You Have 9 Hours To Get Red Orchestra 2 Free

Come on you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?

“Some days war takes patience, but other days it demands action,” the sergeant barks, I write, lazily imagining how sergeants may speak in all those WW2 films from the 1960s that I haven’t watched. “Today is a day for action,” I hint to lead into the crux of this video game news post for Rock, Paper, Shotgun. “… you maggot,” the sergeant adds then immediately regrets and blushes, fearing he’s perhaps a major conflict or two ahead of language like that.

It is a day for action, mind. Until 6pm today, Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is free on Steam. Not just free to play for one day, oh no. If you grab it in time, it’s yours to keep forever. If you don’t, I guess you would need to pay money to own and play it, and make a decision about whether that’s something you’d like to do or not.

What sparks such generosity? Tripwire certainly have the inspired business model of making players like them and want to buy their games by making good games then updating them with oodles of free content, which this fits in with nicely, but it’s also marketing. What snakes!

See, this week also saw Tripwire give RO2’s Pacific spin-off Rising Storm a hefty update. Rising Storm also includes all of RO2 so, you know, what they’re saying is, like, if you like this free game, perhaps you might fancy buying that game which isn’t free? The audacity of it all!

Tripwire are planning a free trial weekend for Rising Storm with a discount t’boot, so at the very least you can use this freebie to train up for that. Actually, sorry: at the very least, you can increase the number of unplayed games within your Steam library by one.


  1. sweerd says:

    Oh cool, I can finally try this game!
    Oh wait, apparently I own it already.


    • Ross Angus says:

      You probably got Humble Bundled. My Steam account is littered with such games.

      • d3vilsadvocate says:

        I recently got 40+ games deleted from my account. Now it’s a lot cleaner without all the junk I don’t care about.

        • Armante says:

          How do you delete games from a Steam account?

          I just hide the ones I’ve completed/no longer want in a category called ‘zzz’

          • SillyWizard says:

            I call mine the “Junk” category.

            Fuckin Spiral Knights.

        • defunct says:

          I uninstall them, and just show installed games. Much neater.

          • Armante says:

            I just close the category. If I showed only installed games currently I’d have 10 or so. Total games is 340+, so not ‘hiding’ them by having them categorised doesn’t work for me..

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Any game that is free appears as if you own it on the steam store page. Games getting free days or weekends appear in your games list.

      Also, Android swipe typing is fucking dreadful.

  2. Contrafibularity says:

    Thanks Alice, I do love an awesome game for free! Can’t install it right now as it exceeds the space on my humble SSD, but the next time I’ve got an itch for online shooters I won’t have to go to CS again, yay! Been meaning to play this for a long while but never got around to it, I hear it’s great.

    • Sacarathe says:

      Similar problem would love to have this game on the steam list, but to install it today? Nono.

      After clicking install game, this happens:

      Red Orchestra 2 – Free Day (no cost) is now registered to your account on Steam.

      To access your new content, simply launch this game from your games list on Steam. “

      • SuicideKing says:

        Exactly what i was going to point out, you can own something but not have it installed.

  3. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Cheers Alice, I would have forgotten.

  4. neckro23 says:

    It looks like this also comes with Rising Storm, or at least it shows as “Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer” in Steam.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      It comes with the Red Orchestra “lite” version of Rising Storm, in other words you can play on RS maps but are limited to a standard infantry rifle. No LMGs or SMGs or flamethrowers.

      In order to get the full Rising Storm experience you have to actually buy Rising Storm. It’s worth it.

      • phelix says:

        Definitely worth it, even if just for the improved sound effects and design.

      • Damn Rookie says:

        Plus Rising Storm is free to play this weekend on Steam, with an associated 75% off sale price as well. It’s a nicely done and well thought out plan from the developers/publishers.

  5. Premium User Badge

    Neurotic says:

    The single player alone is a good 10.7 Gb. Come a long way since its days as a mod. Last time I tried any kind of RO it was on a PCG UK CD. :D

    Edit: The MP is a staggering 33 Gb! :O

    • Press X to Gary Busey says:

      The MP is just downloading 9,6 GB and the SP 6,6 GB. I’ll check again when everything’s installed and started once.
      Edit: Installed SP: 10,6 GB. MP: 21,8 GB. You can save some space by just installing one or the other.

    • Scumbag says:

      Instal Rising Storm / Red Orchestra 2 multiplayer. All the other stuff is kinda pointless.

  6. SanguineAngel says:

    Oh man, I love playing this game but because of its relative obscurity, I guess, it’s was difficult to get friends involved. This could be just the ticket!

  7. grindbore says:

    Low violence version? No thanks. Not even for free.

    • oWn4g3 says:

      The German version is no longer low-violence since the Rising Storm addon was released without any cuts. You can enable the Full Gore option without any problems, the only thing that might still be censored are nazi insignia but this should only affect the mediocre singeplayer.

    • plsdeleteme says:

      link to
      Make sure you choose an Age above 18 and you get the low violence version. Works with many, but not all games.

  8. Viroso says:

    Friendly warning. Red Orchestra 2 uses punkbuster to catch cheaters on their servers. Punkbusters scans your computer not only when you run the game but also whenever you use your computer. It activates itself every time.

    Used to be, and that’s not long ago, that their privacy policy had gems like:
    “In order for games having PunkBuster integrated to be more secure, the part of PunkBuster that needs full access to the computer for scanning purposes now must run all the time at the system level.”


    Licensee understands and agrees that the information that may be inspected and reported by PunkBuster software includes, but is not limited to, devices and any files residing on the hard-drive and in the memory of the computer on which PunkBuster software is installed. Further, Licensee consents to allow PunkBuster software to transfer actual screenshots taken of Licensee’s computer during the operation of PunkBuster software for possible publication.


    Licensee agrees that any harm or lack of privacy resulting from the installation and use of PunkBuster software is not as valuable to Licensee as the potential ability to play interactive online games with the benefits afforded by using PunkBuster software.

    However they have recently changed it, now it has things like this

    Furthermore, our software will not perform “hard disk scans” looking through large portions of users’ directories and/or file systems. Private data is not transmitted by PunkBuster from a user’s system to a PunkBuster server


    Our inspection procedures consist of three types: 1) validating that only non-hacked original software is being used during multiplayer competition, 2) examining files that match the profile (or signature) of known cheating programs, and 3) sending screen captures during gameplay.

    So they have addressed some issues they had, and it could be now that it is less horrible. Or not. So, you know, friendly reminder.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Punkbuster can be disabled and forced to start only when you activate a game that uses it. You have to disable PB again once you’re done playing the game, but that’s a simple matter of going to the task manager and manually deleting the process entry.

      Just pointing out that users don’t have to be worried about getting their systems scanned 24/7.

  9. derbefrier says:

    this games wasnt really for me. I was forced to admit to myself I prefer faster paced arcade like shooters but I did get some enjoyment out of it. One thing i did absolutely love about this game is the atmosphere. When you got two good teams fighting each other it was quite an experience but my more casual style of play made those moments few and far between. Its a game really wanted to love but couldn’t.

  10. Danny252 says:

    Did RO2 ever de-shittify? If I remember rightly (and I very well may not), it had such a terrible launch that there was almost no playerbase for it, which is somewhat concerning for a multiplayer-only game.

    • derbefrier says:

      I stuck with it a while after launch and while a lot of that stuff was fixed it never really recovered. It was always destined to be a niche game anyway though. The big reason I quit was hit detection issues. One of the games coolest features ended up being a big downside if you couldnt find a populated server with low lag. It was a big deal when I left. Because the bullet modeling was so accurate if you had a ping over 100ms you might as well leave cause you were not gonna hit shit. I dont know how many times I would shot people running in a straight line right for me and miss. I know it wasnt me because i could load up a game of bots and hit everything I aimed at. IT was a well known issue that saddly drove a lot of people away. I have no idea if it was ever fixed though

      • Scumbag says:

        It was eventually. There was a huge fuss with the coders and community over client side and server side hit detection, and eventually they changed it so things were a lot more bearable.
        As for the bugs, they were MOSTLY ironed out with the GotY edition in 2012 and performance improved in the game. The latest patch seems to have fixed a lot of weird tank bugs and stupid issues with custom maps also.

        Steam workshop is horrifically broken and load times are still painful. If people do try it DO NOT use any steam workshop items. It may work, or it may wreck the game.

    • FredZepplin says:

      Yeah, a long time ago. The ping issue’s been solved for years. I play all the time (180 hours so far) and there’s always at least half a dozen full servers during the evening on the US west coast. Dozens and dozens of full servers after yesterday’s free day.

  11. Buddy Dharma says:

    Red Orchestra is the best game ever. I was listening to my favorite history podcast talking about the Red October Factory and the Grain Elevator, and I’m all like “Oh! I’ve been there!”

    Well, levels based on those areas, at least. Anyway, it gives my inner history buff a warm fuzzy feeling. At 140+ hours, I’m still only a moderately competent machine gunner or rifleman, but I don’t care. Za Stalina!

    • Recurve says:

      Which podcast was that? I’m always on the lookout for another good history podcast.

      • zxc says:

        I don’t know what podcast Buddy Dharma was talking about, but you know of the Hardcore History podcast right? On the very slim off-chance you didn’t, well now you do! If you know some other good ones, please reply.

        • Recurve says:

          Yeah, I know Hardcore History. Probably my favourite history podcast. Others worth listening to are Revolutions and History of Rome by the same guy (Mike Duncan)

  12. CookPassBabtridge says:

    I hate multiplayer games, especially shooters. I will NEVER play Red Orchestra. Yet I feel compelled to get my copy just because its free. I am a prisoner of my own click-whirr responses.

  13. bangalores says:

    And not one mention of the APC’s they finally added to the RO2 side, something which people have been chomping at the bit for since release.

    This game is about to explode with huge, combined arms user-made maps and remakes of classic Ostfront maps. Now is a GREAT time to join the community if you’ve been on the fence since the (admittedly botched) release. RO2/RS doesn’t get nearly as much love from RPS as it should.

  14. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    On still further days, war demands harmony. One day, war demanded vivacity, but we think that was a one-off and we do not anticipate the need for further vivaciousness.

  15. phanatic62 says:

    How’s the single player game? Is it a one-man-army game, or multiplayer gameplay just with bots?

  16. shitflap says:

    Fuuuck, I missed it :(

  17. hobololgag1 says:

    Hey how do i know if i got the free game. so i look in my steam library i see 2 things red orchestra can you guys tell me wich ones the full game and if it is full game ok…. Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer-2 days left and then i see Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad beta 2- 2 days left so did i get the free game.please tell me…

  18. David Bliff says:

    Rising Storm is good. Like, really, really good. It’s the most multiplayer fun I’ve had since Natural Selection 2.

    That said, I also really prefer Action mode, which is definitely NOT popular among the community. The scale of the maps and the relative approachability remind me, more than any other game since, of Day of Defeat 3.0/3.1, way back in the WON days, which was actually one of the first two PC shooters I ever played, along with Counter-Strike, and which is still one of my favorites ever, even though I obviously can’t play it anymore.

    Normally there aren’t any Action servers (at least in Rising Storm, there may be in RO), but whenever there’s a sale or a free weekend a bunch pop up, so if you’ve ever been discouraged by the game in the past, try out an Action server while you can.