Aha: Take On Mars Adds Manned Mission

Bohemia have accomplished what real life scientists and government funding bodies cannot – exploration and colonisation sim Take On Mars now features a manned mission. I hadn’t realised that the previous build of the Early Access version only allowed players to send a probe to the puce planet, but that’s no longer the case.

Today’s update lands the first human marsonauts to Take On Mars. With access to a manned science buggy, featuring an interactive 3D GUI, one of their first objectives will be to explore the huge new Cydonia Mensae location, which spans 8×8 kilometer of Martian terrain. A 3D printer enables marsonauts to construct various parts, which can be put together via the Habitat Construction System to form buildings and installations.

The term ‘marsonauts’ dropped in among the other words makes me instinctively shudder, as if I were looking at a sea of human faces and suddenly spotted a Brundlefly.

Prepare for a picture of the stiffest limbs since that one awkward cousin last danced at a wedding.


  1. guygodbois00 says:

    Aha: Hunting High for Life on Mars.

  2. Fontan says:

    The sidebar is all over the stiff limbs.

  3. Syphus says:

    I’m still not really sure if this is a game game, or just kind of a program where I drive a vehicle around Mars for fun.

  4. phelix says:

    When I see those screenshots I am immediately reminded of Red Faction Guerilla and its EDF patrol cars.

  5. dgeiser13 says:

    Do they have something against the word Martianaut?

  6. User100 says:

    Looks like Bohemia finally found a planet where their physics makes sense…