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The RPS Bargain Bucket: A Bucket of Joy

Much Manic Color

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So, I found out the other week that burgers aren’t so much fast food as they are culinary adventures in Britain. Bone marrow, brisket, and fine-cooked beef served in outlets that utilize bodyguards and queues. Is this true, British people? (Tell me about your favorite place to eat. You don’t have to be British.) If so, I need to move. This week’s Bargain Bucket isn’t quite as delicious as one of those fabled burgers, but it does have more than a few meaty surprises. (P.S: That’s Bloop, Oliver and Kristoff in the bucket. And a nameless plant.)

Dungeon Defenders
Remember when tower defense was the buzz genre on everyone’s lips? Those days are gone now, wiped under the carpet to make way for the deluge of procedurally generated sandboxes. Dungeon Defenders is a brilliantly colored game which pits adolescent protagonists against waves upon waves of enemies. It’s a third-person game, with a seemingly endless collection of upgrades and character variables to tweak. Saccharine? Maybe, but it certainly kept us busy for a while.

Retro City Rampage
Did we like Retro City Rampage? I can’t tell. It bled so much manic color that Alec Meer needed time off from it. But, it’s an interesting game, if nothing else. Which makes me want to say, “Sure, why not? Go ahead. Give it a whirl.” If you’re the sort who like your parodies on overdrive, this might be an interesting diversion. Otherwise, Hotline Miami is on sale and that makes infinitely more sense. (Somehow.)

Orcs Must Die 2
Are we still talking about tower defense games? Yes. Yes, we are. Orcs Must Die was a game I truly enjoyed but it lacked something important: a co-op mode. The sequel, obviously, fixed that. While shorter than I would have liked, Orcs Must Die 2 is a silly, fast-paced romp which will require you to defend various locations against an onslaught of ugly critters from beyond. I haven’t had anything to do with its DLCs, but the core game comes with my plush-mendation.

$7.49/£4.49/€7.49 for a four pack.
So, real talk: I like Starbound more than I like Terraria. But that is probably because I’m a little allergic to giant, red-veined eyeballs that want me dead. But, I’m digressing. Terraria, which is far more action-packed than its intragalactic competition, has grown considerably since it was first released so many years ago. And this might be an exemplary time to get your hands on a 4-pack to investigate the world if you haven’t already. (Happy third birthday, Terraria!)

Abbey Games’ Reus is a quiet, low-key god game that doesn’t promise huge ideas but still succeeds at delivering some kick-ass moments – at least, if you appreciate games that demand calculation. Reus looks cutesy, but it is more than capable at taxing the noggin. You’re going to need to balance human greed, available resources, and godly powers even as you stare adoringly at all those little cartoony humans. An awesome game, even if no one really talked about it. Remember, it’s okay to smite unbelievers.

Also of note:

Indiegala – $1.00/£0.59/€0.73 for the first 24 hours
Indiegala’s Greenlight Bundle costs about a dollar. A single, American dollar. And it is rife with games that a whole mess of people believe in. Get it before the price goes up.

Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition – $8.40/£4.99/€6.11
Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition I’m picking up because I keep meaning to but continuously forget. Madden meets Warhammer? Let’s get it on.

Amanita Collection – $9.60/£5.70/€6.98
Has anyone out there not played all the Amanita games? I mean, they keep on discount every other week. On the off-chance that you haven’t (or know of someone still oblivious to the beauty of their design), this bundle may be of interest.

Avernum: The Complete Saga-$2.99/£1.78/€2.18
The Avernum franchise is not Dragon Age. It’s not jaw-droppingly beautiful, not lushly informed with photorealistic cinematics. The games are, however, clever, tactical and meaty. If you like your RPGs old-school, you may want to dive into Avernum. (Bring a parachute.)

Darksiders Franchise Pack – $14.99/£12.49/€13.74
Death’s no kitten-loving psychopomp in this game. Darksiders II might not be the best port, but it is amazingly good at repurposing an old formula for its own intentions. Combat is sharp, the voice acting delightful, and there’s a slew of patches for you to work with. Best of all? This actually comes with the first game, which everyone says you should play prior to tackling the sequel.

Ajay’s Bundle – Pay at least $3.00/£1.78/€2.18 to get it all.
Outside of the Cat Lady, which is darkly wonderful and depressing, I haven’t heard of the other games in the bundle. Nonetheless, they seem intriguing enough to cough up a few bucks for.

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