Watch League of Legends’ All Star 2014 Tournament

Game on!

I like to think I’m still cool and relevant and I ‘get’ what the kids are into. I went to see Taylor Swift turn on the Christmas lights at Westfield shopping centre two years ago, you know. “So yeah, sure,” I say into my disconnected phone at the bus stop, hoping nearby youths hear me, “of course I’m going to watch the All-Star 2014 this weekend. It’s only one of the year’s two big official League of Legends tournaments, don’t you know? What a dork!” I pause, panicked. Is “dork” still a cool insult?

No matter. Started yesterday and running until Sunday, the tournament sees the top team from each of the five regional leagues brought together in Paris to virtually duke it out. It is, of course, streaming live on YouTube and Twitch.

As well as regular team battles, it also has a fun extra novelty in the All Star Challenge. This sees fan-picked teams playing unconventional modes like Hexakill, where each time has an extra player, and duels. The Hexakill is kicking off as I write this and the crowd of thousands certainly are awfully excited about things I don’t yet understand. But I will after watching for a while. Because I am cool and young.

The LoL Esports site has schedules and brackets and videos of past matches and all that. If it’s live as you read this, you’ll be able to watch it in this little box:


  1. cyrenic says:

    I feel like the event has been a huge success so far. Riot changed the format from player voted “all start” teams being the competitive focus to an international tournament featuring the #1 teams from various regions being the focus. And it’s produced some great games so far.

    SKT and OMG, the two highest rated teams of the tournament, played a game earlier today that was action packed and lots of fun to watch. American team Cloud 9 and European team Fnatic continued their rivalry with another great game yesterday, where Cloud 9 came back from behind for a win. The player voted show matches have been a lot of fun to watch as well.

    And the French crowd has been amazing. I’m hoping the games continue to be this enjoyable!

    • Delodax says:

      Nice to see at least one relevant comment ;D
      Really good crowd as though mentioned, just a bit depressed seeing the Korean dominance unblemished :0

  2. Skeletor68 says:

    I’m holding out for Ti4 (not a slight on LoL, I’ve never played it).

    The pageantry and stage looks like the same OTT good fun in the screenshot above anyway. What’s the prize pool like on this one?

    • RedNick says:

      I hope they do more kinds of All Star matches at TI4, would love an ability draft one…

    • Horg says:

      3 more days for the start of the NA qualifiers, just a shame that bracket is so one sided since Revenge dropped out. Going by recent form, only SNA can challenge Liquid for the invite, and even then its a long shot. The other 3 qualifier regions look much more competitive this year, easily 4 or 5 strong contenders for the invite in each bracket.

      • shaydeeadi says:

        Revenge are actually back in with the original roster so bloody good for them really, they have been really fun to watch when I have seen them play (smash is awesome, his Kunkka was ruining every test of faith ever in one I saw!) and i think they have what it takes to be up there at the end.

        • jrodman says:

          They do need to work on their consistency though. Not sure how you train for that.

        • Horg says:

          That’s good news. I might have to change my outlook on the NA bracket as NAR are taking games off Liquid as I type this, so with Revenge back in that’s 4 contenders with liquid still favorite. Will be weird for Revenge to play with a guy they tried to kick though : |

    • Smoky_the_Bear says:

      Well this isn’t the LoL world championships, just the All-star even, so the mid season thingy. Not sure on the prize pool for this but the LoL worlds which will be towards the end of the year will be on a level with the Dota tournament.

  3. ravencheek says:

    So wait this gets coverage but the Dota2 Internationals gets nothing?
    The last Dota2 internationals have broken the records for the highest prize pool in any esport EVER twice in a row. But RPS do not bat an eye lid.

    Riot runs this kind of tournament all year round and lol more gets coverage from RPS, but Valve runs 1 Dota2 tournament once per year and gets none?

    Just me a little peeved? I know this is “You’re not showing me what I want to see. Be more relevant to my personal interests”.

    • Kitsunin says:

      I like pro Dota2 a lot more than pro LoL myself too :(

    • chiablo says:

      To be fair, it’s all about the interests of the people reporting it. TI4 is huge, and it will likely get coverage as the date gets closer. I don’t play LOL and couldn’t care less about their tournaments, but at least now I know why my co-workers are so excited.

      • Kitsunin says:

        I love LoL, but that’s exactly the reason I don’t care much for their tournaments. LoL is great fun to play but it just doesn’t have the same levels of depth, there really isn’t that same level of brilliance in the strategy and awareness as you can find in Dota. LoL is just players doing the same thing you are fully capable of doing as a par-level player, but with extreme consistency, Dota is players doing things that are completely out of your league even if you’re reasonably skilled.

        • cyrenic says:

          ” LoL is just players doing the same thing you are fully capable of doing as a par-level player, but with extreme consistency, Dota is players doing things that are completely out of your league even if you’re reasonably skilled.”

          There’s no other way for me to say it, so let me just say you are completely wrong on that.

          Speaking as someone that plays in the top 10-15% of ranked players, and someone that knows people that play in the top 1% of players; professional league of legends players often do things that we are completely unable to do. Especially when you get into the very best players such as Faker.

          • Kitsunin says:

            I think I didn’t phrase that clearly enough…I don’t mean that LoL has any amount less skill involved than Dota or any other game, it’s just that the skill is more to do with maintaining close-to-perfection rather than doing obviously well with a lot of systems that are difficult to even manage. It’s a similar reason to why I don’t find chess that entertaining, it’s all about being so amazing you make the perfect move every single time, so the moments that make you go “Oh my god how does he even DO that this is awesome” are much rarer, in my opinion.

            It’s like watching a pro fighting game player when you aren’t that great at fighting games; you see these crazy combos and ridiculous feats of mindgame and timing that you can scarcely imagine doing yourself near-constantly. Those kinds of moments I find to be much more common in Dota just because it is a more complicated game, not because it is a more skillful game by any means.

          • cyrenic says:

            Ah, ok. That clarifies your point, thanks.

        • alex_v says:

          The games are relatively close in terms of strategy, so I don’t really see how that can possibly be true. There is brilliance and ordinariness in both.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      I wasn’t at RPS during The International. I’ll absolutely be posting about it when it comes up.

      RPS is driven by each writer’s personal interests.

  4. pupsikaso says:

    5 guys in front of a big table talking on mics. If not for the banners of LoL behind them, you could easily mistake this for the ESPN channel or something.

    What I’m saying is that this all seems like throwing a “sports” drape over a game. But why does eSports have to be like other sports? Why not let the gamers do their own stuff for eSports and see what emerges instead?

    • Horg says:

      That’s part of the appeal of DotA right now. Aside from The international, all of the tournaments are independent and set their own standard. It comes across as a much more relaxed environment with a genuine homegrown feel to the studio casts. Personally I find that much more watchable than when a cometary team tries to emulate the style of an American Football panel.

    • Reapy says:

      I actually thought it was really cool to see a video game filmed like sports coverage. It doesn’t fit 100% into the format, but I guess I think back to early on esports formats and it was really juvenile, while this one seems to take itself seriously without batting an eyelash, and that is really awesome to me.

    • Smoky_the_Bear says:

      Well you could argue that professional sports broadcasting has evolved and refined itself over the last 60 years and does what it does now because that is simply the best way to do things, so why not mimic that? It’s pointless reinventing the wheel to make something inferior.

      I also think they have the balance pretty good because they come across as professional and well rehearsed whilst not taking themselves too seriously, they are joking with each other and engaging with some light hearted banter which is different to a lot of the super serious sports broadcasts you get in other sports (check out US boxing commentary and analysis, nothing but serious, dour analysis the whole time without any hint of emotion or humor).

  5. OpT1mUs says:

    LoL sucks, lol

    Dota or go home


  6. jrodman says:

    I think LOL needs to step up on their in-client coverage. Yes, it’s gotten better, but last I checked during major tournaments they just tried to make you watch flash video streams from twitch in the client, despite having a whole spectator mode.

    • Xocrates says:

      The tournaments are played on LAN, using a special client, and are usually a patch behind what’s currently on the live servers.

      Add that to the fact that even Riot admits the client is kind of crappy, and the odds of having in-client spectating of major tournaments as anything other than a regular stream is low to zero.

  7. Abndn says:

    Insert mandatory comment about LoL’s awful community here.

    EU>NA, Dyrus is in jail, Kappa

  8. alex_v says:

    As a fan of the LOL broadcasts, I have to say I’m disappointed with this competition. It’s very much a PR exercise of limited competitive value – as some of the pros have noted it actually takes place during the rest period between seasons, and the players seem rusty and unfocussed as well. As an introduction to the game it’s okay – as a genuine display of the highest levels of play it’s sorely lacking.