Cardboard Children – Rab’s Top 50 (50-41): The Video

Hey youse.

Please enjoy the first bit of my Top 50 Boardgames of All Time video. I tried to keep it as brief as possible. 50-41 this week. My 7 year old daughter directed it. Please enjoy.

NOTE: By the way – There’s BIG news, by the way. Fantasy Flight’s LATEST NEW EDITION of Dungeonquest is INCOMING. It was going for silly money, so now’s your chance to pick one up. WILL IT BE ON MY LIST ANYWHERE? Exciting, by the way!

Next video most likely next week, unless a great new board game pops up that I need to tell you about.

Stay dicey.


  1. Houghtezo says:

    If only we could get Rab, Tom Vasel, Quinns and Paul sat down together – I’d love to watch some lets play videos

  2. Jerppa says:

    Is Rab drunk? Except for “Roock Payper Shootgon” I can’t understand anything!

  3. jarowdowsky says:

    Ha, great list and nice to see Hopey getting into the family business :)

  4. amateurviking says:

    Came for the board games, stayed for the general adorableness.

    • w0bbl3r says:

      Came for the PC games. doesn’t know where the PC games are in this article?
      I thought this was a PC gaming website?
      Is PC gaming dying so quickly and badly that we are putting any kind of games on here now?
      What next? Monopoly? Solitaire? Pontoon (21’s/black jack)? CONSOLE games?
      Bad article, completely irrelevant to the sites supposed subject matter.

  5. Warduke says:

    Nice job Rab, looking forward to seeing what’s next.

  6. kwyjibo says:

    My money’s on Chess being number 1. Snakes and ladders is a dark horse candidate.

  7. tiltaghe says:

    great list !!

  8. mrwout says:

    If you want to make this video even better: try it with the automatic captions.

  9. cF- says:

    That was amazing! Already looking forward to next week. A few more shots of components wouldn’t have hurt but that was just plain fun to watch :)

  10. Shadow says:

    Great video, overflowing with Scottish manliness. Accent aside, your voice is also familiar to Scotty’s in the new Star Trek movies. Perhaps slightly deeper, but yes.

  11. Post-Internet Syndrome says:

    That made me interested in Ninjato.

  12. Reefpirate says:

    Cool series! I have never gotten into board games but have always been interested in their different concepts… My problem is finding a group to play it with.

    I gotta say I think I’m sold on ThunderRoad… I might just buy it so I can do what Rab did with the box!

  13. jonfitt says:

    Scottish children sound adorable. Fact.

    • The Random One says:

      All Scots sound adorable. It is however highly unadvisable to have an adult Scot know you think that.

  14. squareking says:

    This is great — thanks for doing this! Also, I’m calling it. Mage Knight, #1.

  15. Enkinan says:


    A few more shots of the boards themselves would be welcome, but it was still entertaining. My wife even wandered over to watch the second half.

  16. Myros says:

    Trust me Rab has already smoothed and moderated his accent, when we go native subtitles are required.

  17. dahools says:

    Great Video Rab!

    Any chance you can list your daughters top 5 once you have got down to number one, as I have a young daughter too, it would be interesting to see if she would like any of these growing up, because at the end of the day “Everybody love plagues”

    That’s going to stick in my head all week!


  18. SanguineAngel says:

    Thanks Rab and Hope! I intend to plunder the list for its bounty – I just wish I could afford/had time for them all! Excellent directing.

  19. WantOn says:

    Lovely video, thanks. +1 for Amelie an +1 for Hope. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  20. Grargh says:

    This was very nice. The setting of Conquest of Planet Airth sounds absolutely wonderful.

  21. BooleanBob says:

    Great video, Rab. Could really feel the positivity flowing through it.

    If anyone fancies giving Kingsburg a try before they buy, there was a pretty nifty java version of the game put up over at BGG a few (holy shit, six?!) years ago. I’m fairly sure it was all done with the creators’ permission. The original hosting has long since expired, but somebody reuploaded it here.

    • Shadowcat says:

      Agreed — great video, Rab. I really enjoyed it, and am very much looking forward to the rest of the series. Nice work, Hope; but I think Amelie deserves more than a walk-on role next time, and I’m afraid the microphone didn’t pick up the purring at all. Needs more purring.

  22. Lumberjack_Man says:

    Great video! looking forward to the rest; and glad it wasn’t a wind up :D

  23. Severian says:

    I wasn’t sure if Rab was previously kidding about this top 50, but I’m thrilled he’s doing it. Thanks, Rab! I’ve missed your boardgame review videos. Downtown Time! You’ve got great energy.

    I’m also happy to see I already own a few of these: Ninjato, Nexus Ops, Dixit. I’d certainly recommend all three, although they’re obviously very different games.

    • Shadowcat says:

      I picked up Dixit a couple of years ago on the basis of the Downtime Town video, and couldn’t have been more pleased with it. It’s really different and unexpectedly clever.

      The key thing that wasn’t mentioned in today’s video was that you need some but not all of the other players to get the right answer. You can neither be too obvious nor too vague — but because you need to be at least somewhat vague, the chances of other players being able to play cards which vaguely match your clue is always high!

      Furthermore, everyone always wants to play good cards to your clue, because they get points if they successfully mislead the other players (and many’s the time when the other players will put down cards which are quite startlingly good matches for your own clue, making you despair that anyone will actually figure out the correct card).

      So while the rules are few, they reinforce one another beautifully, providing a lovely framework for the fun of the game, which is all the weird and wonderful ways you and your friends will come up with to describe what they heck is happening in all the weird and wonderful illustrations on those lovely big cards, and everyone then screwing up their faces in confusion as they try to figure out which of the cards on the table to choose between (or sometimes how any of the cards on the table could match the clue given :)

      It’s a genuinely great game.

  24. JFS says:

    Why are you wearing a cap indoors? Is it really that cold up in Scotland? I’d appreciate if you could show us the Wall in the next video, I guess that must be closeby :)

  25. Gothnak says:

    50 – Played Once, Traded Away, too many dice :p
    49 – Have seen that, looks like a good abstract, but sadly never got along with abstract, i like stupid themes…
    48 – Played a few times, we quite liked it, but also traded away, just trying to keep my collection under 80 games…
    47 – Another one i haven’t played, i’ll look this one up.
    46 – I downloaded a flash version of this a while back. Was quite fun, but never thought of picking up the real thing.
    45 – Nexus Ops, almost traded for this a couple of times, i find the square based combat games would work better on a PC, but obviously no face to face gameplay then.
    44 – I loved Dominion, but after a year it got a bit samey… Trains setting sounded really dull, probably because there are so many games like Age of Steam and the 18xx games which make me fall asleep. I do like deckbuilders though.
    43 – Got this a couple of weeks ago, was a huge hit, will be keeping this. Wonder if you can mix it up with Cards against Humanity and Apples to Apples :).
    42 – Would like to try out Rattus is on my list…
    41 – He he, Thunder-road… It was a great box, great idea, but i guess too simple when i was a kid, i ended up playing Car Wars instead although it did make my brain melt…

  26. PikaBot says:

    Your Ninjato pronunciation was actually fairly close. All the right sounds, but the emphasis should be on the ‘nin’, not the ‘ja’.

  27. Saarlaender39 says:

    Man, I love that Scottish Accent…

    And here, for future reference:

    50: Conquest of Planet Earth
    49: The Duke
    48: Mission Red Planet
    47: Ninjato
    46: Kingsburg
    45: Nexus Ops
    44: Trains
    43: Dixit
    42: Rattus
    41: ThunderRoad

    To be continued

  28. trollomat says:

    Awesome, Hope! Keep at it, the world desperately needs more female directors!

  29. Easy says:

    Srayyyyyyy Diiiiceeyyyyyy Thank You Rab with lots’a <3

  30. Romeric says:

    Love all the cardboard children articles and I’m happy to say you and your daughter nailed this video :-)

  31. ben_reck says:

    Funny early comment about cheating…on a top 50 list.

    I will play Kingsburg if only for the running joke of bedding the queen.

    Nexus Ops is always playable to, but I never remember the set up.

    Afraid I’m a Dixit outlier. I prefer the brainier Wise and Otherwise which will doubtless appear later on his list. If not, I’ll cheat.