’. :)