Powering Up: New Defense Grid 2 Trailer


The late noughties were a time when we all wore baggy ‘boyfriend’ jeans, ate frozen yoghurt, longed for a Zune, and discovered the exciting new sound of bearded men playing guitars, a quick Google search tells me. It all sounds about right, though I also remember an awful lot of tower defence games. Perhaps the most polished of these, and certainly my favourite, was Defense Grid: The Awakening. “Just the right amount of mazing,” I’ll say, “and an AI companion voice that sounds like it came from behind a very respectable moustache.”

Development of Defense Grid 2 has been a bit bumpy, being saved by an investor after falling short with a Kickstarter, but the game seems to be coming along nicely. Following an iffy trailer from an early alpha build last August, lacking in the polish that made the first game stand out, Hidden Path has shared a new trailer that’s got more of ‘the stuff.’

I’m very particular about my mazing, see. I want just enough open room to build my own interesting paths to force enemies down, but not levels so freeform there’s only one real solution: the same as on every other level. Defense Grid struck a nice balance, escalating and becoming more complex through the campaign too. The little smidgen we see here looks bang-on for an early-ish introduction to how it all works.

Though pretty, what the trailer shows is essentially Defense Grid in a new engine with new levels and an extra tower. Not that I wouldn’t happily play that, mind. It’s a shame it doesn’t include anything of the teased co-op and competitive multiplayer modes, but such is the slowly-revealing nature of video game marketing campaigns and trailers up made of little snippets. Why, with a little luck we’ll get to see some of the actual game before launch or even–gasp–play it ourselves.

Defense Grid 2 is slated to launch on Windows, Mac, and Linux later this year.


  1. Cataclysm says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Defense Grid and the narrator was fantastic. He sounded like a robot butler.

    I suddenly felt super old when I misread “late noughties” for “late nineties”. I had to quickly google Defense Grid to find the release date before I clicked. Don’t do that to me again please, I’m only 29.

    My thought process was “Defense Grid was late 90’s? That means Half-Life was late 80’s? But I played Half-Life when it was released, born in 84, how… but… ermm… brain-computing… Alert, Alert, brain malfunction, process overdrive, time paradox, shutdown and restart, beep beep… brain rebooted… Now what was I doing? Oh yes… ehhhh… but… what… OH HE SAID NOUGHTIES!

    • Engineseer says:

      I also read “nineties” and my thought was something like “i don’t remember tower defence games when I was 18 years old. Damn…”. On the plus side I am a bearded man playing guitar…and bass…oh, damn!

    • Gap Gen says:

      Yeah, I had bearded men playing guitar when I was tiny. Clearly, I was a hipster before hipsters were a thing. Take that, people who are unable to genuinely enjoy music!

      Also, does boyfriend jeans mean women’s trousers that have actually-functioning pockets? Ah, the miracles of 21st century technology.

  2. Steven Hutton says:


  3. Yachmenev says:

    Great to see. DG1 is in my books the best Defence Grid game out there, because of the way you get to shape the paths, the multitude of game modes, and of course – the narrator. :)

    • Mbaya says:

      Agreed, the narrator gave the game a little bit of heart that many other Tower Defence games lack and like you said, the gameplay speaks for itself.

      Certainly my favourite tower defence game so far and really looking forward to getting my hands on this, thanks to the mysterious investor! It’s also one of a few games I’d actually look forward to getting DLC for too, I really enjoyed the Portal themed campaign for the original game.

    • Tutamun says:

      The only thing missing in the original was multi player. But that is being fixed in DG2. If DG2 lives up to my expectations it will be the new number 1.

    • subedii says:

      His Announcer Pack is one of the only things I ever bought for Dota 2. Personally I still think it’s the best one as well.

      “10 seconds, noI’msorry 8 seconds, actuallyImeant, oh well nevermind”

      Much more character than the GLaDOS one even, which surprised me.

      • jon_hill987 says:

        The Narrator was probably the thing that made Defense Grid stand above the rest, sure it is also very polished and just the right amount of challenging, but that counts for naught if the game can’t make me care if they are making off with the power cores. I have the DG announcer pack for DOTA as well, definitely the best one so far.

  4. LuNatic says:

    There needs to be an option to make the narrator say “Wot wot” or “Jolly good!” or “I say!” or “Old chap” at the end of every sentence.

    • Mbaya says:

      I say old chap, that’s a jolly good idea, wot wot.

      • Tom Walker says:

        Wooort wort wort.

      • Gap Gen says:

        The tube is late the tube is very late wear some pants under your trousers wear a nappy to nursery school in the sandpit buying crisps from boots the chemist need a lift pay the bill before the old bill shows up blind man here nice tits here’s the blinds lorry lorry lorry full of petrol getting change out of my bum bag need a lift every schoolboy needs a rubber in their pencil case need a lift in my lorry jam.

        Wot wot.

  5. Tom Walker says:

    I played DG1 for ages and never completed it. Am I just stupid?

  6. GewaltSam says:

    Defense Grid was one of the (VERY!) few tower defence games I ever enjoyed. I went through some Greenlight games a few days before, and I caught myself instantly moving on to another title as soon as i read the words “tower defense” (didn’t matter if it was accompanied by “a new twist to”, which was the case more often than not).

    DG2 with multiplayer and co-op modes? Bring it!

  7. Ishbane says:

    Incoming raspberries.

  8. Meneldil says:

    Saddly, the narrator for the french version of this died a couple years ago. The game won’t feel the same without him (the second DLC already didn’t).

    He also dubbed Russel Crowe, Atlas and Fontaine in Bioshock and a bunch of other people. He’s been sorely missed since his death :(

  9. 7vincent7black7 says:

    “bearded men playing a guitar.”

    You listened to William Fitzsimmons didn’t you?