Spitfire Spit Take: Cult Of The Wind Has Human Dogfights


If you can look beyond their booger-noses and barely masked sociopathy, children make excellent game designers. They do this stuff for free all the time, just to amuse themselves. Every weekend is crunch time. Developers North of Earth are wise to look to them for inspiration, making a multiplayer shooter about human dogfights. “In Cult of the Wind, players compete and cooperate in ritualistic multi-player human dogfights, complete with imaginary weapons, pretend explosions, and airplane noises made with their mouths.” It looks delightful, it’s on Greenlight, and there’s a trailer below.

“Shower your friends in a hail of imaginary bullets and proclaim, “I got you! You have to lie down,” to which they respond, “Nuh-uh, I have a shield.” You argue about whether or not airplanes can have shields, meanwhile some other guy does a cannonball onto your head while whistling. It’s great.”

The game will ship with a level editor so players can make their own levels by click-dragging shapes in a simple interface, as at the end of the trailer above.

I think we might be moving into a golden age of silliness, but I’d be grateful if a few of these joyful-on-paper game translated into lasting experiences when made into actual games. I don’t yet know whether Cult of the Wind will be any fun to play, but I love the idea of a game about make-believe and I love the look of the dash manouver where, seemingly through shear force of will, you launch into the air and briefly take flight.

Help it reach lift-off on Greenlight, if you please.


  1. Choca says:


  2. Gap Gen says:

    The sound effects should all be voices going “NEEEOOOWW DAKADAKA”

    EDIT: OK, the text says they are but the trailer has more convincing bullet sounds. Maybe they’re (oddly) placeholders?

    • 0positivo says:

      Maybe they’re all really good at making up pretend-bullet noises?

  3. frightlever says:

    Hey, I kinda wrote this once.

    link to sadpuppies.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Shadowcat says:

    What a brilliant idea for a game!

    Also made me think of the wonderful “Airfix Dogfighter”, and link to rockpapershotgun.com

  5. garythehobo says:

    the idea’s plane brilliant but i can’t see it taking off.

    • Fumarole says:

      I just don’t think it’ll fly well with Steam users.

      • Shadowcat says:

        Don’t get in a flap over a lot of hot air. So long as the developers don’t stall, I’m sure they can propel this to airworthiness.

    • Shodex says:

      I hope these puns aren’t too subtle. We wouldn’t want them to fly over people’s heads.
      Sorry, I’m not very good at pun making. I just had to wing it, but I fear my puns have caused the overall quality here to take a nose dive.

  6. Shadowcat says:

    Bally Jerry, pranged his kite right in the how’s your father. Hairy blighter, dicky-birdied, feathered back on his Sammy, took a waspy, flipped over on his Betty Harper’s and caught his can in the Bertie.

  7. Urthman says:

    So do the sound effects come from the players making noises into their microphones? And does the speed and firepower of each character depend on how good the players noises are? If I go “FWOOOOOSH!” do I get an afterburner or a flamethrower?

  8. The Random One says:

    I just watched this trailer and boy are my arms tired.

    I didn’t hear any mouth noises. One day I’ll create a multiplayer shooter that takes place after videogames are banned so teenagers have to get their pretend kills by running around in abandoned warehouses and pretending to shoot each other with umbrellas, wire hangers, cardboard tubes and of course fingerguns. Then you’ll all see.