Reverse-Tower Offence: Anomaly Gets Defensive

Reverse-reverse-tower defence

DotA burst forth from the Warcraft III mod scene with a mighty roar and a shower of blood, each drop growing into another independent MOBA, but tower defence games were a more creeping success. Oh sure, they’d been around before, but they bred madly in that weird environment then escaped into the wild. And, much like DotA, what’s followed has never really strayed far from the original formula. 11 Bit Studios played with flipping it in Anomaly: Warzone Earth, controlling soldiers fighting through alien fortifications, but couldn’t resist the lure of tower defence forever.

Its newly-announced Anomaly Defenders is a reverse-tower offence (or a reverse-reverse-tower defence) with the radical idea of building static defences to ward off advancing enemies.

Having been antagonist invaders in the first two games, the aliens are now the poor, put-upon invadee protagonists. Humans are coming, and they’re a mite unhappy with what happened to their little homeworld. What does Anomaly Defender bring to the busy world of tower defence? Towers have active abilities so they do more than sit around, but bear in mind that Defense Grid showed that solid execution and a pleasant coat of polish can be enough. We may have squillions of TDs, but most of them are a bit naff.

Defender’s due some time this spring. Here, have a gander at it in this announcement trailer:


  1. Mbaya says:

    Glad to hear about the direction this game is taking, the first game I really enjoyed – the only Tower Offence game I’ve enjoyed so far, but the second one felt more like a small expansion and didn’t really hit its mark. I always liked Anomaly’s selection (and strengths/weaknesses) of towers, will be nice to finally get to use them!

  2. Moraven says:

    So a normal tower defense. Although the trailer makes it look like you have to have a more active role where most TD may at most give you some spells that you use every 20-40 seconds.

    Never been to fond of TD games where the AI attacks your towers. Tower War games vs other players (each get to send units to each other TD) work great, although I still never liked the ones where you could destroy their towers. Was a few good ones in War3 tho. Saving money for a coordinate wolf spawn strike was always fun.

    • Gregg B says:

      Tower Wars is terrific and unfortunately often overlooked — in fact, it was the adverts on RPS that made me aware of that game rather than any actual coverage.

      Another tower defence and offence game that I was a big fan of was Comet Crash on the PS3 which allowed for up to 4 players locally; lots of devious pathing, surprise attacks, fighting over resources and air space, upgrading turrets and producing specialised units, stabbing each other in the back — a real gem, and, again, often overlooked.

      • Moraven says:

        I missed hearing about Comet Crash. Only played Savage Moon and sometimes the attacking AI just became annoying and roll through your towers. Or you basically just a tank buffer since they stood there shooting usually.

        I think I got Tower Wars in a bundle. Thought about trying it at release but never got around to it. Need to try it. Made me think of War3/SC Tower War maps.

        Never tried enough of the SC2 maps to see if there were any good tower war maps. Squadron defense has some war parts of it but it is not the same as the War3 maps. Lots of good TD games tho and they are all free for anyone to play now with Arcade being free.

    • Dominare says:

      That’s funny, because I can’t usually stomach TD games in which your towers are completely and utterly invulnerable for some inexplicable reason. Revenge of the Titans is a great example of how to do it right, IMO.

  3. araczynski says:

    finally, i don’t like the premise of reverse TD so never bothered with the original 2. glad to see a proper TD version using these resources, they can finally has my chaching.

    +1 for comet crash and savage moon.