Quest For Infamy Larking About Villainously In June

Bear-knuckle brawling

Surely one of the benefits of being a villain is that you can be as jolly or silly as you please, as if anyone pokes fun you can simply fill their throat with wasps. But no, how very brooding villains tend to be, scowling and wearing black not for the perfectly acceptable reason of because they think it makes them look ‘cool’ and ‘artistic’ (not to mention ‘badass’ if I’ve got my leather jacket on too).

Quest for Infamy is happy to be a bit daffy in its blaggardry, probably because it takes a heavy dose of inspiration from Sierra’s classic Quest for Glory games with a dastardly reversal. And lo, the adventure-RPG now has a release date of June 26 and a new trailer.

Like Quest for Glory, Infamy touts adventure game-y puzzling and RPG-ish character-building and combat, peppered with scampish humour. Like weeing on a carpet. Oh, what a rake!

Quest for Infamy has been brewing for yonks, but is only nearing release thanks to a Kickstarter campaign back in 2012. It’s been picked up by the publishing arm of Phoenix Online since too.

The official site does have a demo, if you fancy giving it a crack. Have a new trailer:


  1. Bent Wooden Spoon says:

    Is that Mr. Cobbett fighting a (were-?)bear in front of a QGIV background?

  2. Frank says:

    Obligatory mention of Heroine’s Quest, the great and unbelievably huge game made in the same mold.

    • Blackthorne says:

      Yeah! Actually, one of the artists from Heroine’s Quest worked with us on art for QFI too!

      • Bent Wooden Spoon says:

        After my flippant Cobbett comment above, just want to say that having looked at your site the art is stunning.

        • Blackthorne says:

          Hey, well thanks – we have a pretty rabid and talented bunch of artists who really enjoy making these kinds of games. We all really appreciate it!

    • frightlever says:

      That’s the game I thought about when I saw the graphic. I tried to like HQ but… no. If I’d been playing it on my Atari ST I’d have been over the moon with it.

      EDIT: Just noticed the developer is here. So I figure he was trying to make a game that I’d have been happy to play on my Atari ST so that’s a good thing. The fact I no longer want to play those games takes nothing away from his achievement and makes neither one of us wrong.

      • Blackthorne says:

        Hah, yeah, you nailed it – and though I’m sad you’ve moved on from these games, I dig that you liked them once and that you didn’t go and slam me for making one. That is really decent of you, especially considering how others will just bodyslam you on the net. If I do make a game you want, I’ll hook you up just for being decent.

  3. jarowdowsky says:

    Good god, how have I never heard of this or Heroine’s Quest? I absolutely adored Hero’s Quest – well at least the first 4.

    By a long way my favourite games, Hero’s Quest 2 was an absolute belter. Can not wait to get stuck into these :)

  4. Gwilym says:

    Threatening to saw off your own hand is not the best way to stave off a bear attack

    • frightlever says:

      Unless you and the bear are chained together and the bear is dangling over a pit of lava. Also, the bear has a gun.

    • Blackthorne says:

      Sure it is! The bear will chase the bloody hand. We tested this theory out with our intern, Bernard “Handy” Hoogleman. We dig deep for our games.