You May Play: Transistor’s Out Next Month

Transistor, Supergiant’s second game and follow-up to the chatty Cathy that was Bastion, is almost upon us. I don’t mean that in a stalkery murderous way, but in a release datey way. The strategic sci-fi RPG has already tickled Nathan to the point of hyperventilation, and the rest of us can join in the wheezing and gasping on May 20th. Can someone get Nathan a paper bag?

You can see why. The game has a silent protagonist with a sidekick who is basically a sword, and though I think the voice of the sword should be sharper and more metallic–because that’s what swords would definitely sound like–there was more to Bastion than the narration and there’s more to this than a talking sword. It’s a terrifying and delicate game of strategic positioning and intelligent assaulting. As Nathan so wonderfully puts it: “It’s kind of like pulling a trigger, and she’s a human headshot.”

It’ll be $19.99 in North America, and €18.99/£14.99 in Europe. No new footage to support this exciting announcement, so let’s all remember that time they released 15 mins in 2013. It’ll be like this, but even nicererer.

And this, but a bit less consoley.

And there’s some new screens at least.


  1. Anthile says:

    It’s like half of the interesting games this year are coming out within the span of one month.

  2. gravity_spoon says:

    This is going to be great. I expect nothing short of how Bastion pulled my heart’s strings.

  3. Abtacha says:

    Yes, gimme!
    I’ve been waiting to throw money at them since they announced this.

  4. Syra says:

    :o but it’s not even on steam yet

  5. Iskhiaro says:

    Loved Bastion and will almost definitely get this, but I’m disappointed about the regional pricing……$20=/£15

    • Ringwraith says:

      Actually, it’s about right, as you have to take into account that those £15 include the 20% VAT.

      • pepperfez says:

        I became much less outraged about EU-US pricing differences when I realized that they were almost entirely down to VAT. Americans get modestly cheaper games, Europeans get government services and maintained infrastructure, it all evens out.

        • Biscuitry says:

          Technically, the US is supposed to have sales tax too. Prices are usually quoted without factoring it in due to regional differences, and it tends not to be applied to online transactions anyway.

          • Ringwraith says:

            Yeah, it’s something I’ve heard it easy to forget exists even if you lived with it originally.
            Having to work out the tax yourself because it’s not included in the listed price suuucks.

          • youhavemyaxe says:

            Most states in the US have sales tax.

          • Gap Gen says:

            When I visited the US, not being able to know ahead of time how much change you needed sucked, and you always ended up with a pocket full of crap in change.

          • TWChristine says:

            I never had much of a problem with it, though I guess it depends on the rate in your area. Virginia was 5% I think so I never paid (haha) much attention to it. I think my new home is around 13% though, so it ends up being something I think about more often, particularly with more expensive items.

        • SillyWizard says:

          I want government services and infrastructure.


          • Gap Gen says:

            Come to Paris, where you can have high taxes, insane rents and crumbling infrastructure.

          • TWChristine says:

            I saw a picture the other day of this beautiful house built against a causeway/river that looked to be in Paris. And then I looked at the water line where the bricks had been quite worn away and my first thought was that surely it was the cities responsibility for repairs, and what would it take (probably a collapse, or close to it) to get it finally re-faced.

        • BooleanBob says:

          We got those things once upon a time, perhaps. Now private companies are contracted to provide those services and maintain that infrastructure, who do half the agreed work and charge double the price.

  6. SnowCrash says:

    *Listens to the music*
    You think if i start throwing money at the screen now i could at least have the sound track?

    • LTK says:

      Sadly not, they say that the music will be available when the game is released, or shortly after.

      • Tacroy says:

        They probably could have funded the development of this game off of the proceeds from sales of the single, me they’d released it.

  7. The Random One says:

    You may play it, but you may not name your Diablo III clan after it.

  8. Geebs says:

    Bastion with VATS. Not sure how I feel about that – I got bored of bastion about halfway through because all of my companions were nobs and the gameplay was stuck in a rut.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Depending on how far you got, switch out the stupid mallet for the shotgun and the mortar.

      That’ll shake that gameplay right up. And excite the narrator. (Spoilery: You can go beyond that.)

      • Ringwraith says:

        Yeah, the weapons let you change things quite a lot.
        Especially if take the hugely impractical explosive weapons making it very interesting against charging melee foes.

  9. Darth Gangrel says:

    In the top image, I thought it looked like he was holding a (Super)giant graphics card alit with green neon lights and a screwdriver attached at the other end. That’s actually a sword I see now, heh.

  10. thedosbox says:

    Here’s hoping the kb/mouse controls are better than Bastion’s.

  11. Ditocoaf says:

    Woah, wow, wow, nice! This is the best surprise today! I couldn’t be more excited for this!

    I freaked out over the announcement last year, but during the intervening months I’ve filed it away into that corner of my mind labeled “don’t think about it or you’ll be ruined by the accumulated disappointment from waiting and waiting”. Now it’s suddenly back on my radar, and only a month away! I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck of anticipation.

    The song they used in the trailer is popping back into my mind, now. It implies that this soundtrack will be just as awesome as the previous one, but with a bit darker, more contemplative sci-fi feel. I’d almost call it radiohead-y, which is a great thing for me.

    The combat system look right up my alley, if it gets the right mix of reflexes and turn-based-strategy then I’ll be in heaven.

    Holy shit. This is going to be a looong month.

  12. Emeraude says:

    On the one hand, I do find the almost Klimt-like cyberpunk aesthetic lovely., and what little I’ve seen of gameplay seem like it could be interesting. On the other, it was the same for Bastion, which in the end I found to be a rather shallow/boring game that was all about the presentation, but failed to otherwise interest me (not to mention the narrator that just wouldn’t shut up as a added irritation).

    We’ll see I guess.

    • Geebs says:

      It sounds like the narration is even more overbearing in this one. I wonder whether one of the upgrades you can get for that insanely chatty sword thing is an electronic gag?

  13. Zekiel says:


  14. Rizlar says:

    Well my phone has a new wallpaper.

    Kind of excited by this, dabbled with Bastion but the turn-based techno-slashing appeals to me way more than Bastion’s more traditional hack and bash.

  15. Jackablade says:

    The lack of variety in attack animations makes things feel a bit on the stilted side.