Adam And EVE IT: Sandbox FPS Project Legion Announced

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The shaky alliances, trust, and backstabbing ideals of EVE Online would make a fascinating grounding for a first-person shooter, and by Jove, CCP certainly think so too. Today at their annual EVE Fanfest in Iceland the developers announced they’re working on such a thing for PC. No, not a port of the PlayStation 3 free-to-play FPS Dust 514, a proper new sandbox shooter for PC with more EVE-y ideals.

Like EVE, it’ll have PvE and PvP but sometimes mix the two as former friends turn on each other swipe their share of the loot. These are still early days for Legion, though; it’s a work-in-progress concept rather than a set-in-stone game with a firm release plan.

Legion will be sort-of split between PvP bits like contracts and tournaments and PvE sandbox scavenging grounds with loot to gather, but they’re not wholly separate. Following EVE’s lead, it’ll have high-security PvE zones and low-sec ones. In high-sec, players are there to be chums and murder NPCs to share their goodies out like the best of friends, but low-sec will have friendly fire so, well, accidents can and surely will happen. It’ll have good old EVE-y trading too.

“It’s still very early, it’s been a few months the team in Shanghai has worked on it, and the idea is to really deliver on that vision, very much on that same vision, but there were a few pillars that were really important. More of a sandbox experience, more true to Eve, as an example, than necessarily Dust,” Dust 514 executive Jean-Charles Gaudechon told Polygon. The Shanghai studio are the folks behind Dust.

What isn’t entirely clear at this point is whether this will blossom into a full game or is just something CCP are having a crack at. That’s how EVE: Valkyrie began, and look it now, a proper game with Starbuck and everything. Our Fanfest correspondent, Rich Stanton, has also gabbed with CCP about Project Legion and we’ll get their words to you soon.

CCP had insisted this gameplay footage be spliced into fancy video features rather than dumped as a whole but if Polygon are happy to ignore that, hey, we’ll go ahead and embed their embed:


  1. SillyWizard says:

    What if we replaced the concept of PvP and PvE with FwP and FwE?

    Friends with people! Friends with everybody!

    • Stimpack says:

      I think that stands for “Friends with Environment”, you know, kind of like a hippie.

      • SillyWizard says:

        Hush. I couldn’t bring myself to write such nonsense.

  2. Stimpack says:

    So they’re making the game that people actually wanted? I thought Dust 514 was supposed to be toted as the EVE FPS, but now they’re saying “No, no, now THIS one is the EVE FPS.”? I don’t know what to believe anymore. Is the dream dead?

    • Lacero says:

      link to

      What happens to Dust now that Legion exists?

      JCG: Dust is going strong. Dust is going really well. Dust is a product we’re really proud of, and that’s not about to change. Again, in six months or a year it’s difficult to say today.

      So basically by the time Legion comes out, Dust might not be a factor.

      JCG: It’s tough to say today. Exactly.

  3. 6unn3r says:

    RPS needs to stop plugging EvE so much, my re-sub finger is twitching.

  4. nojan says:

    i’m wondering how Star citizen’s planet-side tactical FPS combat will compare to this ,doubt it’ll be more detailed than that…back to waiting ….

    • carlo says:

      The latest rumor (started right here) is that Chris Roberts is mighty excited about it, it’ll be better, and if the crowdfunding ever reaches $2bn, they’ll throw in hats for your pilot/soldier/vampire/dragon.

      Which you can buy with micro transactions or craft yourself. In your customizable volcano lair. Castle.

  5. Crimsoneer says:

    That “bootup” sequence was damn sexy.

    • The Random One says:

      At least until the clone came into existence already holding a gun forward. (Well maybe there is or will be somethign else there.)

  6. Kollega says:

    I just wish someone made a player-driven MMO that would have less backstabbing and immorality than EVE. I’m pretty sure that the players being jerks is not “human nature” or something like that – just look at Minecraft for an example of griefers being looked down upon rather than up to. So I think that if someone actually tried to design a player-driven MMO where cooperation would be rewarded more than betrayal, and the players would have the chance to do something selfless and/or good, it could work – the only question is, why won’t someone try that?

    • ChromeBallz says:

      You should try A Tale In The Desert.

    • sabasNL says:

      EVE has a lot of co-operation. Real backstabbing only happens in the higher levels or politics, or ofcourse in the more dangerous regions. Just like the real life I guess.

    • DeVadder says:

      If there was no cooperation, there would be no backstabbing either. The vast majority of Eve players never betray anyone and work together in groups. And those that betray them are looked down upon. The notion of Eve as beeing a scumbag simulator just comes from bad marketing and the fact that huge fights and scams are the only thing grandiose enough for media outlets to pick up.

      If betraying each other was the norm, how in the world would anyone ever trust each other enough to make the huge scams you read about happen? And for each huge betrayal there are dozens if not hundreds of situations where the same trust was actually deserved.

      The only scamming that is basically seen with a smile and on a daily (secondly) basis are people in the huge market hubs offering to double any Isk sent to them and things like that.

  7. Jahnz says:

    I’m intrigued, and the game looks gorgeous, however; I can’t run Planetside 2 properly so I doubt I have the juice to run this. Time to upgrade I suppose.

  8. Didden says:

  9. sabasNL says:

    Another failed look-a-like of Planetside 2 made by CCP inbound…

  10. Listlurker says:

    Grand Theft Auto: Far Future Edition?

  11. Hypnotron says:

    Mount & Blade in a scifi universe could be fun. Perhaps you start off as a merc working for some corporation, then you put together a little scratch and start hiring your own goons. You can still take the odd bounty hunting job if the pay is right. That big fat slug is always offering good money to find some poor dead beat smuggler who’s crossed him…

  12. po says:

    Whenever I see a PC FPS demo being played with a controller, I immediately start to have doubts that it will ever have good mouse and keyboard support.

    There are just too many game developers out there who game primarily on consoles, end up developing for PCs, and are somehow oblivious to the simple fact that a multi-thousand DPI optical mouse, on a square foot of mouse-mat, can be a far superior form of input to a little stick with a mere inch of travel (even one using hall effect sensors), provided you’re aware of this and bother to use proper input code, instead of just running the mouse input through controller code.

    I seriously hope they aren’t just porting the DUST engine to PC and using that, instead of coming up with some proper PC specific code. I’m getting sick of PC FPS games with input lag.

    And what’s with first person games, and running around all the time with your weapon shouldered and pointed wherever you’re looking? Haven’t we moved on from games like Doom, or will joining the military in the future involve having your weapon surgically grafted onto your shoulder? I’d like the option of sprinting without having half my screen obscured by a huge weapon model.

    • Caiman says:

      Also, the gun waggle needs to go, unless you are controlling a gun-wielding duck of course, in which case carry on.

    • bill says:

      If it means that you don’t have to raise/lower your gun to block 90% of your view every bloody time you want to shoot someone then I’m all for it. Why do I now need to press 3 keys to shoot someone in the head? I used to be able to press one. (and actually see that I had shot them, instead of just gun / flash.

      I think they use controllers for demos because the slower turning is more easy for people to watch, particularly for videos.

  13. MrSean490 says:

    “CCP had insisted this gameplay footage be spliced into fancy video features rather than dumped as a whole ”

    Anyone wanna try and make some epic cuts?