Don’t Be Rash: Road Redemption Alpha Out Now

Wait, slow down! I was just wondering if you could give me directions!

Road Rash spiritual successor Road Redemption wants it all, and it wants it now over a long period of time in which it will slowly but surely build out its feature list, eventually culminating in an open, procedural United States full of gangs, vehicular mayhem, and presumably roads. For now, however, you can scream down a desert highway while bludgeoning men with shovels and the like. The American dream, in other words, if you’re a lunatic or a very frustrated gardener.

So that’s Road Redemption’s alpha. It’s pretty barebones at the moment, but it’s something. Problem is, you have to pay $40 to access it if you didn’t back its Kickstarter, which is a somewhat unattractive proposition at this point.

Granted, you’ll get access to all future versions of the game as well, but that’s a lot to ask when the game still looks a little… questionable. All the vehicles seem weirdly glued to the ground, and there doesn’t seem to be much to it other than racing around and bonking brainless men even more brainless until they fall down. There are tweakable settings, but it seems less like a game and more like a quick and dirty test bed. I mean, this is an alpha, so it’s kinda par for the course, but fair warning: you may not get what you paid for. Not yet, anyway.

Personally, I plan to watch and wait, but I do hope Road Redemption realizes its grand, sociopathic vision. That way, I can make a cowboy mod and call it Road Dead Redemption. Also, you know, for reasons that aren’t a really terrible punchline.


  1. DaftPunk says:

    Looks like those motorbikes are sticked to the surface ..

    • HiFiHair says:

      Exactly. The feel of this would be immeasurably improved by adding a slight delay to the camera update relative to the motorbike. In my experience it doesn’t have to be much delay to correct that shopping trolley feel.

    • Choca says:

      Yeah, the game looks better than I expected graphically but hat camera makes the whole thing really weird.

  2. Ishy says:

    I played rather a lot of Road Rash when I was rather young to be playing it. Could be cool.

  3. Cinek says:

    It still looks like shit, or did they finally improved it? Cause if that’s the video from most recent version then there is no way I will pay 40$ for it.

    Oh, and it seems that they still have guns in a game even though they skipped them in a trailer after outrage last video caused because of them. ~_~ They’ll never learn…

  4. Haplo says:

    Poor dumb Jason Tate. :(

  5. Mud says:

    40$ ? ….. not in 40 years

  6. Neurotic says:

    Roooooooad Raaaaaaash! Love that franchise, although 1 and 2 were the very best. RR2 was the reason I finally bought a Mega Drive, and RR1 lived permanently in my Amiga’s external disk drive. :D

  7. PopeRatzo says:

    Problem is, you have to pay $40 to access it if you didn’t back its Kickstarter, which is a somewhat unattractive proposition at this point.

    Crowdfunding has really helped gamers, hasn’t it?

    • InternetBatman says:

      If you wanted to play the game at all then yes, yes it has. High prices for kickstarter alpha/betas are nothing new. It’s a way to get more people to try your game without pissing off your backers.

    • LionsPhil says:

      It has literally no effect on the wallets of people who want to play finished games.

  8. chackosan says:

    Somehow, it wouldn’t seem like Road Rash to me without Soundgarden and Monster Magnet in the OST.

  9. JFS says:

    Oh boy, I loved playing Road Rash when I was little. What am I saying, I still love it. Times have surely changed, however, as there were no killings back then. You hit people, they fell off the bike, slid about half a mile and then had to walk back to their bike and got right back up. Then you had vengeful bike chain victims on your tail. No revenant roadkill…

  10. DatonKallandor says:

    Could RPS stop complaining about Alpha pricing when NOT pricing it like that would be far worse because you’d be effectively giving the finger to all your backers?

    It takes 10 seconds of thought to figure out why it’s priced like that, and if it was cheaper you’d publish an article complaining how the evil dev is being nasty to their backers.

    • kwyjibo says:

      Non-ridiculous alpha pricing would only piss off the backers if the original campaign had ridiculous alpha pricing.

      Hint – don’t have ridiculous alpha pricing. You want more testers, not less. Sure, that would remove the velvet-rope exclusivity superiority from some of your tiers, but it’d make for a better game.

  11. Grimwood says:

    Road Rash 64 was superb and at times sublime.

    I rented it from Blockbuster and kept it so long they eventually sent me a bill for $80.

  12. Miltrivd says:

    Looks like a lot of polish is needed. Still, I hope the game retains what made the originals great; the combat was just as important as the racing. Even for an old game the racing still felt challenging, if you messed up big time the chances of winning the stages would drop a lot. Will keep watching on but won’t buy alpha/beta.

    • sinister agent says:

      The original had it so that you could (and would) win by twatting everyone in the face*, but then about halfway through the campaign you suddenly had to race really well too or you’d never win. By the end, fighting was a waste of time that you’d have to spend flat out for 6 minutes straight, flawlessly, or you’d never catch the leaders. And of course, if you ever fell off your bike in the late game, well, give up. The chasing pack might as well be operating the camera for all the difference outrunning them ever made.

      *Typically after stealing a club from the exact same guy every time. I’d love to see the game from his point of view. “Okay, that fucker stole my club in the first 15 seconds in all of my last nine races, but this time I-”


      “YOU SON OF A-” (THWACK))

  13. sinister agent says:

    You mean someone is FINALLY addressing the gigantic space that modern games have for “racing with violence”? Great news!

    Now do cars with rocket launchers and lasers etc, and football, hockey, even americaball with fighting. Go, my children. Go forth and code.

    Looks quite satisfying, though. A nice sense of weight to the attacks, considering it’s so early. Fast, too.

    • The Random One says:

      What I really want is vehicular violence without the racing. Wherefore art thou, Vigilante 8?

  14. Chizu says:

    Hmm, it definitely still needs work.
    The last video REALLY put me off buy having guns in it.

    Anyone know if they removed the guns or if they’re just not in this video? I felt guns was a stupid, stupid inclusion.

    Physics obviously need work, guy hits the side of a car to no effect several times in that vid.

    Buuuuut, I’m not entirely without hope. I’ll keep watching for this one, and see how it changes closer to release.
    Certainly not willing to put down the $40 they want right now though.

  15. El_Emmental says:

    I’m mostly disturbed by the sound design here, the music and the sound effects are quite terrible for a game that should be a spiritual sequel to Road Rash.

    RR was clearly a satire, a parody of the biker culture stereotypes: brutal, leather-wearing ruthless racers who constantly fight each others for fun. Kinda like a less subtle and refined Full Throttle. Here all I can see is a bunch of sport bikes and side attacks, everything else either being a poorly chosen placeholder or a terrible design choice.

    And seriously, gaining points for beating up enemies ? POINTS ? What is this, an arcade machine in the late 90s ? I only want a ‘skull & bone’ or just a cross icon (similar to how pilots were drawing all their victories in the air on the fuselage) and nothing else, the game should be driven by its core gameplay, which is racing & fighting, not looking to get an High Score or the best lap time. I’m afraid the devs completely missed that point.

  16. Smegheid says:

    Methinks that using “Redemption” in the title might be the very worst choice they could have made for a motorbike game…

  17. Lonestar1771 says:

    I really regret backing this game….development is at a turtles pace, what they have developed looks, well, terrible, and they didn’t even have mouse and KB support on a PC game when they dropped the alpha.