Jet Car Stunts Is A Video Game About Jet Car Stunts

See that jet car? It's doing stunts.

I do enjoy a good self-descriptive name. We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It certainly did, Roman Road indeed was, and Girls Aloud were delightfully so (imagine my disappointment in Drunken Robot Pornography). Today I find myself pleased by not only by the clear self-descriptive nature of Jet Car Stunts‘ name but also the fact that it describes a jet car doing stunts. The game flew onto Steam on Thursday at £7.99.

A remake of a 2009 iOS game, Jet Car Stunts sees jet cars pulling stunts on abstract courses littered with TrackMania-ish twists, jumps, loops, and hoops. These tracks are, for whatever reason, high above the Earth. I’m okay with that. The jet cars are racing rather than free-form tricking, which is sort of a shame, but I suppose drivers could always ignore the leaderboards to prat about.

I also enjoy a good air brake, and gosh, these jet cars certainly have some. Have a look in this trailer but only this trailer, not this trailer which tries to show how the game’s about mastering jet cars and their stunts but chooses to do so by aping angry sweary YouTube personalities and makes me hope I never see a jet car ever again so long as I live and that is a very sorry state of existence let me tell you.


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  1. Michael Hoss says:

    Then give it a try. This evening we'll also host a small presentation of the game with key give-aways and beer. Details will be announced later today within the Community Hub of the game.
  1. Henke says:

    JCS/JCS2 are two of my favourite games on the iPad, so I was glad to see a PC version popping up on Steam yesterday. Apparently the PC version isn’t by the original dev True Axis, but by Grip Games. Still gonna wait for some reviews before picking it up, would love to hear how well the controls work on a gamepad.

  2. oyog says:

    I like that the cars really are just jet engines on wheels with air brakes(?). I like that the aesthetic is bright and clean and plastic. Initially I was going to just blow this off as a Nitronic Rush clone. But ya’know what? I think I’m all for a Nitronic Rush clone. I really want to play this.

  3. spamenigma says:

    Makes me think of Stunt Car Racer on the amiga…

    • Sinomatic says:

      That’s one of those games that I feel I really mastered as a kid. Also remember the noise of the engines and the damage being so much more visceral than anything else I’d played at the time. Great game.

    • The Random One says:

      It remined me of STUNTS (which maybe was the same game?) As far as self-descriptive names go that one was pretty nice too.

  4. Sinomatic says:

    I’m struggling to see why I’d want to play this over just playing some mad, mind-bending tracks in trackmania instead (I’ll admit, I have a huge soft spot for trackmania, so I may be biased). I’m not saying it looks bad, indeed I quite like the aesthetic, but other than some in-air boosting I’m not seeing much that sets it apart.

    • Baines says:

      Unlike some mad, mind-bending tracks in Trackmania, you presumably aren’t expected to have completely mastered all the nuances of tricks of driving to even complete them?

      That was the one thing that annoyed me about Trackmania’s fan-made tracks, when I started running into interesting tracks that weren’t even completable unless you were capable of things like near perfect drifting. Not “not completable with a decent time”, but “it is physically impossible to make the first jump unless you come out of the preceding multiple turns losing the absolute minimum of speed”.

      • The First Door says:

        To be fair, in Trackmania if you don’t like the user made track you downloaded… just go get some other ones. You really aren’t short of choice at any difficulty level!

    • Bronxsta says:

      Jet Car Stunts is a high-speed precision platformer where you’re driving instead of running and jumping, finding crazy shortcuts to shave off seconds. I haven’t played much Trackmania but it seems like more of speedrunning style game with tradition racing on crazy tracks