Rising Storm & Company of Heroes 2 Free Trial Weekends


“Doing anything nice this weekend?” the hairdresser asks, running their hands through your luxuriant quiff. “I’m actually heading out on a whistle-stop tour of battlefields on World War 2’s Eastern and Pacific fronts,” you reply, leaning back to press your scalp into their supple fingers as they gasp in respect and admiration, “and I’ll have the cyber razor cut thanks.”

Ho ho but while your haircare specialist now believes you’re a big-shot billionaire history expert, you’re merely planning to take advantage of the Company of Heroes 2 and Rising Storm free weekends on Steam. All and sundry can play Relic’s RTS and Tripwire’s FPS for two days, and they’re on sale too. Later today a familiar voice will respond to your cry for reinforcements, as confident as mousse and warm as curling tongs, and you’ll know: everything’s going to be okay.

Full versions of Company of Heroes 2 and Rising Storm should now be in your Steam library, ready and waiting to be installed. They’ll be playable until 9pm on Sunday.

The accompanying sales bring Rising Storm down to £3.74, and CoH 2 to £10.19. Both games’ DLC and edition upgrades and whatnot are all discounted too. These offers will run a little longer than the free weekend, ending at 6pm on Monday.

But that newfound bond will last a lifetime.


  1. Cyrius says:

    …and with a single post Alice has found her way into my heart.

    • Cyrius says:

      I guess all this education and training has just been a waste of time! Where can I sign up!?

    • JamesTheNumberless says:

      I dunno, Jim, Alec, John, Adam, Cara and Nathan are already taking up a lot of space in mine and there are only so many games writers I can fit in there before I’m afraid it might start to struggle with its blood pumping duties. Maybe if she’s smaller than one of the others, and doesn’t play with the valves.

  2. Vernalagnia says:

    Rising Storm is very worth playing. Granted, you’ll probably spend most of the free weekend being confused, shooting friendlies and getting shot by someone in the bushes 40 meters away, but still. It’s so good once you get the hang of it.

  3. Zarathruster says:

    Banzai charges are such a glorious stupid delight, more games need some version of them.

  4. shadybearfaced says:

    This might be a silly question to ask, but does COH 2 still make you pay for generals/perks in a store within the game? That’s the main thing that’s been keeping me buying it. I don’t expect that they took it out, but if they did it might just make me cave for $13.

    I’d check myself but, uh, 15 gig? No thanks.

    • sabasNL says:

      Yes and no. It’s absolutely not Pay2Win, but you can buy generals that are not unlockable without paying. They’re not better or anything, but they may suit your playstyle more than the no-pay generals, although there are enough generals to choose from without paying.