Rubik’s Surface: Flip

Take me out for a romantic meal and you’ll have to order that fourth bottle of wine before I reveal an emotion and even then it’s likely to warp into a desire to find a dark underground club that plays music sucked from the scabby centre of the nineties. A bellyfull of Pinot Noir and a blast of Longpigs, and I’m done – vanishing into the forest of bodies on the dancefloor. Not a cheap date, or a particularly satisfying one.

When it comes to puzzle games, I’m the cheapest of cheap dates though, as Flip proved to me a few moments ago. The free version of this attractive and perplexing perception-troubler contains ‘more than 20 puzzles’ but I recognised the potential limits of my patience after around fifteen. It’s clever stuff though and the full version, which is $2.49 (50% discounted) at present, offers more than a thousand conundrums.

Based on the free version, which I’ve actually finished since writing those earlier paragraphs (go me!), I think this might be genuinely good. It’s a clever concept, asking the player to switch chained pieces to match a pattern, and the phsyical act of moving each part of the puzzles is as satisfying as patting a baby lamb on the head. Or watching the final throes of the party as Spin Spin Sugar lulls every true child of its decade into hazy tomorrows.


  1. maxi0 says:

    +1 internets for mentioning the Longpigs. +5 for linking to them.

  2. Beernut says:

    Looks nice, but don’t forget to mention the Greenlight-thingy for this game:
    link to

  3. turtle says:

    I like Longpigs, don’t expect them to see a menion on pc gaming articles

    • The Random One says:

      It’s madness innit, longcats and longdogs living together.

    • Excelle says:

      I lost myself a bit when he mentioned the Longpigs, but I guess there’s far from any reason to go on and on about it.