The Walking Dead: Season 2 Continues Next Week

Is this a spoiler? This probably isn't a spoiler. I mean, the game's full of zombies, right?

I don’t mean to tell Telltale how to do their jobs, given how widely The Walking Dead is admired, but they’re missing a trick. Let’s look at the episode names for Season 2 so far, Episode 1: All That Remains and Episode 2: A House Divided. Do you see it? They’re entirely giving away that something horrible is coming. Where’s the surprise? If Season 2 had opened with a title screen reading “Episode 1: Ice Cream Party,” just think how unexpected the crushing misery would be. And who could have possibly imagined Episode 2: A Day at the Beach would end like that?

Episode 3: In Harm’s Way will arrive on May 13, Telltale announced today. Perhaps this name is a big ruse to conceal that it’s really all about Clementine befriending a duck.

It isn’t, of course. The screenshots we’ve seen so far are all full of unpleasantness, and today’s new trailer shows dreadful things will happen to people who probably don’t deserve them. But that’s just what you want, isn’t it? You monster. You can’t even let virtual people be happy. You certainly don’t care that I’m writing this indoors at my desk while it’s a glorious spring afternoon outside. I can even hear an ice cream van tinkling merrily down the street. There goes my ice cream party.

I do hope I don’t need to say that this trailer contains spoilers:


  1. JohnnyPanzer says:

    Well f**k me. Here I was wondering when episode 2 would come out, and now I have no idea how it slipped past me in my steam download que.

    At least I know what to do tonight. Yay!

    • RedViv says:

      Gross sobbing was heard later that night, in the house of JohnnyPanzer.

  2. povu says:

    Did you really have to bring up Duck again? :/

  3. Fomorian1988 says:

    “Do you see it? They’re entirely giving away that something horrible is coming. Where’s the surprise?”

    Yeeeaaah. It’s The Walking Dead. If the day’s name ends with “day”, then something horrible will happen.

  4. The Dark One says:

    The farm episode in season one had a fairly innocuous name. “Starved for Help” could mean anything!

    • Chiron says:

      It was so screamingly obvious that the farm people were not nice people I spent most of that portion (ha!) of the game going “Really? Do I need to draw a fucking diagram here? Run away Lee”

  5. thedosbox says:

    Perhaps this name is a big ruse to conceal that it’s really all about Clementine befriending a duck.

    Gone Home’s Christmas Duck? Because that would be awesome!

  6. JeepBarnett says:

    And here I thought they were going to continue the long division puns…
    Episode 1: All That Remains
    Episode 2: A House Divided
    Episode 3: Common Denominator

    • emotionengine says:

      Congratulations Sir, you made me smile with your comedic witticism – unlike, I am afraid to say, the writer of this news story’s rather poor attempt at humour.

      (I feel slightly bad after typing that, but oh well, I’m a bit grumpy today it seems.)

  7. w0bbl3r says:

    I think that “Episode 2 – Christmas party” would have worked perfectly.

  8. PsychoWedge says:

    Woohoo, Episode 3 already? The moment all five episodes are finished and waiting for me to be played in one glorious rush is ever so gently sneaking closer! xD

  9. XhomeB says:

    Hello, RPS… Tesla Effect? A real adventure. It’s out, you know. And it’s bloody awesome, despite having a lower budget than Broken Age. It really needs some exposure.

  10. Shodex says:

    I haven’t played Season 2 yet so my ability to discuss is limited, I’m also not reading the comments and very lightly dancing my way through the article for fear of spoilers.

    But I’d just like to comment that you mention that Season 2 is hinting too strongly at misery. I personally think that if you’re playing The Walking Dead then it should be pretty obvious that misery is on the way no matter how little or how much hinting goes into it.