As Pure As The Driven: SNOW’s M3 Alpha Adds Top Hats

Just like professional skiers.

Can there be any more fundamental a post to a PC blog – any more pure a post, to justify my headline pun – than writing about the inclusion of hats in a free-to-play game? SNOW, the skiing game currently in Steam Early Access, has long had head-warming beanies and the like, but the latest update introduces the founder set. That’s the top hat, moustache and monocle you see in the image above.

If John was here and he was to see this and say “That’s all there is,” I would respond to him by saying, “You know nothing John, SNOW update M3 also includes engine upgrades, a better sense of speed and more.” There’s a video detailing all these changes below.

Right now SNOW is a pretty early alpha, but the basic experience of sliding down its single, contiguous mountain is already plenty fun. If ever you loved an SSX game – SSX3 was my poison – there’s reason to be hopeful for the game’s promised future, which includes proper multiplayer support, snowboards and an expanding set of cliff edges to leap from/tumble over.

I’m also particularly excited that the developers say they’ve “begun work on a new time of day”. They don’t say what time it’ll be or what it’s called, but I’m hoping it’s funk o’clock and it falls between 3pm and 4pm in the afternoon.

Buying your way into the alpha – and getting that top hat – will currently set you back £12 on Steam. I have had, oh, maybe 2-3 hours of fun with it at this stage, so it’s your call whether you think that’s enough to justify entering its alpha this early.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    I haven’t had fun with a proper skiing/boarding game since SSX3 and this looks like quite the thing.

    Get Mr. Livingstone on there for Monday!

    • lilythomas01254 says:

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  2. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Now you mention it, where IS John? Is he holidaying in Cornwall?

    • wwwhhattt says:

      I think I heard he’s got himself into that ‘spread forth and multiply’ business, but I wouldn’t go about believing that without confirmation.

    • jonfitt says:

      He’s on sabbatical for 4 months I believe. Covering some time pre and post-baby.

  3. zer0sum says:

    This game has no sound. There are so many good titles out in the wild to cover. Please cover a title with sound. This game has a bunch of promise – I own it – but it shouldn’t be discussed in polite company until they get their shit together and add some freaking audio.

    • i59dev says:

      Sound was in the works for M3, but did not make the deadline. At the moment the plan is for sounds to arrive with M4. It is our top priority, however we don’t want to release it before it’s ready.

  4. Prolar Bear says:

    Well, the devs missed a trick by not including a nod to this: link to

  5. mikmanner says:

    lol tophats and no audio

  6. Retrofrank says:

    At this time, I would be totally pleased, with some placeholder sounds.
    This absolute silence is incredibly confusing.

    • i59dev says:

      Unfortunately adding “placeholder” sounds isn’t that easy, it’s better just going for the real thing. This is why we’re currently focused on implementing the main sound to the game, aiming for a M4 release next month.

  7. guidom says:

    thankyou so much for the hidden John Snow reference, it made my day.

  8. ooRay says:

    I just decided what to do this evening, even without sound. But will there be TrackIR support? Or Rift? Pretty please with snow on top!