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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Memories

Remember You're A Wombat

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Sometime last week or so, my grandfather died. I went back to the ancestral home, met my estranged father and gave his outrageously young wife a hug. In sitcoms, this would normally be where the honey-glazed sappiness starts. But, well. Real life doesn’t work that way. Sorry for not being around, guys. (I don’t usually like linking to anything outside of my specified work scope but this piece about my granddad and this one about my dad seemed relevant to share. I get to be indulgent sometimes, right?) In the meantime, here are a stack of cheap games. This week’s extremely surprised-looking wombat is from kfix. Yay!

Startopia might be old, but it’s certainly not a godless mess like certain other builder games. Mucky Foot’s silly, sci-fi station builder features a vast network of planetary stations and the heavenly bodies they orbit. Also, aliens. Racial animosities and slapstick interactions abound in this childhood fixture. Seriously, derelict space stations are comedic hotbeds, kids. You’ve got to believe me. There’s a reason as to why Startopia is so beloved by the older generation. In any case, the game, which will actually require you to stay on your toes, is currently too cheap to pass up.

Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000
Ignoring how giggle-inducingly retro those Xenomorphs look, this is a good game. Nay, this is an excellent game. Colonial Marines needs to take lessons from this old-timer. While I’m told that the single-player campaign is a pretty sharp experience, my fondest memories of the game consists of going head-to-head in multiplayer. All three species play completely differently, something which can change the dynamics of a match terrifyingly. (P.S: This is a good thing.) If nothing else, this should tide you over until the release of the next Aliens game which is apparently quite awesome.

Max Payne 3 and L.A Noire Complete Bundle
On the off-chance you still haven’t picked up one of these games, why not fix that now? Amazon currently has both games neatly wrapped up in a two-for-one package. Best part? Both are purportedly “complete” editions which means you won’t have to scrounge for spare change if you want extra content with your main campaign. Of the two, I think I’m more in love with L.A Noire if for no other reason than the fact it feels like an evolution of my favorite genre. Sure, it’s a little wonky. Sure, it could have bloody well have made the scenery more interactive but it remains a fascinating dive into the City of Angels. Actually, read Alec’s take on it. He says it better.

Rehearsals and Returns
Ever since I first wrote about The Cat and the Coup years ago, I’ve been patiently hanging around in anticipation of another game from the people involved. And, well, it finally happened. What would you say if no one was listening? Rehearsals and Returns is a videogame about conversations that will never take place, a curious platformer of sorts that will have you bounding through a world populated by the likes of Genghis Khan and Hillary Clinton.

Also of note

Groupees’ Be Mine Bundle 12 – Pay at least $3.50/£2.11/€2.55
Hey, look! I didn’t forget about Groupees this week. Sang-froid is apparently cool but I’m not entirely sure. Half Minute Hero, on the other hand, does indeed rule.

Avernum: Escape from the Pit – $1.99/£1.20/€1.45
Avernum is a fabulously intricate, old-school RPG that will have you plowing through bountiful talent trees and subterranean passages. (Did that sound dirty to anyone else? Because it sounded a bit dirty to me.)

Sleeping Dogs – $4.99/£3.74/€3.64
You know how they say “let sleeping dogs” like? Well, don’t. If you haven’t picked up Sleeping Dogs just yet, you might be happy to know this sleeper hit is going for 75% off right now.

(P.S: Prices may be inaccurate as I’m writing this in a mad rush while trying to get somewhere I was supposed to be 20 minutes ago. Do feel free to leave corrections, criticism and pictures of your plushies in the comments below.)

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