Full Bore Rooting Around Steam Later Today

Game on! (That's a pun.)

Were I to judge Full Bore solely on the trailer, I might assume that it’s a game predominantly about a boar hurtling down into the dark depths of the Earth, down and down past waterfalls and subterranean cities towards an inevitable bottom. But from what John said when he played the first half, I gather it’s more of an open-world puzzler than a pig-plummeter. While I’ll need to defer to his wisdom on the digging and puzzling, the subterranean swine world certainly does look like fun.

The full version is due to arrive on Steam later today for $14.99 in moon money.

Full Bore goes down (pun) in a strange underground city filled with animals living strange human lives. You know, doing a job, hitting buttons, pushing blocks, jumping, digging: human stuff. It’s a big sprawling open-world affair with puzzles galore, though this might be a problem.

Our John did grumble that Full Bore felt a little directionless, collecting gems for reasons he didn’t understand and solving puzzles with no real sense of purpose. That was only the first half of the game seven months ago, mind, and dear John is getting on in years. His other big gripe, that it was possible to get stuck in puzzles and need to restart at a checkpoint, seems solved by a new time-rewind ability.

Have a gander at the weird world and all the falling, so very much falling, in this new trailer:


  1. altum videtur says:

    … where they shall through no fault of their own awaken the mighty Boar God of Antediluvian Face Munching which I used to be really scared of when I was little child.
    Like, 2 years ago.


  2. mechabuddha says:

    That rewind thing is really awesome. I had actually forgotten about this game, but am enjoying it immensely again. It does play more like a block pushing puzzler than say, Steamworld Dig or Super Motherload.

    • lasersharks says:

      i played first one and it was pretty much like a digging game, there was too much nonsense. blocks that matter is a very good game, these games fall very short compared to it.

  3. Vendae says:

    I was about to disingeniously rant about a game that is not precisely right up my alley, but shall I contain myself and just point out that:
    i) I do not like doge parlance.
    ii) I heavily dislike the crazed look the boar sports in the announcement image at the end of the trailer. Reminds me of Beavis and Butthead and Cow and Chicken.

  4. Fattsanta says:

    Looks pretty fantastic, cant help but get a Princess Mononoke vibe from some of those boar characters.

  5. phlebas says:

    Really enjoyed the first half, so I’m greatly looking forward to this. Hoping the new rewind ability hasn’t been balanced out by making the puzzles more trial-and-error.
    The doge-speak was a silly slip – not seen any in the game.