The RPS Bargain Bucket: Fluffy Showdown

If it wasn’t obvious already, I have a camera. An actual camera. Not a dinky, built-into-my-phone camera but an actual camera. Obviously, plushie-related images are now going to appear in abundance. (Bargain Bucket regulars may recognize the floppy white figure in the foreground; it’s the first plushie we ever featured on this column.) As always, it’s that time of the week again and it looks like the Bargain Bucket has discounted shinies to spare.

Stealth Bastard
Unlike so many other stealth games, Stealth Bastard won’t let you messily perforate would-be lookouts at will. It’s a cheeky, clever little bugger, though. Curve Studios’ stealth-platformer requires players to be both sneaky and blessed with the reflexes of cat. The platforming sequences can be positively murderous, especially if you’ve yet to get accustomed to the game’s unusual pacing. Fortunately, checkpoints exist in relative abundance. As an added bonus, Stealth Bastard comes with a level editor.

Bundle Stars’ Toxic Bundle
I know I shouldn’t look a gift bundle in the mouth but, man, I can’t help but wonder how anyone makes money through these things. The Toxic Bundle is practically as cheap as sin and almost as interesting. Both the 7th Guest and the 11th Hour are creepy, vintage adventures while Runespell: Overture is an odd little poker-RPG hybrid. The bundle’s crowning glory is probably S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky which, I am told, is an excellent example of a prequel done competently. The other games in the bundle are somewhat foreign to me but Google advises they are, at the very least, tolerable.

Long before Molyneux made Godus, he made fantastic god games. Like Populous. Populous was awesome. While the graphics have not aged terribly well, Populous might be worth revisiting for just the nostalgia value alone. Visit plagues on the unsuspecting! Raise volcanos! Make people bow to your divine might! Because if you don’t, who will? Mwa-ha-ha-ahem. If you’re not a fan of the first Populous, you might want to consider snagging either Populous: The Beginning and Populous 2: Trials of the Olympian Gods instead. Or both. Both could work too.

SanctuaryRPG release weekend sale!
Robotics pets? Craft beer? Ownership of outlets capable of legally selling such alcoholic beverages? ASCII graphics strange from our childhood? Well, sure. I can’t say no to that. I don’t know anything about SanctuaryRPG but, thanks to everything I’ve read about it thus far, I’m inclined towards finding out. It’s supposed to be a cross between a roguelike and a JRPG, which a bazillion other features to spare. To celebrate the release of their new game, Black Shell Games have made all of their other games free as well. Have you ever wanted to try a turn-based ASCII racing simulation? Yeah, me too.

Also of note:

Deponia – $1.99/£1.69/€1.99
Um. Here. John will tell you all you need to know about Deponia. Personally, I’m somewhat fond of the flawed first entry in the series.

Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos – $1.19/£0.71/€0.86
Smooth Operators looks like one of the games that somehow managed to be good and mostly invisible to the press, if the ratings for the game are any indication of things. It even earned approval from the notorious Indie Gamer Chick, which should tell you something about its worth. SimTower meets call center hell? I’m okay with this.

Frozen Synapse – $4.99/£3.79/€4.59
Ah, yes. Frozen Synapse. Drenched in neon and almost too clever for its own good, this turn-based strategy game turns shootouts into a game of chess. Regardless of whether you choose to play against the A.I or other people, chances are you’ll find this a brutal, intellectual delight.


  1. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Might have to give frozen synapse a go.
    Also now you have a camera, will we soon see the saga of Hoot And Rambert? Can’t wait to see the dramatic finale of fluffy showdown :)

    • BlackestTea says:

      Please do! It’s such an excellent game, but the multiplayer community has sadly waned quite a bit (not to put you off, the singleplayer is still great, it’s just me hoping that sales like this get back some interest in the game).

  2. Noburu says:

    Runespell was a good game but a major letdown as its super short. I paid fullprice for it back in the day and was horribly letdown. I would def jump on it for a bundle price though.

  3. Simbosan says:

    That white floppy figure… underboob. I’m sorry >.< it's all I can see now

    • Haplo says:

      shame on you, sir.

    • welverin says:

      It’s funny, because all I saw were a couple of blurry silhouettes and couldn’t understand what you or Cassandra were talking about.

      Then I set the brightness to default and finally understood.

    • Gap Gen says:

      I saw some kind of showdown. “This bucket ain’t big enough for the both of us”, etc.

    • The Random One says:

      It looks like a puppet in a tight dress, like a puppet version of Jessica Rabbit.

  4. Vendae says:

    Blue Whale Save is clumsy as hell. I for the love of God expect something interesting to happen when saving 500 whales. Or else.

  5. akstro says:

    The other 2 STALKER games are on sale as well on bundlestars and very much worth grabbing since they don’t go on sale too often these days.

  6. Colonel J says:

    Green Man Gaming looks to have the best of the sales this Easter weekend, most are daily deals though. Extra 20% with code O3H7FE-D4NFO0-F0LIGK should work on most things I expect. Thief 3 was less than a UK tenner yesterday (over now though). I just got Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth for £1.20.

  7. MkMax says:

    they keep putting Deponia on sale hoping it would sell the other two games, Im interested but i wont touch it unless its the 3 game pack, they are old enough, make it so!

    btw, i have no idea how anyone can find 7th guest and 11th guest creepy, i know they are highly regarded by some but imho they are very slow hidden object games with no logic and pretty bad fmvs (that i find “so bad its terrible”), ive seen lets players giving up on them, i didnt last an hour myself

    the STALKER games deserve at least 1 playthough if anything to experience how different FPS can be (i feel all the good sp fps games are getting forgotten, now fps seems to be a synonym to military shooter), i got burnt out by the first game tho so i never got into clear skies but by all means, try it if you never played any of the series

    • Baines says:

      The three game pack was on sale on Steam last week for around $16. It may actually have been cheaper elsewhere in the past.

      I already own the first game, and almost bought the pack for the other two, except for two things. A quick forum check showed that the other games were also buggy, which is really bad because Daedalic won’t fix issues with their games. (Though they put out a patch for one of the Deponia games, it broke additional stuff. Then apparently ignored what they’d broken.) The other is that while looking at bug complaints, I ran across a discussion of the ending of the final game. That had the double whammy of killing my interest to find how it ended, and being an ending that I didn’t particularly like in the first place.

      • MkMax says:

        yeah i saw that, 16bucks is a bit too high for this imho, i might wait until they show up in a humble bundle

        sad to hear about the ending but then most adventure games end stupidly, i cant even think of one that has a good ending, they either just fart out of existence or have some sort of ridiculous revelation “the female romantic interest was actually your father all along!” style, ive accepted that i play adventure games for the ride rather than the ending

        • willy359 says:

          I shed a single manly tear.

        • kalirion says:

          Plenty of adventure games have good endings. Gabriel Knights and Blackwell series come to mind.

  8. tormos says:

    Can someone explain the comment about Indie Gamer Chick? I don’t actually know who that is (guessing youtube critic) or more to the point why she is notorious.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Oh, it’s an actual baby chicken that learned how to use a keyboard by pecking with its beak. I mean, now it’s like three and fully grown, but they kept the name.

      I… I actually don’t know.

    • RobF says:

      She used to be an XBLIG reviewer, might still be? Dunno.

      Anyway, she went off on a slightly curious “pull your bootstraps up” thing recently that was less than endearing and came across a bit, well, lacking in understanding of circumstances human beings find themselves in. That seems like a tactful way of putting it.

      Whether there’s anything more, I dunno. I just caught the tail end of that one and it wasn’t very nice.

      • Gap Gen says:

        Apparently someone threatened to sue over this article: link to (just Googled it, I didn’t follow it at the time)

        • dE says:

          So, because I’m rather stupid, can someone abridge me why or what part of the article is bad? Keep in mind, I missed all of the shitstorm somehow.

        • Lemming says:

          I find myself agreeing with everything in that very reasonable article. I guess the douche who threatened to sue kind of proves her point.

        • The Random One says:

          I’m as stupid as dE, because I don’t see what the big deal is from that article alone. It’s divisive, to be sure, but she grounds everything she says quite reasonably. Are we missing something or is that it?

          • Lemming says:

            Looking at the comments below the article, I think there was a captioned picture which may have been inflammatory about phil fish, which has since been removed. That would explain it.

          • IndieGamerChick says:

            This is Indie Gamer Chick. I would just like to say the lawsuit threat was unrelated to Phil Fish or anyone named in the article. The lawsuit threat came from someone who was not named, referenced, hinted upon, quoted, or even thought about in any way, shape, or form at the time I wrote the piece. They just thought it was about them. The person has since apologized. No picture or anything was removed from the article. Thank you to everyone who said they enjoyed it.

          • Baines says:

            Lemming, the Phil Fish caption that set off a commenter hasn’t been removed. It is for the final image in the article, a screenshot of Thomas Was Alone: “I heard someone say this week “I wish more developers were like (Thomas Was Alone creator) Mike Bithell.” Um, dude. Most developers are. He’s an amazing human being, like most indie devs. If most indies were more like Phil Fish, I wouldn’t be doing this. Hell, there wouldn’t be an indie scene.

            A bit of a cheap shot at Fish, but also a statement that may actually be somewhat true, if exaggerated.

          • Lemming says:


            Thanks for clearing it up!

      • IndieGamerChick says:

        “Anyway, she went off on a slightly curious “pull your bootstraps up” thing recently that was less than endearing and came across a bit, well, lacking in understanding of circumstances human beings find themselves in. That seems like a tactful way of putting it.”

        I told people not to go on Kickstarter asking for money to quit their stable jobs to make indie games that may or may not (emphasis on may not) be a sustainable career. I also told people “don’t go into debt for your indie game” and “be responsible with your resources.” It got a little heated with some developers when I pointed out certain people were actively acknowledging their intent to live off Kickstarter for the rest of their lives, which isn’t quite frankly responsible behavior or a reliable source of income.

        Of all the stupid, controversial things I’ve said and done, I can’t believe “please, for God’s sake, don’t ruin your life making your game” is the one that turned me into a pariah for some.

        • welverin says:

          “Of all the stupid, controversial things I’ve said and done, I can’t believe “please, for God’s sake, don’t ruin your life making your game” is the one that turned me into a pariah for some.”

          I can, people get offended by the most inane and nonsensical things imaginable, and most frequently by things far less severe than things that were done in the past but were completely ignored.

        • Baines says:

          Pretty much anything can turn you into a pariah for some. Even “common sense” stuff, particularly if it runs against the views and beliefs that some want to maintain.

        • Premium User Badge

          kfix says:

          Well, I just subscribed to your RSS on the basis of that article and this comment, so please keep up the stupid controversial work…

        • syllopsium says:

          I can, unfortunately. I don’t write games, but it’s tempting.

          It’s also patently bloody difficult doing it the responsible way – coding in your spare time, or reducing your hours at work in order to complete a game which will in all probability actively lose you money.

          A few developers have managed to quit work, fund their projects and make money but they generally already have a boatload of experience and a lot of luck.

          This, I think, has led to the mythos that if you get kickstarted everything will be awesome. You can develop your game *and* have a social life/relationship/other hobbies. It puts off the boring responsibilities.

          Any other realistic opinion leads to the person having to confront unpleasant thoughts about where their life is heading, and they don’t want to handle that.

          • tormos says:

            One of the (many) things that I’m really grateful to Tarn Adams for is talking about the way that he lives. He’s making a game that I am occasionally envious of, but when I read him talking about his life and the fact that he’s basically a Dwarf Fortress centered monk I realize that I would never want/be able to take on something like that. Obviously not all indies are Tarn Adams, but even the Klei guys (Mark of the Ninja, Don’t Starve) talk about a level of devotion that I think most people looking to strike gold on kickstarter have not fully considered.

            On another note, notorious IGC, you seem alright from the little bit that I read (prompted by this comment thread) and I will probably check out your stuff in the future. Thanks for answering/commenting on my question, I guess?

        • Lemming says:

          You’re right of course, but I can see why some would’ve got defensive over it. Being told you’re in the wrong when you’ve pinned all your hopes and dreams on something tends to bring impassioned rejection not logic and reason.

          You’ve seen those reality talent shows when the judges tell the contestant they are crap, right? Same thing. A dose of reality is rarely welcome, even if it’s the right thing to do.

        • RobF says:

          Oh hey, you flat out told people to not factor in living expenses into their kickstarter pitches (amongst other things). Now, maybe your intent was to promote some sort of frugal and better development scenario but what that translates to is a rather stark and uncompromising “you should either work hard all day and write games in the evening or starve your way through it” bullshit mentality and that’s exceptional bullshit, I’m afraid. It’s also pretty much the exact opposite of the point of going to somewhere like Kickstarter for funding because this is the stuff people need -to make their videogames-.

          If nothing else, at the basest of levels, it shows a ridiculous level of not actually understanding how the videogames you get to play are made. If you think they’re all made by people of a certain privilege, well lots are but lots aren’t and they’re the ones your comments hurt.

          If you go to a publisher and ask for money, they’ll want to know that you’re able to complete the project in good time and safely and they’ll understand that you need to factor costs into that. Now, outside of lone devs that’ll be studio costs, it’s different when you’re working in your pants at home but still, you’ll need to factor in life and keeping the lights on. The need to keep the lights on doesn’t go away when you’re solo or part of a small team, right?

          If you go to a bank for a business loan, they’ll ask you to factor in living costs as well as a matter of course. Because it’s generally understood that in order to make a go of something, the better a position you can put yourself in to do it, the more comfortable a position you can be in to do it, the more freedom you’re afforded to do something, the more likely it is for the end goal to be reached.

          Now, if you want to advocate for a world where developers can’t ask for living expenses to be included in their development budgets, then that’s fine. You’re welcome to do so. I hope you’ll understand why most developers will take umbrage at that. Especially those at the bottom of the rung who struggle to get by every day being told that they absolutely should struggle or not be making games. But y’know, that’s most developers who are doing this seriously would know they have to factor this stuff in because it’s actually fairly hard to write a videogame around life. You can trust me on that one, for sure.

          And I hope you’ll understand that the world you’d be advocating for is one where people who could well be making the next amazing thing people are playing are forced to go off and go and work McDonalds instead and come home knackered and without the will to make games, or maybe to go back to the old “contracts and/or bust” route of supplementing indie dev. All of which were a bit rubbish, frankly.

          So yeah, you can either try and afford people more choices of how to get by and argue to better their lot or you can choose the other. You chose the other. That’s what’s so upsetting about it. It isn’t by any means about being responsible with money, it’s telling people that their life should be worse because reasons. And it’s a thing that’s not just consigned to game dev, this is about a bare minimum of treating everyone decently and respecting their rights to have a more comfortable life.

          If more people dropped the “you’ve got to work harder” line of bullshit (because that only ever seems to be aimed at the people who already work dammit hard for anything and everything) and we talked more open and honestly about what it takes to make videogames and what’s needed to make videogames, we’d shake out silly little ideas like what you were advocating and maybe we’d all be better off.

          • ecdryere says:

            Everyone wants to hear: “follow your heart, pursue your dreams, work hard, and happiness will be yours someday.” It’s what I want to believe more than anything. *spoiler alert* I’m willing to believe in it like a kid believes in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus.

            And I say this as an indie dev that has taken a game, Ring Runner, to completion in large part thanks to Kickstarter. In fact, I’m in the middle of a campaign right now for our new game, Popup Dungeon. And did my little family-operated studio take into account “living expenses?” You bet! We have to and here’s why;

            Ring Runner took about five years to develop because my brother and I were working jobs and going to school during development. If we’d finished the game in 2 years like we wanted, we would’ve released to a VERY different indie climate, and we might not even need to run another Kickstarter. What I’m saying is that game development takes up a lot of time. So you can either create tiny little games that you might be able to have done within a year, or you’re forced to predict what the industry will be like in 2-5 years from when you begin. I know I don’t have to tell you this, but that’s extremely difficult to do. For instance, Ring Runner was made in XNA — seemed like a good option at the time, but has been discontinued since then.

            That being said, IndieGamerChick, is one of the most insightful video game bloggers I follow. She speaks her mind bluntly, which may be abrasive to some, but I don’t need my medicine sugar coated. The harsh reality of things is that the majority of indie devs can’t make ends meet without supplemental income, which typically comes from a day job. Our studio currently hangs in the balance of being able to continue working full time as we had on Ring Runner or having to seek other ways to make a living.

            I’m not a fan of reality. I fight against it every day, but you’ve got to know your enemy! It is the wall, and we are the hammers. ;p

          • Berzee says:

            You make some interesting points but I am too distracted by the phrase “people of a certain privilege” to pay attention to anything else. :(

    • IndieGamerChick says:

      “I don’t actually know who that is (guessing youtube critic) or more to the point why she is notorious.”

      I’m notorious because I don’t do softball reviews of indies. When I started IGC in July of 2011, most people that did reviews of XBLIGs never pointed out any negatives to games, and every single game came with a glowing recommendation based on dog-gone-it good effort. I had no problem saying a $1 indie sucked. And I caught on.

  9. Arathain says:

    Has anyone played Populous: The Beginning in the past few years? I remember it being really good, but I don’t know if it still stands up.

    • Stupoider says:

      It does tons of great stuff. The malleable terrain, the spells, the music, all the little systems like training advanced warriors and building boats/balloons are fun.

      The missions get really repetitive though, that’s the only downside I can think of.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      Bought it on GoG last year and blitzed through it again. Had a grand old time. It’s still very unique and highly enjoyable. Still quite pretty in its own way, too.

    • frenchy2k1 says:

      I tried to replay populous, both the first one and particularly the 2nd one.
      I tried it just after finishing “Reprisal”, a modern indie clone of populous 1
      link to

      If the populous bug bites you, I would actually recommend reprisal. I got it as part of an indie bundle and finished it easily as I was having a great time.
      They improved some of the UI, particularly on raising/falling land, by allowing you to click once and then just move the mouse and it will all level to the level of the first click. When coming back to Populous, the amount of clicking bothered me…

  10. fish99 says:

    My only conclusion from looking at all the games on sale over the last few months and buying pretty much none of them, is that I now own all the games.

  11. ScottTFrazer says:

    Bought the bundle stars bundle, but I already own Stalker and Runespell.

    First-come-first-serve free codes!

    Stalker, Clear Sky: JPGGG-R8W6M-MZBFC
    Runespell: Overture: Y6ZQ7-7L8RD-W5CBL

    • Deadly Habit says:

      Snagged Runespell, cheers.

    • rinseout says:

      Somebody’s already registered the Stalker key and not thanked you…

    • njursten says:

      S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky Steam Key: 0AF0K-262LP-Y7ZLG
      Runespell: Overture Steam Key: HEER9-HPLE7-2DH7Z

      Runespell was rather boring, from what I remember.

      • shadybearfaced says:

        Thanks for Runespell, mate! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised STALKER was grabbed immediately and Runespell wasn’t (if it’s as boring as you say)

      • joa says:

        Got the STALKER. Very kind of you!

    • shadybearfaced says:

      On the same note: Free Steam keys galore!! (bought the bundle myself and know I won’t ever play these games or already own them)
      7th Guest: PZRJV-VK7A9-YTJBK
      11th Hour: 82X2E-NHX2V-L0789
      Desperados 1: C24BJ-XI7VP-384PZ
      Tribloos 2: LFFF7-WWX7Y-5E6CP
      Runespell: 7679K-E2RKN-RBDTM

      • tigerfort says:

        Just snagged Runespell from this lot; been meaning to give it a try. Thanks!

    • Berzee says:

      I thought Runespell was pretty cool. I was actually glad it was short because I could see it starting to get vexingly difficult. =P

  12. Kyrickell says:

    It’s worth noting that the Frozen Synapse purchase actually gets you two copies! (A purchase of the game has always netted two copies, but in case you wanted to play against a friend, or pick up the Complete Pack which includes the co-op “Red” DLC, now would be a good time)

  13. kalirion says:

    (reposting to hopefully avoid moderation)

    You’re forgetting groupees again!

    Groupees Clash of the World: UK Bundle – link to
    $1+ tier:
    Master Reboot (DRM Free + Steam + Desura)
    Ultratron (DRM Free + Steam)
    Gun Monkeys (Steam)
    Home Sheep Home 2 (Steam + Desura)
    Jibs Arcade (DRM Free + Desura)

    Check out the /retro3 bundle while you’re at it
    $1 tier:
    Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi (DRM Free +Steam)
    Another Perspective (DRM Free +Desura + Greenlight)
    6180 the moon – Deluxe (DRM Free +Desura + Greenlight)
    Noir Syndrome (DRM Free +Desura + Greenlight)
    Don’t Move (DRM Free + Greenlight)
    Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory (DRM Free +Steam)

    $3 additionally gets you:
    Droid Assault (DRM Free + Steam)
    Dreaming Sarah (DRM Free + Desura)
    The LootCastle (DRM Free + Desura)
    Litil Divil (DRM Free + Steam)

    LazyGuyStudio Night Sky Bundle: link to
    $3 gets you:
    Huntsman: The Orphanage (Steam)
    Micron (Desura + Greenlit)
    Wimp: Who Stole My Pants? (Desura + Greenlit)
    Project Night (Desura + Greenlit)
    Inescapable (Desura + Greenlit)
    Evopollution (Desura + Greenlit)
    Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman’s Mine (Desura + Greenlight)
    Man in a Maze (Desura + Greenlight)
    Way to Go! (Desura + Greenlight)
    Rhythm Destruction (Desura + Greenlight)
    Gran Vitreous (Desura + Greenlight)
    Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode 1 Tides of Fate (Desura + Greenlight)
    Another Perspective (Desura + Greenlight)
    Radium Desura (+ Greenlight)
    Pathogen Wars (Desura)

    • The Random One says:

      Ultratron is an absolutely brilliant twin-stick shooter.

  14. kalirion says:

    Another post trying to avoid moderation hell…

    Groupees Clash of the World: UK Bundle (link to
    $1+ tier:
    Master Reboot (DRM Free + Steam + Desura)
    Ultratron (DRM Free + Steam)
    Gun Monkeys (Steam)
    Home Sheep Home 2 (Steam + Desura)
    Jibs Arcade (DRM Free + Desura)

    Check out the /retro3 bundle while you’re at it (not linking to avoid link purgatory)
    $1 tier:
    Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi (DRM Free +Steam)
    Another Perspective (DRM Free +Desura + Greenlight)
    6180 the moon – Deluxe (DRM Free +Desura + Greenlight)
    Noir Syndrome (DRM Free +Desura + Greenlight)
    Don’t Move (DRM Free + Greenlight)
    Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory (DRM Free +Steam)

    $3 additionally gets you:
    Droid Assault (DRM Free + Steam)
    Dreaming Sarah (DRM Free + Desura)
    The LootCastle (DRM Free + Desura)
    Litil Divil (DRM Free + Steam)

  15. Dominus_Anulorum says:

    Y’all always miss the good old game sales. There are currently two massive sales right now!
    link to
    link to

  16. The Random One says:

    Anyone who still doesn’t have Fallout New Vegas (and isn’t using the Queen’s money) can rectify it for US$ 3.99 on Gamersgate. Sadly this is the vanilla version; the Ultimate version with all DLCs has a substantially smaller discount.

  17. Scumbag says:

    Clear Sky aint bad, but its certainly not the strongest member of the stalker family of games. Was a little bit too busy for my tastes.
    Xotic from that bundle is worth a shot. Its a bit clunky, but the idea behind it is genius.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Clear Sky?
      Three words: Army Base Gunner
      Vanilla of course. None of this modding lark making it, you know, fair.

      • Scumbag says:

        Erm… are you talking about that odd sentient machine gun at the checkpoint, or something in the military base where you use compass? Unless this wonderful thing cuts out all the screaming on the radios for you to go help faction X with platoons of dudes running everywhere then I stand by my point of it being too busy.

        • CookPassBabtridge says:

          You misunderstood me. I wasn’t disagreeing with any of your points. I was just saying “how about that gunner eh?”. It’s a famously difficult bit in the vanilla game when you first go from the swamps to cordon. The complete mod made it easier though.

          • Scumbag says:

            Oh, sorry got the wrong end of the stick.
            Yeah, there are punishing moments in games, and there are “Thats just stupid!” where you run and hope. The machine gun was the later IMO.
            I did find it amusing when later flanking from the other side I went up to kill whoever was there, but it appeared to be a sentient gun, desperately trying to turn about and shoot me. Evil things.

  18. Zafman says:

    The Witcher for a cool $1.99 on today. Don’t know for how much longer.

    link to

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      Don’t forget that you can get The Witcher 2 for 3,99 dollars, something I would have been thrilled to take advantage of, but alas I have no money in my paypal account and it takes a few days to transfer money. I therefore knew that I wouldn’t be able make use of that offer before it expired, when it came along in the first round of GoG’s Battle of the Games.

      Now that they are displaying all discounts of Battle of the Games for another 24 hours, I get to experience the rare opportunity to miss out on the same sale twice. This has vexed me so much that I think I will take vengeance by buying The Witcher 2 on ebay. No money for Steam, GoG or any other of their ilk, I’ll be buying a used copy!!!

      • bill says:

        It’ll be on sale again. Every time I buy a game on sale it goes on sale again at a cheaper price before I have a change to play it.

  19. bill says:

    Stealth bastard seemed like a good game, but i ended up with the android version from a humble bundle and the touch controls are awful. I imagine it’d be much better on PC.

    • SuddenSight says:

      Just to confirm: I got the PC version from this deal, and it is a good game on PC. It is a 6 button platformer (left/right, jump, crouch, interact and sometimes special). I’m not sure how it could work with touch controls, but it feels like a natural fit on PC.

    • redmund says:

      I have that bundle. It includes the PC version also. Give it a bash. I totally agree on the touch controls being awful. I uninstalled it from my tablet after about 5 minutes.

  20. shadybearfaced says:

    Can anyone tell me anything about Darkout? It looks somewhere on the fence between “Interesting” and “Meh”

    • strangeloup says:

      I’ve only played it a bit but it seems something like Space Terraria. If that sort of game is your thing, it’s probably worth a try if you see it cheap or part of a bundle with other things you want; I got it in a Groupees bundle a hundred years ago and forgot about it until it came on Steam.