Dreamranger: Black Desert’s Remarkable Character Creator

That scarf!

My favourite part of every MMORPG is almost inevitably its character creator. EVE Online aside, I’ve found styling virtual dolls more fun than their attempts to hook me into dull lifeless worlds and dreams of becoming a hero. A good character creator is worth the download alone and oh my, I’ll certainly give Black Desert a go if it comes westward.

A new video from the F2P South Korean MMORPG shows off the finest character creator I’ve seen since APB, including squillions of sliders to tweak a dozen different parts of the face, squish around body shapes, style hair like a pro, and even give characters heterochromia with star-shaped pupils like some sort of glam rock Dr. Quinn.

What’s the actual game like? I don’t know and I don’t particularly mind. I am perfectly content focusing on the bits I find enjoyable and ignoring the rest. We all play and enjoy games in our particular way, often for reasons the developers didn’t have in mind, so why not just play dress-up and admire the tech?

While Black Desert hasn’t announced a European publisher yet, that developers Pearl Abyss are working on an English client suggests they’re angling for one. Gosh, look at this character creator:


  1. Niko says:

    Now go and kill 20 rats with that beautiful face of yours, girl.

    • Humppakummitus says:

      I hope the whole game is about shaping your face for different battle conditions.

      • President Weasel says:

        I tried, but I cannot resist saying:

        WAR FACE

      • Gap Gen says:

        Or a game where you play a shape-shifter, and you have to find targets, reproduce their features so that people mistake you for them, murder them then take their place. You could even make it a multiplayer game, where one person is the shape shifter and you have to find them before they murder everyone.

        • TheMightyEthan says:

          ^ Someone needs to do this like, right now.

          • SuicideKing says:

            It’s not done yet. WHY.

          • aDFP says:

            On it,

          • Gap Gen says:

            I love that I can type things into here and they become reality.

            A uh, huge cake. And beer.

          • aDFP says:

            Still trying to get the first video trailer together so I can throw it at John, but if you’re interested, please check out link to thehitgame.co.uk

          • Gap Gen says:

            I suppose what I was proposing was something like TF2’s Spy, with an emphasis on manual facial control such that you have to mimic someone with enough accuracy to fool guards (the better they know the person, the more you have to work to fool them). Something like the protagonist of Consider Phlebas, perhaps.

          • aDFP says:

            Yeah, I get it. Consider Phlebas was the first thing that came to mind when I read your post. I’m building some systems now that I think will make your idea possible to implement within The Hit. I can’t really say any more until I’m ready to put the tools in your hands, but please keep an eye on my blog.

          • Gap Gen says:

            Awesome, will do!

    • SillyWizard says:

      I would be impressed if the introduced accuracy penalties for characters that have hair that completely blocks an entire eye…

      • Premium User Badge

        Harlander says:

        It’ll have a customisable hotkey to brush your hair back out of the way. Thus finally birthing the gaming future predicted by Nethack’s #wipe extended command.

      • Shadowcat says:

        You have to cut me. I can’t see anything. I’m blind out there. AHH. -snip- AHH!!

    • Zyrusticae says:

      I feel compelled to note that, in the MMO space, this game is actually pretty interesting, though there’s still a lot we don’t know about it yet.

      If you’re looking for something that eschews the traditional WoW model of questing to endgame raiding, Black Desert seems to be one to look out for.

      • magogjack says:

        Thanks for posting that link. this game looks dare I say it……fun as hell. I hope it lives up to that epic trailer.

      • Grey_Ghost says:


        That video you linked deserves it’s own post… game certainly looks quite lively. Visually impressive, now just need to know more about the mechanics.

      • Contrafibularity says:

        But that’s a bit like saying; in the reality television space, Sookie and Jwoww is actually pretty interesting. Isn’t it?

  2. The Random One says:

    I have to admit I often feel the same way, and hated it that after all the tweaking I’d done to my ATB character my only clothing options were ‘yes’ and ‘no’. That’s why so many people were walking around in their undies.

  3. JohnnyPanzer says:

    I’m not sure what amazes me the most; the intricate controls and superior detail shown, or the fact that no matter which sliders they fiddle around with, every single character still manages to look like the lead singer of an asian, manga inspired tween-pop girl band.

    You know what, I think it’s a draw.

    • SuddenSight says:

      My thoughts exactly. Have an RPS upvote.

      • hamilcarp says:

        Comments like this are stupid when they show up on reddit and they’re infinitely more stupid on sites that don’t have “upvotes.” There are less moronic ways to agree with someone, you know.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      Yeah, where’s the fun in not being able to create a freak of nature. Character creators were built *specifically* for that purpose, in my opinion. Saint’s Row is a good example of that creative chaos.

    • whexican says:

      Look at 3:29 and 3:32

      Front men for garage death metal and punk bands are possible!

      • Boothie says:

        also 0:16 if feral quasimodo isnt a freak of nature i dont know what is

        • BobbyFizz says:

          But I want long thin arms down to the ground and one tit bigger than the other… I wish there was a char creator that did that.

          • Boosterh says:

            Check out about 2:25. I don’t know about asymmetry, but the arms to the ground thing looks totally do-able.

    • Zyrusticae says:

      I think the variety looks alright, though whoever made the characters for the demo obviously has something against giving their wimminz bigger jaws and chins.

      I expect to see some craziness when players get their hands on this.

  4. int says:

    The motto of South Korea: Make MMO, play RTS.

  5. biggergun says:

    Looks sexist.

    • Post-Internet Syndrome says:

      Looks borderline some of it, but to be fair, at least they gave – almost – the same treatment to that male character. For asia, it’s almost progressive.

      • SuicideKing says:

        Depends on which part of Asia you’re talking about, really.

        (Asian != mongoloid features)

        • Press X to Gary Busey says:

          Umm. Mongoloid may be offensive as shit to some.
          You wouldn’t use the words negroid, caucasoid or australoid nowadays right?

          • darkath says:


          • Benjamasm says:

            They are still the clinical/scientific terms used to describe the different races of man.

          • amateurviking says:

            Not really.

          • JamesTheNumberless says:

            Mongoloid, he was a Mongoloid…

            One of my favourite riffs that.

            That comment is complete bollocks though. “Mongoloid” and other such terms are outdated and almost completely discredited in modern anthropology. And yes, they can be offensive.

            Anthropology as a subject just doesn’t attract as much attention these days, precisely because most of the central theories of its golden era in the late 19th and early 20th centuries were so thoroughly discredited, it isn’t exciting anymore.

            You can read almost any literature from that period, to get a sense of how interested western society was in anthropology. The reasons are complicated but a lot of anthropological study was driven by the desire to prove racial theories of the time, or in the extreme, to find a moral case for empire building.

            As a consequence, most of the anthropological texts that are available, are from that golden era, or draw from it. So there’s a lot of rubbish that gets quoted from time to time to suit people’s agendas, and a lot of genuine confusion because sometimes terms are still in official use in legal contexts where the costs of revising documents or texts outweighs the benefits of updating the terminology. This includes important reference works, standard legal texts, and school textbooks. I even had a junior encyclopaedia in the 80s that quite neatly defined all of humanity as either “nordic”, “mongoloid” or “negroid”

          • SuicideKing says:

            I did consider that, but what else do you use? Americans use “Asian”, but then that’s exactly opposite to the point i’m trying to make. I guess maybe Sino? I don’t know.

            We say African or African American, European, Arabian, Indian (South or North or North-East Indian), though people are okay with Aryan/Dravidian), Native American; but what do you use for a people that are spread across many counties in Asia, and are simply called “Asian” in the west, even though Asia shows more ethnic variety?

            Well, we do keep complaining about the standard Caucasian male in games, so i guess if that’s ok…

          • JamesTheNumberless says:

            SuicideKing – I was really replying to the idea that these are “clinical” or “scientific” terms. To call them that these days is either silly or dangerously misleading, depending on the context. You’re right that the way they use the term “Asian” in most of the English speaking world, is ridiculous. Your use of the term was appropriate and if anything just hilights the fact that when Americans use the word “Asian” in relation to appearance, they more or less mean exactly the same thing as “mongoloid” !

          • Josh W says:

            It was also a reaction to imperialism too; people were suddenly being put in charge of a huge variety of different groups of people, and making some kind of sense out of that situation was almost like cognitive fire-fighting. As much as it was about propaganda, they were also dealing with an impending sense of their own vast ignorance.

    • SuicideKing says:


      • whexican says:

        The females characters have breasts which is OPPRESSIVE!

        • Bremze says:

          Tits are cool, it’s the bigots that need their voices heard no matter the time or place that are oppressive.

      • iainl says:

        There’s something a bit creepy about posing virtual women in their pants at the best of times, but my other issue was that every single one of the female characters seemed to be about two thirds leg. And what I could see of the sliders available that’s the norm.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      Sextant. Black hole. Red Giant. Pulsar. Milky way.

    • Deadly Sinner says:

      The only possible sexism I could see was that they focused on women almost the whole video, but considering you can make them into seemingly any shape, I don’t see how the actual game would be.

  6. rhubarb says:

    Kinda worrying that (what I presume is) a press release screenshot has the scarf-medal things clipping into her shoulder.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      If that’s a side effect of being able to shape a truckload of body parts independently i’m still going to take it.

      I mean, imagine Skyrim with this amount of customization, it’d be a bloody nightmare.

  7. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Can you create asmymmetrical faces? My face isn’t symmetrical.
    Can you make ugly people? This video makes it look like a Conventionally Attractive Person creator. Booooo

    • SuicideKing says:

      Well, that’s because they were using attractive character models for the demo purpose (i mean why not? First time I’ve thought “wow that’s a really pretty virtual face”)

      They did stretch the woman disproportionately, so you can obviously make weird looking characters.

    • Bremze says:

      You’re looking for Oblivion. No matter how you arrange the sliders, you’re going to end up with something that looks like it bashes rocks with it’s face for a living.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      To be fair, the trailer contains some incredibly ugly individuals, but that’s probably some kind of ugly race. Still, there are a couple of “conventional” humans in there that i wouldn’t entrust with a child.

      Eitherway, i don’t think it’s impossible to have something more… average, there are some brief glimpses of that possibility if you look very close, it’s just that the artist in charge of moving stuff has a very different agenda.

      It’s curious though that none ever tried to go for asymmetrical creation ( or at least i think ). I guess it’s seen as an unneeded complication.

    • Koozer says:

      How many Sims trailers include the absolute freakish perversions of nature that we all create at some point?

    • Zyrusticae says:

      We won’t know the full range of what is possible until the players get their hands on it anyway.

      This is an extremely controlled demo done by the art team more than likely, and obviously they don’t want to paint their stuff in a bad light.

  8. BarryAllen says:

    Waifu creator of the year all years

  9. Llewyn says:

    I’ve found styling virtual dolls more fun

    Styling virtual dolls, even in the games with relatively poor character creation tools, is so often more satisfying than the gameplay that follows, and not only in MMOs.

    Also the mention of heterochromia reminded me that I was thinking of this picture the other day and meant to go looking for it again: link to upload.wikimedia.org. Simultaneously one of the ugliest and absolutely the most beautiful bitch I’ve ever seen.

  10. MrFinnishDude says:

    This character creation system seems to be 60 shit-tons better than the one in APB

  11. Stellar Duck says:

    But… that looks so much like the EVE character creator it’s uncanny. Down to the white highlights on facial structures and the UI.

    Seriously, EVE has a brilliant character generator.

    It can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo9L8d-5×20

    I don’t know how to do links. Sorry!

    • hawken.grey says:

      Yes, though the only problem there is that in EvE (currently) your character is kinda useless. You are your current ship.

      • Premium User Badge

        phuzz says:

        Not true! You get to walk around in a room, and there’s a telly, and your ship, and a door that won’t open.
        Um, that’s it really.

      • Stellar Duck says:

        As I said, it’s kinda ironic that it has such a cool character generator.

        I was mostly just remarking that this one is very much like one that has been around for a few years.

        And if Alice just want to do characters, leaving out EVE is silly. She could just start a trial and mess about with the char gen for 2 weeks. Hell, get a buddy invite and you get 3 weeks.

        Edit: As I said elsewhere. Guess I should remember where I post what. :)

  12. Utsunomiya says:

    PSO2’s character creator is still the bestest ever.
    I meen really, just look at this: link to imgur.com
    It’s awesome!

    • Zyrusticae says:

      I don’t know if I would say “bestest”. It’s certainly pretty good, but it suffers from some notable omissions, including the lack of an easy way to adjust the size of a female character’s waist and derriere without changing the entire girth of the body. You also can’t move tattoos around, and there’s a hard limit to how much makeup you can apply (and the makeup itself is not modifiable – you select it from a big list).

      Oh, and you can either have tights OR body paint – NOT both at once. Yeah. That one makes me sad.

  13. SuicideKing says:

    I have this sudden urge to replicate the faces of all my closest friends in this and

    1. make a character with my face, then make everyone a character in an RPG.

    1. send them screenshots.

    • SuicideKing says:

      I must add, these faces seemed to cross the uncanny valley, at least for me.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        Some did, some felt like… well, you know.

        But yeah, i think there is a possibility for some realism there, not all examples were blown out of proportion and yes, some stuff did look like it had the potential of being made quite realistic.

        The harder thing is still going to be, for all eternity, replicating all the little imperfections in everyone, even the most beautiful of people. Which is something i really can’t hold against that game.

      • Nate says:

        You need to play more video games and see fewer real people. Works wonders.

    • JamesTheNumberless says:

      I made all my closest friends in a videogame.

  14. Humppakummitus says:

    I find this kind of character creator tools incredibly intimidating. I tried to make a vaguely human looking character in Saint’s Row 4, but finally ended up selecting one of the defaults and tweaking its weight a bit. Although I usually have an idea of what my character should look like, I have no idea what sliders to move to get there.

    • Hunam says:

      I also find a character creator like this pretty intimidating.

      I remember the DAO creator and not being able to make something I liked :(

    • altum videtur says:

      I loved the creator in SR IV. Made a lot of characters, 2 of which I was super happy with. And that’s a rare thing.
      First one was this British (voiced by Rowin Atkin Downes of course) bloke wot was slightly overweight and had a vague Greek-statue look with a giant broken nose. He was a remorseless and entirely cheery motherfucker in that dinky little yellow and grey suit of his, and I loved him very much.
      Second was obviously an amazon with a red pixie haircut. Fun fact: while you can’t make realistic looking characters with SR IV’s character creator, you can make cool stylized ones. Especially once you tune down their eye sizes a bit. Also including a weight/muscle slider is a brilliant idea, if really difficult to implement (problems with mesh clipping, especially on clothing). So yeah she was cool too. Serious suit but no tie because ties are for weaklings.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Well, I’d consider that with a more basic character creator you’re more limited than with such a character creator (as the one in the post). Also, if they’re at all smart, they’ll have certain presets and randomisation options to simplify the process if needed.

    • Deadly Sinner says:

      The interesting thing about this to me is that it appears that you could basically create your own races. For example, it looks like you can change the lengths of your arms and legs, so could you create a long armed monkey-person? Because it would be cool if you could get together with a bunch of other people, create a bunch of different silver monkey-people, and pretend that you are the last remnants of a long-lost race or something.

      Or at least you could have clans where the players have common identifying features other than their clan tags.

  15. P-Dazzle says:

    The RPS social justice warriors will love this. They can create that morbidly obese, disabled chinese man (with one eye) that they find so tragically left out of games …

    • db1331 says:

      As a morbidly obese, disabled Chinese man with one eye, this post offends me, and I demand it be taken down.

      • Furiant says:

        What about the criminally underrepresented morbidly obese one-eyed disabled LGBT women? You bigots make me sick.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      I’m so acutely aware that this is exactly the response you were banking on, and that my typing it will have absolutely no positive effects whatsoever, and yet I’m compelled to do it anyway.
      People like you are the reason I hate humanity in general.

      • Focksbot says:

        “… and that my typing it will have absolutely no positive effects whatsoever …”

        Oh, I don’t know – it saves me and everyone else the trouble.

    • Focksbot says:

      I’d settle for a character creation tool which reflects the range of faces and body types you get in day-to-day life. Unless you live out your entire existence in the window of a clothing shop, that currently isn’t possible.

      Heck, Nintendo’s Mii Creator is better at representing what people actually look like than this and most other RPG character creation kits.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        And not having that would be offensive, i guess?

        One of the most popular counter arguments to certain character creators is that real people is uglier, while sometimes actual real people looks better than these dolls, be it male or female. Sure, that’s rare and the majority are not like that, but if people wants to focus on that then let them.

        I’m aware that such canons are a cultural problem and nothing else, but if we look at Korea specifically they have far more “issues” than in-game avatars, for example the fact that it’s perfectly accepted, or even encouraged, to have unneeded and uncanny facial/body surgery at all ages.

        Or maybe it’s not really an “issue” and you really are a social justice warrior and you got offended since deep in your brain you know you’re a bigot.

        • Focksbot says:

          Why are people like you so fixated on the word ‘offensive’? The problem is when things are shitty, unfair, stupid, strongly representative of a paradigm of inequality, embarrassingly short-sighted or all of the above.

          “One of the most popular counter arguments to certain character creators is that real people is uglier, while sometimes actual real people looks better than these dolls, be it male or female.”

          I agree – real people, in all their variety, are far more interesting and beautiful than the generic mannequin-like freaks most of these games want us to ‘create’ in their droves. That’s my problem, and yes, it is pretty much the same problem as your much-abhorred ‘social justice warriors’ have – I’m just phrasing it differently. These character creation kits seem to want us to aspire to identify with a particular narrow concept of a human being – the same one that appears, photoshopped and airbrushed, on the front cover of style magazines.

          This is because the developers are as brainwashed as anyone else – their idea of what an attractive human being constitutes is worryingly skewed, particularly (but not solely) in the case of women.

          And I don’t mean ‘attractive’ or ‘beautiful’ in the sense of ‘everyone is beautiful’. I’m talking about, just for a start, the ability to replicate (even vaguely) the range of women I or any normal person would fancy the fuck out of. Even to that extent, these tools are a poor show, since they lean so heavily towards the bloodless, doll-like magazine cover aesthetic with vacant expressions. I mean, where’s the personality in those faces? Where’s the signs of experience or drive or intent?

          • Kaeoschassis says:

            Thankyou thankyou THANKYOU for restoring my faith somewhat – that’s exactly the way I feel. People are so varied and dynamic and INTERESTING (at least when they’re not being total butts to eachother), and most forms of visual entertainment/fiction limit their representations of people to a handful of stereotypes. Those stereotypes aren’t even so terrible in themselves, but DAMN are they getting boring.
            As an artist myself, I try and try (and it’s not easy, I’ll admit it) to make as much variety as I can in my characters, but I often feel kind of drained and uninspired when everywhere I look we just have the same three or four cardboard cutout people. So yeah, reading a comment like yours is a huge boost.
            ASCII heart, smiley face, hug.

    • Jeroen D Stout says:

      The Social Injustice Warriors use irony!

      (or what passes for it in their small warped minds.)

    • JamesTheNumberless says:

      Yeah, down with those social justice warriors, because social justice is just the worst.

  16. Darth Gangrel says:

    Just getting a game for the included character creator sounds quite uneconomic, Alice, but since this is F2P you get to play around with everything you like without being left out of anything because of paywalls.

    I like to mess around with a game once I’ve explored it a bit, like clicking on several voice-acted characters in fast succession to create an unintelligible murmur of their combined small pieces of dialogue. Or jumping around like you’re high on life and everything is oh so wonderful, while you’re in a bleak, grim setting.

  17. FullMetalMonkey says:

    That was pretty impressive, I could imagine if the developers licensed their character creation engine it would make a killing. I don’t know what engine they’re using but it looks pretty.

    I still get annoyed that there doesn’t ever seem to be enough facial hair options though.

    • Faxmachinen says:

      I’m surprised Linden Labs hasn’t jumped on that yet. It should be pretty easy for them to make a Second Life character exporter too.

  18. rexx.sabotage says:

    I would hope to see a better representation of the gender gamut in anything purportedly “next-gen”such as Black Desert and not more worn-out, kitsch video game tropes.

    Although, for something that ostensibly Korean, it’s stylistically impressive…

    (for something that’s ostensibly Korean, that is)

  19. aliksy says:

    I never have the patience for these. I always use either a tweaked preset or hit random until I go back to a tweaked preset.

    Also in the not too distant future i imagine this technology will be used for porn. Assuming it isn’t already.

  20. Flappybat says:

    It’s very sad comment on the state of MMOs that morph sliders and texture projection for a tattoo are remarkable. Decent for facial structure and makes everyone a bit less like identical clones but there is a very long way to go. Particularly when everyone ends up identical other than the dye gear sets afterwards.

    • Ringwraith says:

      To be fair, this looks like it is is one of the best character creators out there, irrespective of its genre.

  21. airknots says:

    Character creation is only good if you can create something bad: link to i.imgur.com

  22. rexx.sabotage says:

    HA! spend 13 hours designing your perfect character another 500+ grinding your way to that epic tier 9001 armor and in the end wind up looking just like everyone else.

  23. Moraven says:

    My character creator method:

    1. Hit random
    2. Decide if you like it
    3. Keep if you like it. Else go back to step 1 if you do not or want to see what else is out there

    To be fair, a few of my City of Heroes were custom made. But I had some nice random creations also. I usually hit random 30+ times until I settle onto something. If I saw something I like, that I passed on, I will hit random until I get something close to it again.

  24. SnowCrash says:

    *Spend 2h designing every aspect of your characters face*
    And then watch the back of your characters head for the rest of your gaming life

    you know sometimes i really feel like they should put at least as much detail into designing your characters ass because honestly you will be seeing much more of that. Witch is incidentally my argument for making female characters :P

    • Niko says:

      Speaking of that, why haven’t anybody thought of putting character’s face on their ass, huh?

    • Zyrusticae says:

      Please speak for yourself. I personally spend at least 50% of my gaming time turning my camera around to stare at my character’s beauteous countenance. The other 50% consisting of situations where doing such is… unworkable.

      • Hatonastick says:

        My nephew and niece always ask me to spin the camera around so they can see what my latest MMO character looks like. It has almost become a tradition.

    • Ringwraith says:

      In Dragon Age I quickly made a face which I steadily came to resent more and more as I saw it in the portrait and occasional awkward pauses in conversations.
      I eventually scrapped that playthrough. Mostly not the intent, but it saved me having to look at that stupid face more.

    • iainl says:

      I do seem to spend an inordinate amount of time standing in places in Skyrim, switching to free camera and taking photos of my Khajiit doing the Full Brian Cox, so face choosing isn’t completely pointless.

    • grom.5 says:

      Well. In fact it seems you have a way to design your own ass in this game at 2:26. They hear your prayer ?

      (And I am really curious to see the same video for the guys model. When they switch from the lady in underwear to the bulky man in boxer, it made me laugh quite a bit. I just wonder if you can try to change the size of every muscle.)

  25. MaXimillion says:

    I much prefer the CoH type character creator, where you get to design a character that’ll actually look unique from the camera angle you’re likely to play the game at.

    Too bad CoH has been the only good game to do that.

  26. racccoon says:

    AAA for char build.

  27. BobsLawnService says:

    You should get a copy of the old MegaTraveller 2 game. You’ll spend hours just rolling characters. Best character creation ever.

  28. RedViv says:

    I do so hope I can create a lady with similar looks to the monkey-like goons they have in this video. Otherwise I shall vehemently scoff!

  29. Shadowcat says:

    Goodness. I haven’t seen computer game faces wobble like that since Kingpin.

  30. Fenix says:

    For all the fanfare, the facial hair sections seems to be quite limited.

  31. Isha says:

    Good news for you guys:
    -Closed Beta is coming soon in Black desert.
    -More than 200 new Screenshots has been already released for your overview.
    -Black desert brand new Website will be up within the next days.

    I’ll try to keep updating you all about THE BLACK DESERT :)

  32. GardenOfSun says:

    As a pretty much thoroughly OCD person, I find such features quite disquieting.

  33. jrpatton says:

    Really refreshing to see girls who are practically dressed. Usually Korean MMOs feature scantily clad 12 year olds. I’m looking at you Tera!

    • bill says:

      Yeah. I was dreading the scantily clad and lolita parts of the video, but they never came. One small step…

  34. Anders Wrist says:

    The most important question, when dealing with Korean mmo’s is still: “will it be a grind fest?”.
    It’s not much of a question, granted, since they always are.

  35. maninahat says:

    You can extend the arms! I am so going to make the crazy Scottish lady from Green Wing:

  36. EkoAzarak says:

    Black Desert has Gender Lock though… which means if you want to be an Archer you must be female elf. Warrior is ONLY Male Giant, etc. sucks bad. what a shitty design choice. I mentioned Gender Lock to my guild, as they were gushing over this video. 10 people simultaneously said “AWWWW WTF”

    Theyre gonna lose alot of players in the West over this.. if it EVER gets to the west…

    • Zyrusticae says:

      Grumble, grumble. Getting tired of people spreading this.

      link to mmoculture.com
      “As you may have noticed in the official trailers, we are preparing many classes of fighters, archers, tamers, sorceresses, predators (Giant), wizards, bladers, etc. The classes will not be gender-locked.

  37. Babypaladin says:

    Koreans and their Massively Multiplayer Online Plastic Surgery Simulator(MMOPSS)… :/

  38. Josh W says:

    This gives me an idea; just create characters, go to certain places, screencap, and use the image files with a bit of manipulation for character pictures for lower resolution games, or possibly tabletop rpg handouts.