Destroy All Monsters: Hazard Ops Shoots Weird Things

A demon, perhaps? A mummy?

How awfully productive Take Your Child To Work Day must have been for Hazard Ops. I imagine the developers’ children left in a conference room with a big pile of coloured pens, kept occupied by being told they had the important and helpful job of deciding which enemies would be in the game. “Monsters!” they wrote. “Robots! Mutants! Mummies! Demons! Zombies! Zombie dogs! Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs with rocket launchers! Ghost bitches in high heels!” (One had guessed the child lock code for Adult Swim, it was later discovered.) One terrible filing mixup later, the free-to-play multiplayer shooters has all these and more.

Hazard Ops is coming to Europe, publisher Infernum has announced, some time from July to September. It’s developed by Yingpei Games, the gang formerly known as Epic Games China, and surely their children too.

If this all sounds familiar, that may be because En Masse announced a few weeks ago that it’ll be publishing the game in North America as ‘Zombies Monsters Robots.’

The eclectic assortment of antagonists is thrown together in co-op and competitive modes, with big guns and monster-mashing and boss fights and look, I can’t write about this any more. Watch this:


  1. Dominic White says:

    I am the only person on RPS who actually likes boss fights and enemies that you can really lay into without them crumbling after two hits, so I’m kinda excited to play this.

    I have a feeling I’m going to be mostly alone in that opinion.

    • RaoulDuke says:


      You are not alone my friend, I was thinking this looks like a kind of awesome co-op [more than 2] Resident Evil 4, like mercenaries but with more variety, sounds like fun to me.

    • subedii says:

      I like good boss fights.

      Notable titles for me include Resident Evil 4, Arkham City, a lot of the DMC series, Quite a few from the Metal Gear Rising series…

      Actually in general, the good Japanese devs seem to understand that a fun boss fight is NOT simply chipping away at an inexorably large health bar. A good boss fight should be about using the stuff you’ve learned to good effect, or interesting new mechanics and quirks that throw a wrench in what you’d previously had to handle.

      But most game bosses? Tedious. Just plain tedious.

      • neonordnance says:

        “A good boss fight should be about using the stuff you’ve learned to good effect, or interesting new mechanics and quirks that throw a wrench in what you’d previously had to handle.”

        Can we add this to the RPS rules? You nailed it.

      • Phasma Felis says:

        The other day I was thinking that I’d like to see a boss fight with a really huge dangerous thing that doesn’t blatantly feel like they made it totally incompetent just to give you a chance. I’m talking about those fights where a 200-foot giant robot or whatever obligingly waits to attack until you’re standing on a broad platform that comes up to its chest, then bellies up to the platform, stands around for 10 seconds while you pump bullets into its head, fires a shot from its gigantic cannon that moves at a slow amble and doesn’t do much damage even if it hits, stands around for another 10 seconds, lazily swipes one hand at you like it’s trying to shoo away a fly but is distracted by TV, another 10 seconds, repeat.

        I’m not sure how you make something gigantic not just autokill you but still feel like it’s trying, though.

    • derbefrier says:

      no you are not alone, I love boss fights. they break up the monotony of killing bad guy A and B over and over and if done right are the best parts of the game(Dark Souls). I dont know what RPS has against boss fights but I say boo to that.

    • Viroso says:

      Everyone still likes boss fights. They just think they don’t because people talked about Deus Ex, now everyone’s all like “booooo boss fights” but then have fun anyway because boss fights aren’t bad by themselves, they just can be bad like anything else can be bad in a game.

    • SuicideKing says:

      There are a lot of Dark Souls fans here, I’m sure.

      • Stromko says:

        What I don’t like is non-reactive bullet sponges. Every creature in that video just charges forward no matter how much they get shot up.

        When everything can soak up clip after clip of ammo that also gets rather annoying I feel. You’re just whittling down a bigger health bar because the devs don’t value your time. I’d rather fight an enemy that’s more deadly than enduring. That is something Dark Souls got very right.

    • Tei says:

      I hate when my boss say “You have to work saturday”

  2. colw00t says:

    It’s never occurred to me before, but a game playing as one of the faceless “spec ops” soldiers who generally get slaughtered by monsters before the real hero arrives could honestly be pretty neat. XCOM but first or third person and with more monster types.

    I don’t know if this game will be that, but I can hope.

    • DoktorV says:

      Isn’t that the premise of Killing Floor, more or less? Only you’re sort of both the faceless specops dudes and the badass normals at the same time.

  3. SillyWizard says:

    I am the only person on RPS obsessing over Chaos Reborn, which has only 5 days to accrue the final $35k in pledges. Please herp!

  4. SillyWizard says:

    Okay so I watched that video fully planning on being dismissive. But that looked like it would probably be pretty amusing.

  5. ZIGS says:

    I can’t believe ghost bitches in high heels are actually in the game

  6. EPICTHEFAIL says:

    Please forward this to someone at Games Workshop, and tell them that THIS is what the 40k video games should look like, as opposed to fucking SoV. Awesome and stupid in equal amounts, judging by the trailer. Just hope it turns out all right.

  7. DoktorV says:

    I admit this looks vaguely interesting, but if it turns out to really just be shooting at waves of unthinking rushing monsters then it will be a flop. However, I worry that as a freemium game made in China, won’t it be full of Chinese government spyware? I seem to recall that having happened with one of the free MMOs about two years back.

  8. Caiman says:

    Looks like a crazy Serious Sam-esque experience, but multiplayer only? Not even any bots? Pity.

    • Dominic White says:

      It’s F2P, so as long as the launch isn’t a complete disaster, you’ll never have any trouble finding a group to shoot monsters with. Anyway, Serious Sam was best in co-op!