Miegakure Is Twisting My Melon, Man

Oh sure, it looks simple now

Puzzle-platformers cause enough trouble for my weak wits even with only two dimensions, let alone three, so I’m still a bit baffled by Miegakure moving into four. It’s not 3D with some Braid-y time-twisty shenanigans on top, oh no, but four-dimensional space, a theoretical realm of existence that our meagre meatbags are too stupid to experience. Look, have a gander at a new trailer and see what you make of it.

Creator Marc ten Bosch explains that “at the press of a button one of the dimensions is exchanged with the fourth dimension, allowing for four-dimensional movement.” Obviously. He’s said that we needn’t fully understand 4D space to play, in the same way that a child with a ball can play with gravity. That’s me: a child with a space-ball, tossing it against a pretty, pretty wall.

Our Jim recently played Miegakure, saying “it could be very important indeed.”

Watching a video clearly will never a good way to experience this, but it’ll have to do for now. Four years after landing an IGF nomination, there’s still no firm word on when the game will launch.


  1. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Greatest name ever? Sounds like something a future cockney fighter pilot might say.

  2. AngelTear says:

    Is the title a reference to Watermelon Man?

  3. sabrage says:

    Damn, this game has been in development for ages. There’s even an XKCD about it.

  4. bill says:

    Is this significantly different from all the other games that allow you to switch between dimensions?

    • KillahMate says:

      Yes. Unlike most games that simply have you teleport between ‘parallel dimensions’ which are basically separate worlds, this one enables you to rotate the dimensions sideways; it’s ‘real’ 4D.

      Think of it this way. Remember how Fez lets you rotate a 2D world sideways through 3D? This is a similar thing but it rotates 3D through 4D.

    • Cockie says:

      Yes. All of those games (or at last the ones I’ve seen) have a “the same level but slightly different” approach to parallel dimensions, while this game has a 3-dimensional subspace of a 4-dimensional world that you can rotate over 90 degrees in that 4d world. More or less.
      Edit: too slow apparently :)

    • His Divine Shadow says:

      Does it rotate “around the player”, or always around some fixed point on a level?

      • Cockie says:

        Round the player, and I gather the direction depends on the direction the player’s facing.

        • His Divine Shadow says:

          Hmm, then yes, I suppose it *is* different from other “dimension-flipping” games

  5. Dinjoralo says:

    I thought I knew how the whole four-dimensional aspect of this game worked a long, long time ago. Now, I’m not sure what to think.

  6. Frank says:

    Somehow, a billion years after its first appearance, this still looks cool. Hope it gets released within my lifetime.

  7. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Except it’s not four dimensions. This does not represent the same shift as going from a drawing on a page of a square, to a cube or of fez-like rotation of 2d within a 3d space.

    The video still only has up/down, left/right, in/out – it just changes the surroundings you’re doing it in. It’s not an extra dimension, its a 3 dimensional space occupying the same area as another 3 dimensional space and flipping between the two.

    Either that or that video totally fails to show it.
    EDIT: Comment reply fail

    • Cockie says:

      You interpreted the video wrong, it is in fact 4d. Take a look at this: link to kotaku.com It has a lot more gameplay.
      Edit: Also note that there’s always one line of “cubes” that stays the same, which is the axis around which the world is rotated.

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        The problem is its always displayed in 3d. You are not performing the miracle cited in the article and viewing 3d space from 4d space. You are viewing only 3 dimensions at any one time. You are not actually experiencing what it is to be a 4d being.

        Maybe all will become clear when I play it, but to me this is not the Einsteinian paradigm shift I think of when someone says ‘4d game’

        • Cockie says:

          That’s true, but it’s probably due to to the fact that it’s not actually possible to give that kind of insight. We can only imagine things we can distil from things we’ve experienced.
          The game is quite a lot like Fez actually, but one dimension higher.

          • CookPassBabtridge says:

            It will be good to see in action. That the article mentions the maths is pretty cool :)

        • rock_paper_shotgun says:

          We cannot experience 4d because we use 3d to view the world. His game doesn’t magically give us 4d eyes suddenly. When we play something like FEZ we are able to understand the 2d world rotation because it is a trivial transformation in our 3d world. Rotating through 4d is not something we can understand in the same way.

        • girard says:

          Actually, unless this is being projected on some kind of never-before-seen holographic display, it’s actually only displaying in *two* dimensions, not three.

          But just as the engine uses perspective tricks to simulate/represent 3-D space in a 2-D image, it also uses tricks to simulate/represent 4-D space. If you’re not bothered by the former, I don’t think you should be bothered by the latter.

    • realitysconcierge says:

      When sticking a 3d object into the 2nd dimension, it would just appear out of thin air as a quickly changing shape like this banana. For us a similar phenomena would occur when experiencing a four dimensional object in our 3rd dimension. I believe the developer is taking a similar approach to his game.

      • Xod says:

        It’s in fact even worse than this because we see this banana slice from the third dimension, but a person living in the 2D space of the slice would only see a line ! We have a 2D retina, while they would have a 1D retina.

  8. kwyjibo says:

    This has been in development so long that I’m bored of the concept without ever having played it.

    What I want now is a 4D first person parkour sim in VR. Make it so, internet.

  9. realitysconcierge says:

    For a man to make a game about a dimension that I can’t even comprehend, says something really special about him.

    • Bassen_Hjertelos says:

      Well, he’s actually not made a made a game about a dimension. He’s made a game that utilizes the concept of four-dimensional space. We as humans can have no concept of what a four-dimensional universe could be like as we exist only in three dimensions. A fourth dimension is simply beyond our capabilities and will likely remain so.

      Now, I don’t understand one bit of the maths, but I do chuckle every time someone mention four dimensions. This is a representation of the maths being utilized. link to en.wikipedia.org

  10. racccoon says:

    Could possibly pass as small worlded 3d game like Gorogoa, I wouldn’t give it the brilliance of that game just similarities in a way maybe, It does look very playable, simple, neat, nice looking, and smooth.

    • Dinjoralo says:

      Can you help me figure out how to run the blocks game on Windows 7? Doing the instructions with the command line isn’t working for me.