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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Free Stuff!

Happy Free Comic Book Day! If you live in a city that believes in this most glorious of days, I recommend dashing out to check out your local comic book stores for, well, free comics. Seriously, go! Go and wallow in the splendour of stuff you don’t need to spend money on. At least, if you’re able to. This week’s Bargain Bucket is rife with books, old games and, er, more old games. (I like retro games.) This plushie was its owner’s favorite childhood toy. His name is Fattie. Now, say “D’awwww!

The Space Quest Collection

Irreverent, hilarious and sometimes outright frustrating, Roger Wilco might not be the hero we deserve but he’s certainly the hero our childhood wanted. Like so many of those old point & click adventure games, the Space Quest series was merciless about killing you dead. But it had a sense of humour and death scenes that almost make your demise worthwhile. The collection includes Space Quest 1 to 6.

The Humble Image Bundle
Pay $15/£8.89/€10.81 to unlock all
Have I mentioned it’s Free Comic Book Day? Because it totally is Free Comic Book Day. In honour of this magnificent occasion, let’s check out Humble Bundle’s assortment of pay-what-you-want comic books. The Walking Dead is arguably my favorite of the bunch. While the television adaptation might feel like a post-apocalyptic soap opera, the comic book version is simply … exhausting. Pages upon pages devoted to the slow, tortured disintegration of the human spirit. It’s a hard franchise to comb through but a worthwhile one. On a slightly lighter note, Chew has a psychic detective who solves crime by nibbling on bits of now-dead people. It is as curious as you think it is. I’ve only read the first volume of Revival but that series comes with my tentative recommendation. As for the rest of the books, I’ve heard enough good things to say they’re worth the few bucks demanded.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines
I won’t lie. I’m still mourning the demise of the World of Darkness MMO. Putting the “sexy goth-schoolgirl” vibes of the screenshots aside, it represented a faint hope. A hope that we would have a multiplayer game worthy of White Wolf’s legacy. (The good bits. Not the weird bits.) Oh, well. In lieu of an MMO, have the heavily discounted Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines instead. It’s doubtful that Bloodlines can take the place of an experienced Storyteller, but it’s a great experience. (Why have you not played it already?)

Guild Wars 2
$24.99/£17.49/€19.99 (Big thanks to Droniac and Gilead for exact prices!)
Guild Wars 2 is one of those weird MMOs that decided to take off in a direction of its own. Instead of traditional end game, it went with horizontal progression. Instead of normal battlegrounds, it pitched worlds versus worlds. Instead of salacious cat girls, it gave us cat-minotaur-things. Also, that game’s bloody gorgeous. If you’ve been contemplating picking up the game, now might be a good time. Guild Wars 2 is 50% off. That said, I suspect better discounts are forthcoming. However, if you’re not interested in waiting that long, now’s a fine time to snag the game.

Also of note:

Sword of the Stars: The Pit Gold Edition – $1.50/£0.89/€1.08
You know that old saying? It’s what inside that counts? Yeah, well, that’s somewhat applicable here. While I personally enjoy its aesthetics, some have complained about its attractiveness. Either way, the game’s actually an excellent little roguelike-like that may prove a great weekend distraction.

EVE Online: Explorer Super Starter Pack – $4.99/£2.96/€3.60
Know a would-be EVE-keteer who needs an activation key, a handful of frigates, skillbooks, some equipment and 30 days free game time in EVE? Great! Here you go.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist – $9.99/£5.92/€7.20
Splinter Cell has always existed at the periphery of my gaming awareness. I don’t have any substantial opinion on this game, but I hear it makes for a good co-op experience.

Saints Row: The Third (Full Package) – $8.42/£4.99/€6.07
So utterly insane that it comes out sounding like a million bucks, this version of Saints Row: The Third comes with all of the mission packs, all of the DLC items and all of the extravagance you’ve come to know and love. Know it. Love it. Make sweet, explode-y things to it. (Update: This is no longer on sales. )

The Lost Vikings – FREE/FREE/FREE
One of Blizzard’s oldest and finest games. It features some stout Nordic men with some very specialized skills and more than a few puzzles.

Otherworlds – Beat $18.18/£10.78/€13.11 for everything.
Graphic novel from BoingBoing’s Cory Doctorow? A 4-months subscription to Clarksworld? Short films, and a handful of games? Sure. We could live with that.

P.S: So many Star Wars-related deals..

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