Into The Woods: Titanfall’s ‘Expedition’ DLC Video-ed

If a Titan falls in a forest and no one's around, does it make a sound?

Titanfall is getting content of a most downloadable sort, and we’ve already shown you still images of Expedition, as it’s known, in hyper-peaceful quadrotantric un-action. What happens, though, when images spring to life, unaided by the hand of man or puppet strings or even sorcery? What then? Well, that’s how trailers are born, and there’s one below. It’s all about maps, which I was shocked to discover is not just an incredibly catchy number by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Maybe I’ve been doing too much karaoke lately.

Runoff looks just like every other Titanfall map ever, but War Games and Swampland have potential. The former seems highly confined (for better or worse) while the latter offers dizzying verticality and an ancient-redwood-sized change in aesthetics.

Will they necessitate fundamentally new and different playstyles, though? That remains to be seen, but here’s hoping. For now, we know only this much: Expedition will be out sometime this month, and it’ll (wall) run you $10/£7. Who’s got it in their crosshairs?


  1. JohnnyPanzer says:

    I’ll buy it for sure. Considering the base game was enough to get ne interested in MP for the first time in… forever, I got more than my money’s worth out of it. I have nothing against DLC as long as I don’t feel like the base game was butchered for it. I’m just very impressed by Titanfall in all regards. I don’t have a lot of time to play games these days, and it suits my playstyle of logging in for ten minutes of pure fun to the teeth.

    Runoff didn’t look very special, but Swampland in particular looks awesome.

    • tomek says:

      Will buy it too. I can only echo what JohnnyPanzer said but with the twist that i can also play and enjoy the game for hours in one go and dont really get bored because the core mechanics are so tight.

  2. Lobotomist says:


    Its like Brink all over again.

    A good game , but to pricey for being MP only and with few maps.
    Plagued with small player base.

    Company decides to release payed map pack. And further splits small player base.

    • morbiusnl says:

      citation needed.

    • crazyd says:

      It has a healthy number of maps, and I never have difficulty finding a game. Value is subjective, but I’m glad they put their focus into the multiplayer rather than putting out a lame single player campaign like CoD or Battlefield.

    • NetsukeMonkey says:

      This makes me sad if it’s true. I really got into Brink just as it was winding down (decreasing player base every time I logged in). If I buy Titanfall I’ll let you guys know – clearly it’ll signal that the end is nigh.

      • shaydeeadi says:

        It isn’t true so don’t worry, it takes about 30 seconds to find a game and they stay full or fill up by end of lobby.

  3. Joga says:

    They’re also releasing a big ‘ol patch (for everyone) with a lot of really nice changes: link to

    Most noticeably (and appreciated) is finally removing the silly 60 FPS cap – I have a 120Hz monitor and a beefy gaming rig for a *reason* dammit. You can also re-name your loadouts now, which is something that probably should’ve shipped with the game, but at least they’re fixing it now.

    As a fan of fast-paced twitch shooters, I have very thoroughly enjoyed Titanfall, and already bought the season pass (shameful to buy DLC months in advance, I know… but I *really* like the game). Wargames and Swampland look really cool. Hopefully I’ll have enough people to play with…

  4. Loyal_Viggo says:

    Wait… people are still playing this?

  5. Radiant says:

    the core game of titanfall is pretty decent [ish].
    It’s just that the whole thing, lacks the most basic of multiplayer utilities.

    Which is just woeful for a multiplayer only game.
    It’s like the refinements of the past 20 odd years of online pc gaming never happened.

    And it takes so god damn long to start a game. it feels like I spend more time in the lobby than I do playing the game.

    • Emeraude says:

      It’s just that the whole thing, lacks the most basic of multiplayer utilities.

      What, you mean one can only play alone ?

  6. derbefrier says:

    Fun game haven’t played much lately but I imagine this map pack will get me back on it for another solid month or two. I love the game but team death match can only hold my interest for so long. This game could really benifit from some interesting and innovative game modes.

    • mandrill says:

      You mean like Last Titan Standing, Domination, CTF, Pilot Hunter (ew) etc etc? If you only play one game mode then yeah, you’re missing out.

      I always pick the variety pack option even though it throws Pilot Hunter in there more often than I’d like.

  7. Kollega says:

    Okay, I have a question about the game to people who played it, which I hope will get answered. Given good implementation (i.e. no technical issues), would it be better or worse with fully-destructible buildings? Because at some point during the video, I thought “Man, it must suck riding a giant mech and not being able to barrel through walls. Red Faction: Guerrilla did it way better…” Again, I’m asking about a hypothetical scenario, where fully-destructible scenery is actually fully destructible and doesn’t get players stuck in it while wall-running and such.

    • TimorousBeastie says:

      Probably a lot worse. Players pose significant challenge to Titans because they can duck and dodge on rooftops and inside buildings, without that they’d be a bit more useless. Also, wall running isn’t fun if there are no walls left.

    • Senethro says:

      Personally I don’t think so. I remember Bad Company 2 maps where a midpoint would turn into a cratered moonscape with no cover which would get farmed by some jerk on a tank MG.

      Basically, whats the point of a wallrun feature if there are no walls?

      Edit: haha, beaten by a minute.

    • Kollega says:

      Actually, you guys are right. If the game’s central feature would be “giant robots crashing through walls” instead of “giant robots versus parkour infantry”, it would have to be a very different game in order to be good.

    • Moraven says:

      I thought about it at first it would be nice but really the maps are (mostly) well designed that allows a good mix of pilot and Titan play.

  8. LennyLeonardo says:

    Why didn’t they call it “Expandition?”