RPS Asks: What Did You Play During EGGFEST ’14?

Ancient, rusty engines spin into life. Bleary eyes gaze at inboxes and RSS feeds. The gooey mingled remnants of chocolate and beer are wiped from encrusted chins. EGGFEST ’14 has concluded,and the News Cannon must be carefully reloaded before it can unleash a new volley into the skies.

While we prepare it, perhaps you’d like to tell us what games you played over the long weekend? Old favourites, new gems, bunny-themed in-game events, obscure mods, what? TELL US. And tell your fellow readers too: spread the word on The Things That Must be Played.

As for RPS, here’s how we spent our own Eggfests.

Adam: “Had a quick go on The Last Federation (predictably odd, possibly very good indeed), lots of Out Of the Park Baseball 15 and, oddly, some Sims 3. Realised I had a saved neighbourhood from ages ago and decided to load it up. Spent a few hours accidentally recreating the life of Gob Bluth.”

Alec: “The Wiping An Endless Stream Of Snot From An Ill Baby’s Nose game. And also the tiniest bit of Age of Wonders III.”

Alice: “I played a little Titanfall, and a few hours of Deadly Premonition on a cat. The only controllers I could find in our flat are ones I made into cats for Musclecat Showdown.

Graham: “I played Football Manager 2014 exclusively, despite plans to play so many other things. I resigned as manager of Manchester United after my fifth successive title win and now manage the Spain national team. Please save me from myself.”


  1. Rikard Peterson says:

    I finished Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons. I’d played the first half before, but got stuck at a tricky jump. The second half was where it got amazing though. I haven’t felt this connection to a computer game before – I literally wept by the end of the game. It’s a must play.

    • Armante says:

      Totally recommend this game. The setting, which feels very European-influenced in its fairy-tale design, is amazing. It may not be difficult, and it is very linear – but as an experience it is fantastic :)

    • Ross Angus says:

      Just finished list last week too. Favourite character: mushroom back.

      • Armante says:

        The Big Scary Giant is so beautifully handled. Gentle and ponderous.

    • SuicideKing says:

      It’s odd. I felt a really tiny bit sad at the end but otherwise i kind of didn’t like/connect much with the game at all.

      Puzzles were too simplistic, and I thought it might be good for kids, but other than that…

      I dunno, maybe i was expecting too much after all the hype, maybe i was too bored till the end.

      EDIT: Also, crazy amount of screen tearing, even with Vsync on at 60 fps.

      • Mittens89 says:

        Easily the most disappointing game I’ve played in recent months. I literally had no connection to either of the brothers, I thought the puzzles were boring and almost insultingly simple. So many of them are repeated again and again. This game actually irritated me with its laziness.

        I love experiences like Dear Esther. This, however, is pants IMHO.

      • Geebs says:

        I liked a lot of the play mechanics the first and second times, but they did insist on doing everything a third time.

        I was also so seriously turned off by the whole “girls (who are not your sainted dead mother in a refrigerator) are evil and if you like girls they will kill you” bullshit that when they pulled a Psycho Mantis at the end I didn’t find it in the least bit affecting because I was still irritated.

        • SuicideKing says:

          The spider witch? I don’t know if the “girls will kill you” angle is what they were going for, though I kind of thought the entire setup was too obvious…I mean, i was sort of expecting her to be the “evil witch” of childhood tales, especially when she took them to a random hole in the mountain and asked them to go on ahead of her.

          Heck the entire story was a bit too melodramatic for me.

    • derbefrier says:

      I really enjoyed it. as someone said above from a game point of view it was pretty easy and linear but I really enjoyed the mechanics and the story. A good game to just chill and enjoy the story and beautiful world they created.

  2. Kefren says:

    – HOMM3 (an anti-undead fire witch campaign – been playing it for a while, got enough of a hold to hopefully complete the current mission to flag all creature generators within seven months)

    – Dark Fall: Lost Souls (but stopped playing that – although I have completed lots of this type of game in the past it just didn’t grab me, and when I got to some puzzles involving comparing lots of documents I got a bit bored)

    – Rock Band 3 (Xbox 360, with friends, learning the Mustang Pro Guitar)

    – Palaces of Carrara (board game, with friends, excellent, I think one of Rab’s recommendations)

    – Master Plan (card game from the minigames library, with friends, fun spreading the cards out as an assault course on a large floor)

    I will be installing Space Rangers 1 again later for the coming weekend.

  3. TomxJ says:

    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, a perfect, enchanting little game to play through in one sitting.

    Lots of Co-op Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, which is quite possible the second best co-op centric game i’ve the pleasure of participating in.

    In between that, a bit of Sonic All stars Racing, alittle Bioshock 2: Protector Trials, and a quick go on All Humans must Answer!

  4. zachforrest says:

    My partner was ill, so was plying her with games i thought she might like. She ended up playing Civilisation Revolution and Costume Quest for hours. Costume Quest is particularly good fun.

    I liked Civ Rev, but I imagine that’s anathema ’round here.

    • WarderDragon says:

      Naw, why would it be? Civilization Revolution is fantastic at what it does, simplifying Civ for the console/mobile format. And it does it the right way, by not interfering with the core series. I wish there was an Android version.

      As for me, I played King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North with the Fire & Ice DLC. It’s easiest the weakest part of the series, which would explain why I haven’t finished it yet, but “weakest” in an otherwise fantastic series is still pretty okay!

  5. Glow says:

    What little time I was able to find to play games I spent trying to get my head around Age of Wonders III and FTL

  6. innokenti says:

    Broken Sword 5 – gobbled up the whole of episode 2 in a few goes. Thoroughly enjoyed it as well, far more than the first part. Moved from “hmm, nice to have more Broken Sword” to “oh yeah, that was very good fun”. Meant I’ve gone back to replay the remastered first game on my tablet.

    Warlock 2 – having had a couple of finished games of Age of Wonders 3, I thought I would come back to this, which, despite appearances, really does have a very different feel. Managed to sweat through to the endgame, so hope to finish that off pretty soon,

    Titanfall – a few rounds to mentally palette cleanse.

    Looked edgeways at Last Federation, but didn’t quite get up to buying it. Makes me want to play Space Rangers again instead.

    • Cross says:

      I gave Last Federation a go, and it once again does the Arcen thing: A brilliant and innovative concept, totally undercut by a boring execution.

  7. Steven Hutton says:

    Almost 30 hours of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.

    My new pick for “Game most improved by an expansion pack.” Narrowly beating out the transformative Command & Conquer: Generals -> Zero Hour update which was the previous title holder.

    It took, boring, grindy Diablo 3 and turned it into something actually fun. You can’t buy items anymore so gold isn’t God. And the stuff you find is actually interesting and unique enough that you can focus your build around the items you find, instead of hoping for incremental stat upgrades. Great stuff.

    • HadToLogin says:

      So, it’s not expansion pack, but millions of Diablo 3 buyers hating Loot1.0 and Blizzard doing right thing – which is making Loot2.0 which should be from very first day (as it is on consoles, more or less)?

      Which means expansion pack has nothing to do with it…

  8. Armante says:

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes

    Much fun, with great set pieces. Picked it up for $5 on Steam the other day. Very disappointed at the bugs however; dropped speech during cut-scenes, crashes at hi res, temporary pauses.. I have a PC capable of playing almost anything, but this was a surprise. Previous TT Lego games have been fine. Guess this one’s too shiny :/

  9. GernauMorat says:

    Started Dark Souls for the first time. Really enjoying it so far, although I get some odd random frame rate drops for no apparent reason. Love the world building and style

    • Henke says:

      And I started it’s predecessor, Demon’s Souls, on the PS3. Only the final boss still to go. Overall a really really great game. Almost as good as Dark, and almost as hard. But most of the things that made Dark Souls great are fully formed already in Demon’s, it just does a few things differently.

    • Prolar Bear says:

      Try using DSFix to unlock the framerate BUT keep it capped to 30 FPS. It did wonders for me. Be careful around elevators and sliding down ladders though, as the unlocked framerate could let you fall through the floor. Only happened to me once on an elevator that’s supposed to be glitchy even unmodded.

  10. SkittleDiddler says:

    Played a bit of Rust and was shocked at how boring it is.

    Played a lot of Diablo III and was shocked by how fun it is.

    Also celebrated Easter the right way by watching a holiday episode of The Atheist Experience. Happy Easter, heathens!

    • SanguineAngel says:

      What shocked me most about Rust was how boring it was but that I still couldn’t put it down. Weird! I think the things that make is quite boring are also the things that can make it tense and terrifying.

  11. AngelTear says:

    I finally got around to playing two Jonas Kyratzes games that I had sitting on my HDD since I backed his indiegogo more than a year ago. I played The Sea will Claim Everything and The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge.

    The most fitting description I found was “It’s like a 5 year old with a degree in comparative literature”. Wonderful stuff.
    Many of his games are free and more people should try them. link to landsofdream.net

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Ooh, nice. I will get around to playing one of them one day.

  12. phelix says:

    Was stuck with a rather shitty laptop in a place with no internet, so I played Civ IV marathons and lots and lots of OpenTTD.

  13. melnificent says:

    I played work through the backlog.
    Finished Peggle deluxe and nights, and Risk factions when my motor skills were suffering to tiredness.
    In the day I made a start on Dragon Age (the first one).
    Tried Europa Universalis IV again. As in introduction to the series it’s mean, I had no idea what most things did, but was expected to know them. I figured I’d lost/was past the point of salvaging a win, when the screen just started filling up with messages every couple of seconds.
    Dead Island:Epidemic came off NDA so suddenly my steam box filled with copies. Played a few minutes, not bad, could have stuck any name on it though.
    Played some old school stuff too, Fragile Allegiance on my PC and Albion on my Pandora when I was out.
    Oh and the Trials Fusion game too. Just got the last few tracks to go.

    • Premium User Badge

      Bluerps says:

      Weird. It happens sometimes that you get a couple of messages at the same time in EUIV, but the screen shouldn’t repeatedly fill with them. Might be a bug.

  14. karthink says:

    Lots and lots of Torchlight 2, with tons of mods. The game’s brilliant at what it does. Perhaps a little too brilliant.

  15. ran93r says:

    Tried to play Trials Fusion, via remote play on the vita whilst on the shitter, the only free time I had all weekend.
    It didn’t go well. Having never played a trials game before, I think I need some practice.

  16. Laurentius says:

    Age of Wonders III for all good and bad it’s as faithfull to previous installments as I can remember and i prraise it for it.
    I had a very good time with it until i hit a roadblock in fourth mission of the Commonwealth campagin and on easy, just can’t do it, computer just swarms me with these armies of Archonts.

    FTL, i thought i had me fill, playing on almost daily basis since advanced edition came out but now i still coming back, was adamant to finally unlcok Crystal Crusier after numerous runs with Rock ships. Now to unlock other hsips setups. FTL is the best !

    • elderman says:

      Absolutely. Like many good rogue-likes, it has meaningful decisions out the wazoo. The update has breathed new life into it for me, too.

  17. Rao Dao Zao says:

    I’m replaying the Mass Effect trilogy, currently about 3/4 of the way through ME2.

    Garrus has all the best lines, main plot still full of holes, etc etc etc.

    • rikvanoostende says:

      Me too! I’m playing a Human-centric Renegon, trying over and over to kill off all my animal, uh, “non-human” team members in the Suicide Mission.

      • Premium User Badge

        phuzz says:

        Weird, I hated all the human crew and only ever talked to the aliens.
        My biggest problem with ME1 was not being able to kill off I mean sacrifice Ashley and whats-his-face.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      I too am replaying this series, with some of the extra story DLC I missed the first time. Currently in part 3. While there are definitely one or two missed opportunities I really like how it builds on and expands nearly every aspect of the series. While 2 is more rounded in some ways I would go so far as to say 3 is my favourite.

      • Rao Dao Zao says:

        I was considering maybe picking up some DLC for 3 when I get to it, are there any stinkers to avoid or highlights to definitely get?

        • Premium User Badge

          Ninja Dodo says:

          Last time I played I already had Leviathan and From Ashes and definitely recommend both of those.

          Leviathan is pretty essential as it fleshes out where the Reapers came from and it’s also just one of the more interesting series of missions overall. Works best spread out over a playthrough as you have to return to the Citadel several times to investigate (though it spoils the introduction of the Banshee if you haven’t been to the monastery). From Ashes adds another significant crew member, the Prothean (much more fleshed out than Zaeed or Kasumi) plus mission.

          This time I’m adding Omega and Citadel. I hear only good things about Citadel but I’m saving it till after completing the main game, so can’t comment yet. Omega sounds like it’s interesting but unnecessary, though this one too I haven’t gotten to yet.

    • HadToLogin says:

      Still not touching that series thanks to disappointing ending.

      All I wanted is EPILOGUE where I would read “Liara gave birth to bunch of cute little blue aliens, Garrus decided he knows what’s the best for Turians so with few assassinations he killed other pretenders to throne and that way took them to next Golden Age, until Krogans again were in so many numbers they started new war and killed everyone, including themselves, proving that Reapers/Blue Kid was right”.

      Or one where Liara became battle-hardened badass, Garrus stayed loyal to the current leader, not-healed Krogans didn’t started new war and Miranda ran away with Jack to Argentina.


  18. Cross says:

    Played a bunch of Mass Effect 3, Civilization V and Battlefield 4 over the EggBreak.

  19. lowprices says:

    Spent what gaming time I had on Nuclear Throne and Starbound. Really enjoying both, though I may lay off until they’re finished, as I don’t want to feel like I’m done with both before they’re feature complete.

    Also spent time in Game Maker, learning to make games. Exciting yet confusing stuff.

  20. SanguineAngel says:

    Played a whole bunch of Age of Wonders 3 online. Lovely game and exactly what I was after.

  21. Anthile says:

    Played a bit of Dark Souls to get in the mood again but since I played through the game twice already I got bored very quickly. After that I played through Escape Goat which only took me 2.48 hours, according to the final screen. Most of the time, however, I spent on preparing and cooking asparagus. A science in itself.

    • gi_ty says:

      Oh I do love some asparagus! Please share your artful method. For me the weekend was all about Space Engineers, and a little Mechwarrior online to get my free mech. Space Engineers is pretty spectacular and has already eaten some 40 hours since my purchase last Monday. The Monday feature with Chris was spot on and a great game that is only getting better.

  22. elevown says:

    Not much gaming but a bit of Diablo 3 and FFX-2 HD.

  23. Dozer says:

    Dwarf Fortress. Thanks RPS for the link to the Son Of Lazy Newb Pack!

  24. Recurve says:

    Played pretty much nothing but Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes over the last few days. I love a good match 3 game and this one is particularly good fun.

  25. FrancoBegby says:

    ETS 2 for quite a bit, for the 1st time actually trying to build a company.
    And just now a pretty good Binding of Issac run, beating Mom’s heart for the 6th time (Everythings terrible) after 50ish hrs into the game. While I’m completely rubbish at it, I cannot wait for Rebirth. Doubt I’ll see the cathedral in the original before Rebirth comes out tho *sadface*.

  26. The Crane says:

    Did a couple of Rise of Flight missions but most of my gaming this weekend was of the tabletop kind, as I entered the local X-Wing Miniatures store championship. It was the first time I’ve played against the ‘general public’ and it seems I need more practice: came fifth out of six!

  27. Hanban says:

    Played Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and really enjoyed it. Which took my by surprise because of how utterly disappointed I had been with the original when it came.

    Also played a little bit of Wargame: Red Dragon. The dynamic campaign is looking very interesting so I’m excited to get more into it.

  28. PsychoWedge says:

    I played Uncharted 3 for the first time (after having played Uncharted 1 and 2 for the first time over the last two weeks), Just Cause 2 and a shitload of hidden object games (because I started watching FarScape and I need to play something alongside watching TV)…

  29. strangeloup says:

    I’ve been playing a fair bit of XCOM: Enemy Within on the PS3, having picked it up for a good price. Although I’d got the expansions/addons/gubbins on the PC version, I’d not played it in ages — not since the vanilla release — and I was pleasantly surprised at how much they added to the game. As a result I’ve been alternately cackling like a mad professor/wringing hands over what science has wrought as I send soldiers to the genetics or cyber labs.

    Talking of pleasant surprises, I picked up Thifourf for £8 (cheers, Savygamer) as I’d decided to give it a try once it dropped below a tenner. Admittedly I could have done without it being a 20GB download on my not-stellar connection — perhaps I should have held out for a cheap console copy — but it’s not nearly as bad as I feared, and I’m having a pretty good time with it. That being said, there’s also been no end of frustrating moments, something which I’ve also experienced with Dishonoured GOTY (bizarrely, buying that edition for PS3 was cheaper than buying the expansions on PC); I’m thinking maybe I like the idea of sneak-’em-ups more than the reality.

    Last off, I’ve not devoted nearly as much time as I’d like to Might & Magic X, which was on a midweek sale last week on Steam, I think. I’ve played enough to know that I like it, and that my initial party was a bad choice.

    • noom says:

      Also been on XCOM: Enemy Within all weekend. I’d started a couple of times on Ironman Classic, but kept failing, so finally caved and started non-Ironman. Glad I did… that certain unavoidable mission in the game’s second half took me almost six attempts. I’m still having nightmares about it.

      • Grim_22 says:

        Also had a go at Classic Ironman and boy, when I got to that mission… I just quit and walked away. I picked it up again yesterday though, and actually got through it okay. Only lost one of my elites (and five rookies with no gear, but who cares about them).

    • PoLLeNSKi says:

      I played through Dishonored for the first time this weekend and was pleasantly surprised that it pretty much lived up to the hype although unskippable, long intros to each mission are really putting a dampener on my second play-through

  30. archiebunker says:

    My spurs went “jingle, jangle, jingle” as I went merrily along slaughtering fiends in the Mojave wastes… it’s a beautiful world.

  31. Spacewalk says:

    I played Duke Nukem 3D because it kicks arse.

  32. amateurviking says:

    Finished Hexcells Plus and repeatedly attempted to make a classic ironman game stick in XCOM:EW. Turns out I’m completely unwilling to accept soldiers dying and play far too rashly to stop that happening *all the time*. Must have played through the first month 10 times trying to get that perfect start. I think I might be a bit mental.

    • Armante says:

      I am stuck on the very last level of Hexcells Plus. Can’t leave it incomplete, and every once in a while I’ll return to it. My wife suggested I simply click all the tiles to reveal them, take a screengrab, and then do it again without errors, but I can’t bring myself to do that.

      Did I mention I must complete every level without error? Great game.
      Good recommendation by Mr John Walker himself.

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        I finally got round to playing Hexcells this weekend and blasted through the whole of the original and the first ~third of the Plus. Maybe “blasted” isn’t the right word since I I had to take a few breaks when I got stuck on “impossible” puzzles, but I only stopped playing Plus because I had to do other things.

        This is precisely the kind of logic game I love: Something where you can rely purely on a few short branches of logic (or sometimes a pair of longish ones) and chip away at the same puzzle from different angles until it’s done. My other favorite like this is Netwalk (KNetWalk on Linux is usually my dealer of puzzles). Years ago, I had a Firefox addon for hexagonal, up-to-7-mines-per-tile Minesweeper, and I loved it, but you occasionally were forced to guess. Once I figured out that Hexcells never requires guessing, I had to complete every level without mistakes and without guessing, and I find that so satisfying. The downsides? I started out hitting the wrong mouse button a lot, which was incredibly frustrating, but I learned. I also noticed that unflipped tiles sometimes jiggle a bit too much when you move the mouse over them, and you can see the color underneath, but that’s uncommon, and it doesn’t spoil anything since I still force myself to figure out the logic of a move before I make it.

        Thank you, Mr John Walker, for the excellent recommendation! And thank you also for your recommendation of Picross in one of your Hexcells articles. I just discovered that this weekend, too, after re-reading the article. Not quite as satisfying as Hexcells, but still good logical fun.

        • amateurviking says:

          I love that you never need to guess in Hexcells. And the puzzles are so well designed that it sometimes feels like the designer is sitting next to me, smiling and nodding encouragement as I pick apart a level. Feels like a conversation.

  33. CelticPixel says:

    – Payday 2 with my friends (Hit Infamy lvl.4)
    – Diablo 3 and Portal 2 co-op with my girlfriend (She’s not entirely comfortable with FPS controls and got a bit frustrated with GLaDO’s sarcasm about her performance)
    – Broken Sword 5 (The best since BS1 in my opinion)
    – DMC: Devil May Cry (Finally beat that damn Mundus baby boss after knocking down the difficulty!)

  34. Kinch says:

    A couple of hours of Wildstar Beta… and that’s it.

  35. James Allen says:

    Wargame: Red Dragon.

  36. serioussgtstu says:

    I finished Assassin’s Creed 3. It took me thirty hours to appreciate that game, but once all of those awful missions were finished and Desmond had finally shuffled off, I was able to enjoy being a Native American Ninja Assassin.

    I’m really annoyed about this game because of it’s wasted potential. Ubisoft did a fantastic job crafting 18th century New England, and it’s a beautiful environment; but all of that hard work gets squandered because it has to be an Assassin’s Creed game. Trying to fit one person’s narrative into something as large as the American war for independence was far too ambitious, it should have been a small scale story about a First Nations warrior seeking to avenge his village while also trying to build his own. The war for independence should have been the backdrop at most, not the focal point of the story.

    I really think AC3 had the potential to be as good as Red Dead Redemption, if only they’d made the story less ambitious and more personal, cut out every part of the pointless Ubisoft meta-narrative and then given the player more freedom and less constraints during missions. Oh well, I’m sure AC Unity will have all of the same problems, so I think this is the end of me and the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

    • jonahcutter says:

      Good analysis of AC3and a pretty close summation of my own reaction.

      It’s too bad you weren’t the lead on that project.

  37. Chillz says:

    A couple of DotA 2 games and then I lost count of the hours spent in Kingdoms of Amalur: Eggconing(Why is it difficult to put a “played” counter into your game?) Decided I wanna finish it because the main quest’s story is rather interesting :) Helps that it has the best combat in an RPG <3

  38. WinTurkey says:

    Wargame: Red Dragon and Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri.

    Also, Tabletop Simulator, which you guys should write about because it’s an amazing product in development.

  39. elderman says:

    I realise I may be furnishing ammunition to Linux-haters, but it was a frustrating weekend for gaming. Here’s a list of games I tried unsuccessfully to get working on Wine:
    – Far Cry
    – Far Cry 2
    – Baldur’s Gate “Trilogy” (the games work fine, un-modded)
    – Neverwinter Nights
    – Startopia

    The most recent wine builds seem to have introduced some regressions.

    Apart from that, Guacamelee didn’t make a good first impression.

    I enjoyed a bit of Reus, though.

    • archiebunker says:

      What version of wine are you running? I just fired up Far Cry 2 in wine 1.6.1 and it works fine. I currently have all my favourite games running so I’m hesitant to upgrade for the very reason you stated.

      • elderman says:

        Well I thought I was on 1.7.x, but no it turns out I’m on Wine 1.6.1. NVidia driver 319 and bumblebee.

        I seem to be experiencing a documented error with the d3dx9_36 library. Frustrating. Checked WineHQ before buying and was looking forward to trying out this game I’ve heard so much about.

        Perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve never been a Windows user, but I’m not strong troubleshooting Wine.

      • archiebunker says:

        It’s always something, eh. Try updating to the latest Nvidia drivers using the x-edgers ppa. Hopefully that’ll solve your problem.

        link to launchpad.net

        • elderman says:

          Thank you. The repository didn’t seem to help, but you inspired me to try another approach. Playonlinux had a script that got it working fairly well. No anti-aliasing, unfortunately, but I’m in and playing. Fun so far…

  40. GhostBoy says:

    I found Saints Row the Third on a steam sale, and is now backfilling the story that is hinted at in SR4 that way.

  41. SuicideKing says:

    Lots of Leviathan Warships, and watched people play Dark Souls at a friend’s place.

  42. Conehead The Barbarian says:

    This weekend I played some Race07 and Red Orchestra with some RPS people from the steam group chat, played some Planetside 2 (shooting at some RPS people), quite a bit of Mount & Blade:Warband: Napoleonic wars, and then topped it off with some Empire total war where I destroyed france… (link to steamcommunity.com)

  43. Premium User Badge

    Mungrul says:

    Myself I fell back on an old favourite and played a couple of new ones too.

    The old favourite was Dawn of War 2 single player, which is just the right blend of RTS and ARPG.
    I wish it had the expanded race availability and campaign map that Soulstorm had, but otherwise it’s a great way to get a good dose of dakka.

    The first “new” game I played over the weekend was Don’t Starve, which I’d been putting off for ages, but is actually quite good. My initial criticism is that it can be too tempting to cheat and set the world up to play to your advantage. But otherwise, it’s a lot more accessible than I was expecting.

    And the second “new” game was Tokyo Jungle on the PS3, and wow, I can’t believe I left this one so long before playing it.
    It’s a survival game with animals in a deserted Tokyo, where the aim is to continue your line for as long as possible. All animals live for a maximum of 15 years. In those 15 years, you need to feed, fight and mate, at which point you then become your offspring.
    The real draw of the game is the ridiculous fights that occur such as Pomeranian vs. Cow, Chick vs. Golden Retriever, Alley Cat vs. Porcupine, Deer vs. Hippo… the list goes on.
    You unlock the ability to play different animals by completing challenges in survival mode, such as touching or fighting a particular animal.
    It’s a fantastic little game that’s deceptively simple on the surface and opens up to reveal interesting depth the longer you play. Shame we’ll never see it on PC, but it’s yet another game that makes me glad I’ve got a PS3 too.

    • SillyWizard says:

      I also visited (and re-visited) some old games.

      I finally installed and then promptly plowed through Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns and immediately started in on the follow-up, Kohan: Ahriman’s gift.

      What a wonderful RTS series for the old farts among us who no longer have the patience or manual dexterity to micro (or is it macro I don’t even) the opposition. Extremely simple base-building coupled with a simple (but effective) logistics/territory-control mechanic (outposts actually do something!)

      All of this topped off with a neat army-construction mechanic in which the player creates squads of 7 solders comprised of melee or ranged units of one flavor or another, backed up by up to two support units from a wide variety of options, and lead by a commander unit who must be alive if you want to give orders to the squad.

      Lots of great ideas executed pretty well. (The voice acting is pretty laughable and the plot is forgettable, but the campaign is rather fun, despite. The enemy AI on Normal was quite good without being overwhelming — it seemed to routinely detect weak spots in my perimeter and make incursions; lacking weak spots, it would build up suitably-sized forces and launch pretty stiff offenses against me. Never felt like it was really cheating, though.)

      @Mungrul — The Kohan games actually remind me quite a bit of DoW2. The removal of focus from base-building so you can concentrate on squad-movement is quite similar, though you can build multiple bases in Kohan and the maps are much larger (and you do need to worry a bit more about resource acquisition).

      Dow2 requires a lot more tactical thinking and paying more attention to what your opponent is doing so you can counter it better, but if you’re interested in a similar experience just 90% slower and more manageable, Kohan is a pretty strong candidate — though bear in mind it’s 13 years old and looks as it should for a 13 year old game. And you can’t zoom in or out on the map.

      And…as Kohan inspired a bit of a wave of nostalgia for me, I finally re-installed Commandos 2: Men of Courage to see if I can get any further than Mission One this time around.

      So far it’s not promising — after at least an hour screwing up Training Mission One, I finally spending enough time in Training Mission 2 to get to the end (say another two hours) and realize I’ve been doing it all wrong, so I guess I’ll be restarting that!

      All in all, a good weekend.

  44. Gap Gen says:

    I spent a bunch of time bankrupting my lions in Wharf Hunder, lamenting the lack of decent guns on the entry-level Bf 109, marvelling at how long a Bf 110 can stay in the air when mostly comprised of bullet holes and trying to actually kill anything with the entry-level Japanese planes. Otherwise, I got killed and all my items despawned in Minecraft while I was on Skype to my family.

  45. DanMan says:

    I finished Prince Of Persia ’08 and started playing Remember Me. Backlog processing. I kinda like both anyway. Getting stuff cheap really makes you less critical (got both below 10€ each).

    • Geebs says:

      I don’t know whether you’ve played the Forgotten Sands, but I would recommend it if you like those games. It’s not really as overtly pretty as PoP ’08, and it’s not much less stupid plot-wise, but there’s some really satisfying gameplay that gets up to the level of Warrior Within-without-the-nu-metal-obnoxiousness.

      • DanMan says:

        Thanks for the hint, but I’m a long time PoP player – I’ve had them all. ;)

        This is the one I still had to catch up with, and now that I got it for around 5€ (and didn’t need Uplay), that’s what I did.

  46. Feste says:

    “The Wiping An Endless Stream Of Snot From An Ill Baby’s Nose game.”

    I’ve been playing that game too! I really love the bit where the Ill Baby gets no sleep and develops a hacking cough. Unfortunately the narrative is incoherent and repetitive, so I only give the game a 5/10

  47. Gothnak says:

    My partner bought me Company Of Heroes 2 at Xmas, but my desktop pc doesn’t have it’s DVD drive powered up due to 3 hard drives taking all the slots.

    So, on Saturday, i plugged it in, turned the PC on and it blew up the DVD drive, what a lovely smell that was.

    I then bought and downloaded Age Of Wonders 3 and played it for about 50% of my waking hours for the rest of the weekend. Brilliant game.

  48. Buddy Dharma says:

    Neo Scavenger and Xcom, and at least one of my multi-hour Red Orchestra 2 binges.

    I also played some demos — Ground Pounders (disappointing and crashy), and Scavengers V (not bad, will probably buy it later). And a few free ren’py based things, but nothing worth noting.

  49. DrollRemark says:


  50. Mittens89 says:

    Teleglitch:DME. Top down roguelike SS2. Perfect.

    And lots of CS:GO, of course. This game has really grown into something greater than CS:S ever managed, I believe.