Fixed: Second Episode of Broken Sword 5 Slithers Out

What costume shall the poor girl wear?

Splitting Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse into two episodes may have helped Revolution Software make good on its plan to release the retro adventure revival in 2013, not to mention earn a few pennies sooner rather than later, but unsurprisingly left it feeling incomplete. Though our crack adventure game mercenary Richard ‘Demo Dick’ Cobbett enjoyed the game, he noted that with this split, “The catch is that as well as splitting the raw story in half, Broken Sword 5 has been thematically halved.” He wasn’t overly thrilled about investigating an insurance claim rather than a supposed supernatural curse, see.

The two halves are now united, as the second episode launched tonight. Hopefully it introduces the devilish thrill Richard felt lacking, and right now he’ll be off with George and Nico larking about with a couple of Satans and a few Draculas or whatever it is he wants. I don’t know, I haven’t played it.

If you’ve already bought Broken Sword 5 one way or another, this episode is included. If not, the whole package will run you £18.99 from the usual places.

Here, have a gander at Episode 2 in this trailer. It features a goat attacking George, which I can only assume is the devil incarnate.


  1. Geebs says:

    Does the completed story explain how that stingray got on her head?

  2. Lambchops says:

    Good, I’d been waiting on this to come out before I started, as I felt Broken Age suffered from being split in two so wanted to play this in one go.

    Though why did they have to remind me of the goat!

    • ansionnach says:

      Was thinking the same. Broken Sword shouldn’t ever have anything to do with goats again, unless it’s to introduce a helpful hircine sidekick. Could make a great finale to the series if a goat sneaks in at the end and saves the day, stealing the glory and relegating George to obscurity and alcoholism.

  3. Gap Gen says:

    I hope the dude is all like DID ANYONE ORDER… GUN?

  4. Didden says:

    Sims 4 yay! oh wait..

  5. Richard Cobbett says:

    Having just been to the toilet, I feel compelled to say that my dick has now achieved full release.

  6. Danda says:

    That screenshot looks really good. I’m sure in Jane Jensen’s head her latest games look like that.

    (Unrelated link: link to )

  7. OpT1mUs says:

    How do they manage to make a 2013/14 game look uglier than the parts from the 90s is beyond me

    • Booker says:

      Actually that screenshot is a bad selection, because it’s from one of the 3D cutscenes, which look ugly and have nothing to do with the rest of the game, which is beautiful. I would have preferred it, if the cutscenes would have looked identical to the rest of the game.

    • Rikard Peterson says:

      How come people wrote music in the 18th century that’s better than much that’s done today? The age is irrelevant. BS1 wasn’t suffering from technical limitations, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this one had a much lower budget.

    • Lukasz says:

      the world in bs5 looks much better than in bs1-2 just because of higher resolution. because of 1080p we demand from games these days they had to abandon the idea of 2d characters like in first two games. otherwise they would either look much shitter than 3d models or they would spend a lot of money on animation instead of on the game itself.
      and bs1-2 were big budget games. this game got under 1mil on kickstarter. so as a fan of the series i find it completely acceptable for them to spend the money on the gaming part of the game instead of trying to make characters handdrawn in 1080p.

  8. SteelPriest says:

    I like the puzzling and the backgrounds, but the character art and animation are gut-wrenchingly hideous.

    • tomimt says:

      Character art and animation could have been so much worse. There’s definetly some issues with the animation, but it’s not distractingly bad like in Moebius.