Nobody Expects A Dragon Age – Inquisition In-Game Video

Extreme Last Supper: Inquisition Edition

I remember when Dragon Age trailers were all Marilyn Manson, blood, guts and witchy sex. How things have changed. Or perhaps not. The latest trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition shows some in-game footage, including a moment of dodge-rolling that made me hanker for Dark Souls II even more than I already am, but it’s mostly bombastic music and high-falutin’ voiceovers. In fact, watch the Origins trailer and this one back to back, switch out ‘Blight’ for ‘Breach’ whenever one or the other occurs, and it doesn’t look all that different. Prettier though. And with less blood and sex.

I may risk offending the fandom by saying this, but I presume the smarmy ‘raining demons’ chap is a returning character? The close up and the fact that he interrupts the trailer’s Serious Fantasy Business make him stand out like a proper actor doing an ill-advised cameo in a Uwe Boll movie. Dragon Age is very confusing to me. I did play Origins for a while but then I realised it was about eighty hours longer than I’d expected so I stopped.

No witchy sex for me.


  1. Creeping Death says:

    Can we please stop the “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” style jokes? Not only is it unoriginal (I think this is the 4th or 5th Dragon Age article I’ve seen today to use it) but it’s also horribly wrong. If the spanish inquisition was going to put you on trial they gave you 30 days written notice. -.-

    • Stardreamer says:

      Monty Python FOREVER!

    • Ich Will says:

      No-one expects a 30 days notice letter from the Spanish Inquisition!

    • sonson says:

      I don’t think the Pythons were going for historical accuracy so much as a play on the colloquial expression of the same, which they then realised in a literal sense, which was funny.

      By the same token, I don’t think any of them believed ” The Comfy Chair” to be an authentic torture device used between the 15th and 19th centuries either.

    • Matt Y says:

      I kind of like the Mel Brooks musical number more anyway.

    • The Random One says:

      I agree. This joke is fun no more. It has ceased to be funny. It’s expired and gone to meet its maker. Bereft of wit, it falls flat in pieces. If they hadn’t nailed it to the headline it’d be pushing up daisies.

      It’s beating an ex-horse.

    • Loyal_Viggo says:

      Our chief weapon is surprise… surprise and fear… fear and surprise…. Our two weapons are fear and surprise… and ruthless efficiency…. Our *three* weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency… and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope…. Our *four*… no… *Amongst* our weapons…. Amongst our weaponry… are such elements as fear, surprise…. I’ll come in again.

    • His Divine Shadow says:

      Yes, but the thing is that if one perseveres long enough after a joke grows old, it eventually becomes funny again, although in a different way. According to Freud, the pleasure we get from humor is due to a release of mental energy we were saving for something. So, what happens here, is that you eventually give up fighting and accept the fact that everyone will make this joke anyway, it even becomes almost obligatory.

    • djim says:

      Don’t know why but i still like it for some reason. Probably because it reminds me of Monty Python.

    • bangalores says:

      I personally think the title is great. I don’t care how many other (lesser) sites use it.

    • Chalky says:

      RPS should promise to stop making this joke, just so it is all the more unexpected when they do it again.

    • His Divine Shadow says:

      I think people would more likely expect
      an american acquisition
      a German requisition
      or a British pink physician

  2. aliksy says:

    I will continue to not give any money to EA. Fortunately, the trailer doesn’t look particularly exciting so it won’t be a difficult test of my willpower.

    • guygodbois00 says:

      +1. Pretty much this.

    • bstard says:

      EA could as well just move on and become a 100% konsole firm; I already have the feeling they are.

  3. Stardreamer says:

    I bounced off the original Dragon Age very hard indeed. However, watching my GF run through the series recently on her Box of X has softened my attitude towards it somewhat, to the point I’m now considering a run-through of my own on the Personal Computer.

    to that end, I thought I’d seek the wisdom of my peers and ask if there are any mods, tweaks of stuff that I should be aware of to help make Origins the very best it can be?

    • Voice of Majority says:

      I tried to look for at least texture updates maybe a year ago when I played it. There were none. Apparently, there is not much love for DAO. I did like the game though – for all the 100 hours or so. (Perhaps I should mentioned I played the awakening too to seem a little bit less crazy)

      • Hartford688 says:

        Can’t speak for the Xbox, but for PC there are a mountain…over 2,000 files at the Nexus:

        link to

        I would thoroughly recommend Dragon Age Redesigned for a start.

        link to

      • SillyWizard says:

        Not too crazy — I spent about 100 hours just going through the basic game (along with the pre-Awakening DLC). I am pretty ridiculously slow, though.

        And in the game!

    • karthink says:

      There’s a high res texture pack floating somewhere, probably on Nexus.

      But there’s only one thing you really need, and that’s a small fix called “Skip the Fade”. Please skip the fade, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

      • Zenicetus says:

        Oh, I dunno… the Fade part didn’t seem that bad to me, but it’s been a while. Now on the other hand, if there was a mod to skip the Deep Roads….

      • Horg says:

        Considering how important the Fade is to the game lore, I wouldn’t skip it even if it is very linear and brown. It’s really not that bad first time around.

    • Davie says:

      I wanted to like DAO so much. The writing was nice–the various secondary characters were interesting and engaging, even if the same couldn’t be said for the silent protagonist–but slogging through hours and hours of repetitive combat in tiny, fake-looking environments just wasn’t worth the next bit of story. The whole game feels like it has all the drawbacks of an MMO without the dubious benefits of playing with real people.

      I hope Inquisition is more enjoyable. I like Dragon Age in theory, just not in execution so far.

      • Stardreamer says:

        One of the reasons I bounced off the game so hard was the stunningly poor texturing, so I empathise completely with your comment about fake looking environments.

        Of course, that was quickly followed by some excruciatingly bad voice acting. I can apparently download a texture upgrade mod but sorting the voice-acting might be asking for too much.

    • Horg says:

      Extra Dog Slot is a must have. It technically gives you a 5th character, but since the Dog doesn’t count as a full character it doesn’t really imbalance the game. If you don’t take this mod you probably wont ever take Dog along once stronger characters come up.

      Plus Healing Fix is useful as this stat is broken and was never patched. Any items with Plus Healing Received will not work without this fix.

    • stiffkittin says:

      I wouldn’t worry too much about graphical stuff. The game doesn’t look too bad really (if a bit brown) and is less modable than the Elder Scrolls series, so the extra hassle and memory usage makes it more trouble than it’s worth imo.

      Quinn’s Fixpack can be tricky to find as it lives on the Bioware forums. It’s the most comprehensive compilation of minor bug and quest fixes, including a host of spelling, text and script corrections – like completed quests showing up in your journal with the wrong result. It’s a bit out of date but Bioware never fixed most of that stuff so it’s still useful. Like most DA mods you just load it like an official dlc, at the start of a new game.

      Otherwise this list of non-boob related Nexus content contains some great stuff. Morrigan’s Restoration and ZDF Dialogue Fix are highly recommended. Improved Atmosphere, Advanced Tactics and DA Redesigned all look ambitious although I haven’t tried them. Honourable mention goes to Lock Bash for being very configurable the way good mods should be.

  4. Felixader says:

    So, i was attemting top play Dragon Age Origins at the 360, wich was long before i had my current Gaming PC.
    I really wanted to like it, but even at the lowest difficulty i had most of all to wrestle with the shitty controls for the Battle System. To understand why you need to know that they had decided to eliminate the Top Down view of the PC Version. So to give commands to your partymembers you had to change to their third person perspective aim at the target you wantedt them to goto or to go at and then give the command.
    It was attrocious and i never finished it or got much further than that one castle where the blood mage had fucked up things with the son of the Nobleguy.

    I just recently bought the PC Version (with all the AddOns) and it is like a totally different game.
    Wohever had decided to limit the perspective to third person on the console was an idiot, simple as that.

    • RedViv says:

      Yes, taking vision from the player planning out the battle is a very grave mistake, and the line of arguing about how console players supposedly would not like pausable isometric playstyles is rather ridiculous.
      At least this time, they do put both in all versions of the game, and give each control style its strengths without attempting to merge them yet again.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      “Whoever had decided to have the franchise on consoles in the first place was an idiot, simple as that.”

      Fixed that for you!

      • Felixader says:

        I disagree heartily. Makes no sense even. I have been a cosolegamer forever before adding PC to my gaming machines of choice. There were hundreds of ways that could have been working better on consoles than it did.

        • Kaeoschassis says:

          Exactly this. There are admittedly some games that only work on a particularly platform, be it pc or console. Sometimes those games are wrongly ported where they don’t belong. This is in no way one of those cases.
          Also ‘franchise’ is an awful, awful word in relation to gaming and I really wish it would go away.

          • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

            Pfft, i guess i didn’t make the joke clear enough, and besides i own far too many consoles myself.

            Let’s call it a half joke, as it’s not for me much a problem of platforms but more an issue with target audience versed with different control methods, i’m merely suggesting that their idea of doing a proper tactical game PC first worked decently with DA:O.

  5. sonson says:

    Goodness me.

    I really like DA: O, for all it’s generic lore it had a conviction in its fantastical nonsense that sucked me in, abetted by an accessible, satisfyingly challenging gaming experience which was very well polished given its size and scope.

    But playing regular one in a million role *again?* For sole purpose of stopping *another* non descript calamity through power of biffing baddies? Can they not do something else this time round? Explore the potentially interesting racial/cultural/political/socio economic layer which was by far the best thing about the original?

    • subedii says:

      Maybe they’re just leaving that angle to The Witcher these days.

    • karthink says:

      > Explore the potentially interesting racial/cultural/political/socio economic layer
      That’s exactly what Dragon Age 2 tried to do. I wish Inquisition was a denser version of Dragon Age 2, with more intrigue and the production/execution problems ironed out.

      (Aside: Jeez, it’s impossible to have a conversation about DA2 without someone ramming into it with clarion calls of “repeating caves” and “shoddy combat”.)

      • chargen says:

        How about “Awesome Button” then?

        • karthink says:

          What awesome button?

          For all it’s hack and slash aspirations, DA2 did not actually have an awesome button, the way Saints Row 3 does. SR3 actually has a button that makes your every action awesome.

          DA2 would have been better for it if they’d actually made one.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        DA2 had indeed far more potential than DA:O, they really just needed to fix the broken stuff which was pretty much anything else, but the core idea behind the whole narrative was incredibly solid.

        When they said that the third episode would be a mix between 1 and 2 with some Skyrim in between, i didn’t really want to expect that they’d also resurrect the old and stupid fantasy trope of the special snowflake saving the world from evil things, but here we are.

        What’s even sadder is that i’ll probably buy this thing anyway.

    • mattevansc3 says:

      They did, it was called Dragon Age 2 and the internet decided that game was as close to having your dead cat sexually abused in front of you as you can get.

      • SillyWizard says:

        See, my problem with DA2 was that it was boring and I didn’t really care about anybody.

        I would have loved that same sort of experience, just as a follow-up to DA:O where you import your same character, but grow the Wardens into a once-more robust organization, and try to maintain good relations with the various nations that you’re operating in.

        Then DA3 could have easily segued in to another big calamity, and the player’s effectiveness in staving it off would be directly tied to how successful he was in attaining the Wardens sure footing and positive relationships with the local governments.

        But they made me give up my fun-but-ineffective dwarf rogue and trade him in for a can’t-pick-him-from-a-line-up human warrior/mage/cure-for-insomnia.

        And now this…looks…like Skyrim is their biggest inspiration. (Much like how WoW was the biggest inspiration for ToR.)

        Also they made the mistake of mentioning the Fade, and reminding me of how much I fucking loathed that sequence in DA:O.

        Thanks, BioWare. I appreciate you helping me to save $60 I should be spending on Voodoo Donuts.

        • mattevansc3 says:

          Doesn’t look generic enough to have been inspired by Skyrim, looks more Amalur inspired with that combat.

          While Hawke wasn’t the most interesting character too play, lets ne honest though that’s the norm for RPGs with The Witcher being the exception, the game was always about what happened around you not because of you. Yes you had an impact, it wouldn’t be much of a game if you didn’t, but your companions had their own agendas, had their own lives, their stories intersected with yours and so did Kirkwall’s stories. That’s what I personally liked about DA2 but I’m not going to say you’re wrong if you disagree.

    • RedViv says:

      Going by what has been stated rather often now, they want to make sure that the Inquisitor is the person having the final say to give the player the feeling of Getting Shit Done, but broadcast very openly that without the rest of the inquisition and the people of all the various lands they would be nothing at all.

  6. Auru says:

    Gameplay trailer? Maybe 10 seconds of gameplay.. without the hud visible, heh.

    So Dragon Age, I really want this game to be good.. I love Origins but I was very put off with the follow up DAII, it was so rushed it really ruined what could have been a good game for me.

    DAII tries to tell a more enclosed, personal story from the point of view of a complete rogue.. I really like that part of it, the Champion doesn’t even get fully involved with much of the conflict going on in the main story.. he/she is more often then not just trying to get by in the world, it’s a nice take on what usually amounts to a ‘fantasy epic’

    The way it’s told ingame though was so, so bad.. terrible time skips, boring enviroments.. Kirkwall deserved better considering you were supposed to be seeing it over a passing of years..

    I really hope Inquistion can deliver, a flashy trailer is NOT enough to ever get me to preorder again though, i’ll just be sitting on the sidelines when this one comes out.. waiting to hear the opinions of average joe gamers.

    Dragon Age as a whole attracts so much discussion, bad or good.. people are pretty passionate about this franchise.. I really hope this game isn’t so poorly put together like DAII ended up being.

    • Crimsoneer says:

      I think at this point everybody agrees that DAII was incredibly rushed and it’s obvious. So much is damn missing. The whole “finishing moves” they went on about. The final act is pretty obviously a mish-mash of different endings that never really got done. The whole talk of “changing Kirkwall” that never, ever happens – a decade on, and the same idiot is still peititoning at the palace. All the decisions from DAO that are all recognised and flagged up when you import a save game, then totally ignored. The fact that Witch Hunt DLC, which was supposed to breach teh gap between 2 and Origins, is totally and utterly ignored.

      God damn it, it could have been so good with an extra year or so of work. A proper, changing city, multiple endings based on your actions, a bit more work on the combat system, and more dungeons. That would have made me properly happy.

      • InternetBatman says:

        More time would have fixed some of the problems, but it wouldn’t have disguised the lack of respect for player agency or stupid plot holes. The arbitrary restrictions on armor took more work to put in than allowing everyone to use the same armor would have taken. The nonsensical changes in Ander’s characterization were intentional. The neutered skill tree took more effort to put in than simply importing the old one. More time would not have magically delivered valid criticism to Bioware and make them react.

        This was a company that still hadn’t suffered the Mass Effect 3 backlash / vitriolic Hepler abuse / Dragon Age 2 backlash for bad writing patterns that occurred throughout the game. The weird shit with Liara in vanilla ME2 went unnoticed, the ridiculous fuck everyone on your ship but Wrex was gleefully accepted, and the stupidly binary decision at the end.

        I actually think that the constant waves of enemies and unfinished city were a far bigger problem for Bioware than just their negative impact to their reputation. In some respects, it allowed the staff to remain insulated, and ignore deeper flaws as symptoms of an unfinished game. In reality, RPG players love unfinished games if they have redeeming virtues. Not many people will hold up VtMB as a masterpiece of execution, but people still love it an play it to this day. The response to DAII matched the intrinsic quality of the game as well as the execution.

        • cirdanx says:

          Very well put, really!

        • mattevansc3 says:

          Yet Bioware was not in isolation, pretty much every criticism laid at their feet could be applied to anyone making RPS other than the Witcher devs, hell the game that’s had the most accolades is a dumbed down Oblivion that added nothing to the series other than horned helms and industry standard dragons.

          Bioware, DA2 and ME3 do seem to get unfairly singled out for criticism while other games get a free pass.

          • InternetBatman says:

            Bioware has been standing still or slowly moving backwards while the industry has moved forwards. Furthermore, Bioware has gotten some egregiously uncritical praise in the past. A corrective backlash is only natural.

        • kament says:

          More likely the extra time would’ve changed their approach altogether and there simply wouldn’t be, say, restrictions on armor, which obviously saved them a lot of work and computing and testing time. Same goes for the plot holes, which would’ve been reviewed and remedied if only they had more time on their hands. Same goes for pretty much everything.

          Of course, someone who thinks that skill tree in DAO was magically more robust (wchich it was not) would’ve still be disappointed no matter what. And of course they would still be confusing their opinion with reality and chastising BioWare for “not listening” (i.e. “not doing what they’re told”). But it’s not about BioWare at this point. It’s just that you can’t please everybody.

          And of course even as it is DA2 has its share of redeeming qualities and there actually are people who still love it.

    • kalirion says:

      Yes, it’s sad what seems to pass for Gameplay Trailers these days…

  7. Felixader says:

    I wonder if you save the world by sacrifing yourself.

    • DatonKallandor says:

      Of course you will.
      I wonder if the ways to sacrifice yourself will be color coded.

  8. Megakoresh says:

    I like how they are approaching the combat. It’s the type of Action-Tactics combination I have always desired from this franchise. Pretty much on that note alone (being a clear example of them listening to fans) I am optimistic about this release. That and well: I am one of 2 people who don’t think DA2 is a bad game.

    • karthink says:

      Nonsense. There are dozens of us.


    • green frog says:

      Alice likes Dragon Age 2, so at least one of the RPS crew is on your side.

      It definitely seems to be the minority opinion but there are nonetheless quite a number of people who think DA2 had some redeeming qualities, myself included.

      • Megakoresh says:

        If you look at it from an analytical point of view DA2 was actually almost as good as Origins, speaking in terms of production values. It’s questionable decisions were only the combat and the auto-dialogues, limiting the interaction with and influence on characters. Now of course it’s deemed much worse than Origins, but avoiding bias you can see that vast majority of the factors contributing to that opinion came from the game being rushed by EA.

        So as far as I am concerned the DA team itself haven’t had any major screw ups yet. And the DLC for DA2 was good too. It’s the ME team which fucked up with ME3, from start to finish, that one was a terrible game and a very poor end to the franchise (even if the MP is one of the best coop games I’ve ever played). But many also forget that Dragon Age is an entirely separate team.

        • kament says:

          Furthermore, much of the so called auto-dialogue is actually a hidden variables which depend on dominant tone and other prerequisite conditions. So there often are more possible options than you see at a given moment. Which is exactly the problem.

          It’s actually very similar to the approach that ME team took with ME3, and as with DA2 too many people didn’t appreciate it or didn’t even notice that. ME3 dialogue often has up to six or seven possible replies and even auto-lines vary up to four, but since they’re restricted to only two at a time (and with good reason), from the player’s perspective it seems there are less options than in ME or ME2. Which is not the case, but it’s like showing card tricks in the dark.

          So that’s why they dropped it for DAI, I guess.

    • Sorbicol says:

      Pretty sure at the time I said that DAII was a better game than DA:O. Certainly it was in terms if gameplay, the combat was much more fluid for starters and it didn’t leave all the other classes woefully underpowered in comparison to the mages. It’s also the only major game release where the main crux of the story is basically a gay love story between Anders and Garrett. If you play it that way of course, but it’s the only to make the utter abomination of the ending make any sense at all. And even then only just.

      Still the second act with the Arishok was very well done indeed and there were some lovely side quests including getting Avaline set up with her guardsman suitor.

      But the recycled environments, weird party character inventory system (why make 2 thirds of the loot found in the world utterly useless to you or your party?!?) and, as mentioned the utter utter f**k up of a finale certainly doesn’t help. At all.

  9. draglikepull says:

    A lot of what I’m hearing about this game sounds great, but in the Kotaku article on it today they talk about how you can “play the game your way” and you can still play it is an action game if you want, and so forth. That’s definitely got me worried that publisher interference is going to hurt the final product. One of the things that made DA:O so great was that it was unabashedly an RPG in an age where no one seems willing to fund those any more. There are already TONS of action games out there, a few RPGs that don’t want to be anything else would be nice.

    • InternetBatman says:

      To be fair, there are a ton of RPGs in the pipes now too. Thanks mainly to kickstarter. Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland 2, Tides of Noma Noma Yei, Age of Decadence, Dead State, Underrail, Serpent in the Staglands (check it out on kickstarter) and more that I’m forgetting at the moment.

      That alone is making me less excited about this game.

      • cirdanx says:

        Pillars of Eternity

        Uh yes, so looking forward to that one, i hope Obsidian gets it right ^.^

      • karthink says:

        Do people make up silly spellings for Numenera because it’s fun to do? Or is it because they can’t remember how it’s spelled?

        I just call it Torment: Tides these days. There’s a painful colon in there, but it’s better than the alternative.

    • cirdanx says:

      “today they talk about how you can “play the game your way” and you can still play it is an action game”

      Don´t fall for it, that is the exact same thing they said for DA2 with emphasize back then that you can play it exactly like DA: Origins. It was a hollow shell of that. You can not make both work perfectly.

      A few more thoughts:
      I expect this to be like DA2 from the leaked footage some time ago (i mean combat).
      Also, i expect the game to look worse then in trailers.
      Lip sync seems to be off o.O
      After their last 3 games i can not bring myself to put any trust in them or what they say…liars.

      This is definitely a no buy for me, unless every reviewer i trust/usualy agree with shows that this game is great.

      • MkMax says:

        da2’s combat would have been fine without the endless waves, the way difficulty made the combo spells useless and turned wizards into sword sponges

        it was definitely the best part of that game

        it did have room strategy its just that the air spawning waves made it useless, it turned into a “managing your cooldowns” game

        that said, im not buying it either, at least not without a huge discount and the dlcs bundled and since its an origin game i dont expect much in the way of sales

        • cirdanx says:

          I agree with some points. It´s not like i´m against action combat in RPG´s, far from it. My problem was that they went out saying “no no, you can totaly play it like DAO” and i beg to differ. It was clearly made with fast action combat (and console controls) in mind. Whereas, DA:O was made with a focus on strategic pause-combat and pc in mind. (they made an extra ui for consoles)

          As far as the best point, some of the writing was actualy really good. Just the overall theme and how it all came together was a total mess and more. And don´t get me started on characters :)

          The game had many problems in my opinion and i would never stop writing :D

          I didn´t even think about Origin, that is also a very very good reason to not buy it, thanks for reminding me! Oh and sales, well there are sites for keys, just saying. Origin is no competition for anyone, i would never buy a game there and never have.

          • MkMax says:

            i keep expecting EA to stomp the key sites they probably account for a big chunk of Origin sales

            since i live in south america we just got “upgraded” to mexico’s prices so i might actually get a better deal in origin, (except DLCs which are still in hilariously high euro prices for some reason)

          • cirdanx says:

            I don´t know where that price increase comes from, if is the industry, thats bad enough, but taxes in some countries are ridiculous on games. But i can reassure you that they won´t be able to stop key sites. They are not illegal, they work within the 3 tier system the game industry made up themselve, as long as they work with that, they won´t go away.

    • Runs With Foxes says:

      it was unabashedly an RPG

      No. Bioware is basically singlehandedly responsible for turning the RPG genre into action games, until Kickstarter came along and funded some actual RPGs. That people actually consider Origins an RPG is evidence of how badly they’ve debased the genre.

      • green frog says:

        Wizardry, is that you?

        Seriously though, there’s plenty of “real” RPGs coming our way thanks to the indie scene and Kickstarter, so hopefully you guys can stop gnashing your teeth over the millions of people who can enjoy so-called “debased” RPGs.

  10. InternetBatman says:

    Dragon Age trailers have always been underwhelming, and this one continues the trend. The only problem with this one is that it highlights mediocre writing instead of inaccurate depictions of gameplay. The stupid cameo dwarf is Varric, the person who told the story of the last game to the woman who’s voicing over the trailer.

    Also, Bioware seems devoted to chasing last year’s big trend (or five years ago). They’ve successively released a cover shooter, a 3rd person action game about an ubermasculine hero, an MMO, and now a sandbox game. And an exploitative facebook game in the middle. I bet they’re going to do an artistic platformer next.

  11. kyrieee says:

    If you can get excited by shit like that then good for you. To me it looks like a parody of video games.

  12. SillyWizard says:

    Ugh, another Chosen One to save the world, eh. Frankly I would be more interested (ie, interested at all) if a game would come out about being a group of random adventurers running around a world on the brink, while the Chosen One is some NPC dude you hear about from time to time.

    Maybe your party tries to help from the sidelines, maybe they just enjoy the chaos. CHOICES!

    • MkMax says:

      yep another chosen one that must save the planet, sigh, playing it safe

      at the very least they could do the “unlikely hero” thing that ends up saving the universe but no

      game starts with a bang/raid/mass killing
      you are the only one that survived
      got strange new powers
      only one that can save the world
      random npc voices distrust but will drop panties after a few gifts

      its like they are going through a checklist

  13. namad says:

    the dragon age series absolutely represents a pretty nonsense overly sell games via the trailers plot and design but the truely great thing about origins was the little details in each level that made the game really fun moment to moment telling very small little stories.

  14. Thurgret says:

    I would almost get this just to find out what exactly happened to the Warden. I mean, some people’s Wardens might be dead. Mine had a kid with a witch, who then stuck the soul of a god in the unborn baby after the Warden killed the Archdemon. He put a megalomaniac on the dwarven throne, who consequently introduced social reforms expanding dwarven trade with the surface and allowing casteless into the army, leading to the driving back of the darkspawn in the Deep Roads. He put his buddy on the throne of Felderen – married to his own brother’s widow, IIRC. He wiped out all but one of a batch of intelligent darkspawn. He left a generally decent bunch of people ruling here and there round Ferelden. He killed an incredibly powerful witch, but apparently our idiot protagonist in Dragon Age 2 resurrects her (or something else, if the Warden didn’t kill that witch). He also whacked a couple high dragons. One of them pretty much single-handed. And two years after killing the Archdemon, he caught up with the woman he’d had the kid with, and stepped through a magic mirror with her into another plane of existence.

    … and somebody else might have done totally different things (plus their Warden might have died). And some of them are hinted at in Dragon Age 2, but largely irrelevant. So how on earth does Bioware mean to tie it all into the third instalment? I don’t want Mass Effect 3 style fanservice, with a bunch of characters making cameo appearances just because, but a lot of that stuff was kind of a big deal for that world.

    • karthink says:

      Bioware likes their fanservice. It gets certain players excited and it’s cheap to do instead of actual story nodes.

      I actually don’t like for a different reason: It’s hard to believe you’re running around trying to save a several billion strong galaxy when you keep running into the same fifteen people everywhere you go.

    • MkMax says:

      my guess is that she will have that kid no matter what you did, it might be your kid, somebody’s else kid (i seem to remember you could have Alistar father the runt) and either she infused the soul during the end of DA1 or at some other vague unimportant point in time that wont be addressed

      • Thurgret says:

        You’re probably right. And I wouldn’t put it past them to write it such that you are actually playing as the kid, who has magically aged twenty years.

        • The Random One says:

          After five games or so they’ll reveal that all Dragon Age games until then are actually part of an alt history best selling novel in the real Dragon Age universe.

      • Wulfram says:

        One of the writers has said that won’t happen. If you didn’t do the dark ritual, there is no Old God Baby.

        • SillyWizard says:

          Yes, but did that writer get fired?

        • MkMax says:

          the same guys that said mass effect 3 would not have A B C endings said that ? im so ashamed for considering it

  15. SupahSpankeh says:

    If it’s a tactical RPG with a pause button and isometric view and they don’t reuse the zones/areas, I’ll buy it.

    Otherwise, FOAD EA/Bioware, you’ve suckered me once too many times.

  16. Droniac says:

    If that’s gameplay footage then surely this isn’t going to be a tactical RPG like DA:O (and theoretically DA2) at all!? It looks a lot like a trailer for The Witcher 2 or Kingdoms of Amalur. A straight-up open-world Action-RPG. Not that any such judgement can definitively be made based on this kind of trailer sans UI, but it does seem that way based on how its presented.

    And while that would alienate many fans, it might not be such a bad thing. I rather liked Dragon Age: Origin’s tactical combat system, even if it was a bit lacking in challenge. But we’ll likely be seeing better from many near-future cRPGs funded through Kickstarter. So why not have them ape The Witcher 2 which was such a fantastic game? It’s not like the franchise has been very consistent, between Origin’s tactical combat and DA2s messy not-action AND not-tactical combat system. As long as they don’t repeat DA2’s horrible waves of randomly spawned enemies and health bars that require 40-man raids to take down in any reasonable time-span, this could actually be decent.

    I’d be very interested to see some actual gameplay footage with UI and all. If they’ve got some sort of top-down view with an attempt at tactical gameplay elements, then it’ll probably turn into the disastrous half/half MMO-like mess that was Dragon Age 2’s combat system. But if it can be played like The Witcher 2 or Kingdoms of Amalur then it might be quite good indeed.

    • Zenicetus says:

      IIRC, there is supposed to be an overhead view tactical combat option, different from what they’re showing here.

      Of course the chances of making a game that plays equally well in both modes are slim at best, and you can see where their real interest lies just by watching the trailer.

    • green frog says:

      I do find it interesting how people love the Witcher series and generally no one complains about the combat, but if Dragon Age has Witcher-like combat it’s suddenly an abomination and a deal-breaker.

      I realize that Dragon Age: Origins had a very specific kind of combat and to alter that represents a change in direction for the series. But it still seems somewhat odd how many of the people who are infuriated at the idea of any action-oriented influence in Dragon Age seem to be perfectly happy with that kind of combat in other games, so long as they’re not called “Dragon Age”.

      I guess it just goes back to this idea that changing an established franchise is one of the worst things a developer can do. Personally, I’m going to do what I always do and try to evaluate this game on its own merits rather than on whether it faithfully replicates the exact gameplay of previous entries in the series.

      I mean if Inquisition is a shit game, then it’s a shit game. But if it’s a good game that happens to be different from Origins, that’s not going to bother me very much at all. The trailer isn’t very good IMO* but trailers don’t really mean much. I’m withholding judgement until October.

      *I liked the last trailer that showed off the environments with the nice music. Too often game and movie trailers cram a bunch of “epic/dramatic” stuff in a trailer and to me those little snippets usually fall flat when taken out of context of the actual story.

      • Horg says:

        I’m struggling to think of an example of ARPG combat in a party based game that worked well, where the combat was not also mind numbingly easy to compensate for the limitations of the AI. Games that hand you control of a single character have more scope to make an ARPG system work well. Personally, based on their recent performance, I don’t believe BioWare will be able to build a party based ARPG system and make the combat interesting / challenging. They seem too intent on pandering to the ”awesome button” demographic.

        • green frog says:

          Yes, that’s an interesting point. In my focus on the action/tactical element I kind of forgot about the party/solo element.

          I understand why people are skeptical, but I’m determined to take an optimistic/open-minded approach to this game. I’d rather be a little naive and get disappointed sometimes than become a miserable grouch who sneers at everything. Frankly, RPS has enough of those already.

      • Droniac says:

        So essentially you agree? :p

        Anyway, I don’t think anyone reasonable is really expecting a Dragon Age: Origins here. It’s clear that BioWare just doesn’t want to make that type of game anymore. And since Dragon Age 2 already threw everything around there’s really no reason to be anal about the combat system – there’s no Dragon Age “tradition” or anything. So if they do choose to go straight-up action-RPG, I’d imagine most players – except those super-hardcore BioWare fans – wouldn’t mind. As long as it’s any good, that is.

        I’d love to point to LotR: War in the North as a decent action-RPG with party mechanics, but it lacks a lot of the party mechanics seen in Dragon Age games (inventory management, swapping characters in combat, direct control over entire party, etc.). Still the AI partners weren’t entirely braindead and the game wasn’t made overly easy to compensate either.

  17. Jason Moyer says:

    “but I presume the smarmy ‘raining demons’ chap is a returning character”

    Aside from being an NPC, and having the best sidequest in the entire game, he was the narrator of Dragon Age II. The female Templar doing most of the talking in the trailer is the person he was telling the story of DA2 to.

  18. Wulfram says:

    Varric (dwarf guy) was the one bit of DA2 that it seemed like nearly everyone liked. Though he might be a bit too much like Garrus

    • Felixader says:

      Doesn’t wonder me a bit, as much as i enjoyed the Bioware Games of the past, after i had played Jade Empire i more or less played Jade Empire again and again, just in different coats. As far as i am in Dragon Age: Origins (see a comment of mine further up) that doesn’t seems to have changed much.

      • bill says:

        Jade empire was largely KotOR. Though I enjoyed both and haven’t played a Bioware game since, so I’d probably find their stuff a bit less worn out than others.

  19. lordbain says:

    I like dragon age 2 a lot. I played about 2 years after it came out and I actually finish it. Maybe I like cause I do not have the time I use to to play games. But it led me by hand and I enjoyed the ride. Origins I also played but gave up when I hit the dwarfs, was just too long. I will buy this one as well.

  20. Rizlar says:

    Alright now I really want to play this. Wasn’t expecting to, I loved DA:O, didn’t go anywhere near DA2. But this looks flippin gorgeous.

  21. ansionnach says:

    Other than it being horribly rushed (causing many issues), DA2’s main problem was where it tried to be all arcadey (usually the boss battles). Don’t mind arcade-style battles but they didn’t work in DA2 where you had to control four characters at once, they kept running back together all the time… and the controls and AI were awful. Coupled with the relatively untested Nightmare difficulty level (rushed – swung between easy and excruciatingly difficult) the likes of the final boss from the Legacy DLC was a game design joke. From this video and others for Inquisition, it looks like Bioware is intent on going down this path again. Any gameplay videos showing players fight the large crystalline enemies remind me of how poorly-designed the Rock Wraith battle was in DA2. Hopefully the fact that this aspect of the combat has been demoed quite a bit doesn’t mean they’re happy with it as it looks a bit ropey…

  22. mvar says:

    yet another generic fantasy-setting game trailer: cheesy, “epic” narraitve, random battle scenes, sexy girls.
    The original DAO was a big let down for me considering it was marketed as baldur’s gate “spiritual successor” so i’ll pass on this one too

  23. hideinlight says:

    This is interesting, it might move towards the realms of Silver 1999, Silver was this weird little hybrid of Baldurs Gate and Diablo, but with WSAD movement a lot more control.

    My ideal vision for DA would be more like Dark Souls, but playing with multiple characters and pause being replaced with ultra slo mo.
    Imagine going up to a monster, dodging an attack
    Switching to another character behind you which chains the monster and stuns it
    While the character who chained the monster moves forward, you get ready to channel a spell with the one you dodged with, qeue a spell or two and continue fighting with the one that just chained the monster.

    The flow should never stop.

  24. strangeloup says:

    I have a weird relationship with the Dragon Age games. On the one hand, I thought the setting was the dullest, most badly-written thing to come along in games for ages (at least until Kingdoms of Amalur came along, jesus) and, in Origins at least, I wanted to punt every single hateful character off a cliff so they’d stop bloody talking. And it was all so bloody BROWN, and there was that stupid blood effect that looked like people had been flicking red markers at each other.

    On the other, I played through both games and a good chunk of the DLC at least twice each.

    The moral of the story is that the 360 doesn’t have very many halfway decent RPGs, or at least didn’t at the time.

  25. SuicideKing says:

    So is that guy Dovahkiin II or what?

  26. P.Funk says:

    Wouldn’t it be so much cooler to play a game where you’re a knight or even better a sellsword in a world like Game of Thrones, where nobody really fights for anything noble, and instead pretends they are but mostly just kills people, rapes people, and lies and lies and lies and the whole game is about you trying to figure out which liar is least likely to see you slaughtered as you try to find a way to build for yourself some kind of life, meanwhile maybe you get dragged into something more noble than you wished you were by cirucmstances.

    Oh right, games are never as smart as an HBO show.

    • Horg says:

      Didn’t you just unintentionally describe The Witcher?

      • cirdanx says:

        You don´t have that freedom in the witcher, i love these games, and the books. But you don´t have that choice, it has not much of an impact (except TW2 with a whole act changing, but thats a faction choice). But you will still be Gerald and you will still need to follow the way the game goes.

        Its not a sandbox game or a game that has a lot(!) heavy impact changes. More than recent Bioware games though.

    • cirdanx says:

      Thats what a lot of people, myself included want, at least from time to time. However i can see why it doesn´t work for the industry.

      Your average Joe is allready the normal guy no one cares about, when you go home after work and you want to play something and relaxe i don´t think you just want to be “just another Joe”.

      The -you are the hero- works so well because its fantasy and we aren´t hereos in the real world. You can be something completley different and save the world, get the girl, be the hero, maybe rich etc.

      It just works and i´m fine with that. There are games that are different for that, but i don´t see a AAA going full on that concept.

      “Oh right, games are never as smart as an HBO show.” thats a given :D

    • Wulfram says:

      Well, you could try the Game of Thrones RPG. Though I don’t think it’s all that good. It lacks Martin’s wit to help sweeten the bitterness.

      • Thurgret says:

        I played it through to completion, and rather enjoyed it throughout.

        The only bits I really genuinely disliked were when I was trying to navigate through certain areas to find stuff – there are only so many times I want to wander King’s Landing, or that other town, or between Castle Black and Molestown. That may have been operator error, however, since I was only making repeat journeys because I was failing to find certain things, somehow.

  27. Stargazer86 says:

    I quite enjoyed DA:O and was looking forward to DA2. And then I played the demo. After that, I resolved not to purchase it, since it took what I liked from DA:O and hacked it to pieces.

    I hope Pillars of Eternity turns out to be good.

  28. DerekG says:

    The “raining demons chap” is an affable dwarf named Varric who wields a powerful crossbow and accompanied nearly all of my missions in DA2.

  29. Tei says:

    Woa.. the graphic design is amazing. I only hope the game is not too much a “on rails” quick time event type of experience and to be more a skyrim + mass effect game,… but maybe I am unrealistic.