Bundles Bundles Bundles: Two Weeks Of Daily Humbundles

One of John's this, I believe

You’ve got to get your Humble Bundles out when guests come over, haven’t you. Show them the collection, that’s right. They always say they enjoy looking, don’t they, though they do ask why you never play any of them. They don’t get get it, do they, but that’s fine. You’ve got your collection, all tidy and shiny in those pewter frames. Those frames with a gap in the middle. That dreadful, gaping gap that creeps into your dreams and you awake screaming. The Humble Bundle you missed.

Chin up, chuck! You might catch it again. The Humble folks are running a fortnight of daily pay-what-you-want Humble Bundles–some old favourites and some new hopefuls–so fingers crossed That One That Got Away comes around again.

It all started yesterday with The Humble Deep Silver Bundle, which you still have a few hours to grab from the Humble Bundle site. Come 7pm, each and every day for the next two weeks, a new bundle will be on sale.

“Expect some unique bundles curated specifically for this event,” Humble say. “You will also see special deals on games packaged with great extras. We are also opening up the vault and bringing back some bundles for one-night-only reunion shows and kicking off this festival with one of our favorites.”

(The Humble Deep Silver Bundle, by the way, was that one with Saints Row 2 and 3, Metro 2033, the Dead Islands, Sacred 2, and a few other games.)


  1. trjp says:

    I suspect ‘new’ here means ‘one we’ve done before’ – the first is even marked as a ‘ReBundle’

    So “new” as in “new to this day on this channel but you’ve seen it 100 times before”

    Humble’s recent offerings have been scraping-the-barrel at the best of times – this isn’t a surprise.

    Some say it MIGHT be down to their Steam linking system which removed the (cheeky and illegal) resale of keys – which also happened to be a chunk of their income…

    • Wulfram says:

      I don’t think it’s a bad idea for them to do a swift runthrough of previous bundles for people who might regret missing them.

    • Shadow says:

      “Humble’s recent offerings have been scraping-the-barrel at the best of times – this isn’t a surprise.

      Some say it MIGHT be down to their Steam linking system which removed the (cheeky and illegal) resale of keys – which also happened to be a chunk of their income…”

      Well, there’s also the fact they’ve likely run out of decent games whose devs are willing to sell for paltry sums. So they’re down to very minor games desperate for attention which otherwise wouldn’t get sold at all.

    • Shuck says:

      If the day 2 bundle is any indication, they’re doing new bundles, albeit somewhat sparse and underwhelming groupings compared to the usual.

      • Baines says:

        If today is any indication, mixed in with the repeats will be several days of tiny bundles. Three games split across three price tiers is starting to stretch the meaning of “bundle”. I guess it also means that the EgoSoft bundle won’t be one of the repeats, as X3: Terran Conflict was part of that Weekly Bundle.

        Price wise, I guess this bundle is about the equivalent of a day in a Steam major holiday sale? While Universe Sandbox’s list price is $10, it is routinely 75% off in Steam sales, and has apparently gone even lower? Even counting the dollar for X3 separately, Universe Sandbox is cheaper in a Steam sale than at the tier 2 BTA price. Kinetic Void lists at $20, but has itself repeatedly been sold at 50% off, and a Steam sale tracker says it has dipped to 66% off at times. Unless you just can’t wait for the next Steam sale, the tier 2 seems to be the dud category.

        • Shuck says:

          Yeah, buying a single game hardly constitutes a “bundle.” And given the three games/three tiers, it is Steam sale pricing at best. I’m wondering if Steam is going to have a sale at all this spring – if the Humble and GoG sales represent an attempt to fill the void, or they’re trying to get in before Valve has theirs.

          • Baines says:

            Steam sale is generally somewhere near 4th of July, isn’t it?

            Though these days it seems at least one store is running a sale at any particular moment.

        • MadMattH says:

          Considering the deal Bundlestars had a few weeks ago with the NEoRetro bundle, this one is very underwhelming. I got Universe Sandbox and 9 other games for under $4. Most of those game may have been worthless, but still….

    • MattM says:

      It’s funny, I never resold my un-used or duplicate humble keys before out of respect for the system, but with the new gifting system I now give my extras away with no guilt.

  2. Dave Tosser says:


  3. DrScuttles says:

    That’s it! You people have stood in my way long enough. I’m buying some more bundles.

  4. Firkragg says:

    *Crosses fingers for Saints Row IV*
    Please? My backlog is shrinking! What happens if ones backlog is no more?

    • Shadow says:

      Considering SR4 barely has a 33% discount on the Humble Store, I find it extremely unlikely they’ll suddenly offer it in a six-dollar bundle with other games, now matter how minor.

    • Shuck says:

      They already had a flash sale for SRIV on the Humble store – perhaps it’ll pop up there again.

      Your backlog is shrinking? What wonder is this? Is it even possible, in this day and age? I’ve reduced my purchases to a near-moratorium on buying new games, yet my unplayed backlog still seems to increase exponentially.

  5. JD Ogre says:

    Today’s Bundle is definitely Meh.

    X3:Terran Conflict for $1+ (since they’re Steam), Universe Sandbox for beat-the-average ($4.32 last I looked), and Kinetic Void for $10+ (early access game).

  6. Perkelnik says:

    Hide your wallets!

    • Jalan says:

      I hadn’t really let it sink in fully, but I now understand the impact of Andy Schatz’s words regarding “buying with one’s wallet”.

  7. JFS says:

    Double meh. So far, at least. I hope there’ll be Android/Mobile bundles that I missed, it’s all I get to play these days.

  8. rcguitarist says:

    I just hope they are all PC game bundles and not the boring e-comic, e-book and mobile bundles that they seem to be doing alot of recently. Ugh

  9. Darth Gangrel says:

    I like this approach much better than GoG’s infuriating Spring Insomnia sale, where you keep a tab open to quickly look if finally, f i n a l l y, the one game you wanted to buy (The Witcher 2) would get discounted. “There’s only a few discounted copies left of that game,” you tell yourself, “so maybe THIS time TW2 will come to be next line to get a hefty dscount”. But no, it’s every other game but the one you wanted and so you say, hoping against hope, “but maybe after this game runs out of copies, maybe then” and so and so on. Now with the Humble 24 hour bundles you see what’s on offer and if you don’t like it, you know when a new offer will be made.

    • JFS says:

      The GOG forums had a track list of the games featured. There were only 100, so after the first round it was clear what would come up again and what not.

    • MkMax says:

      Yeah, the gog insomnia sales are horrible, they waste so much of your time, the free games are also only succeeding at infuriating me, they always go “all copies are gone” when you click

      I thought sales were supposed to make you visit the site, instead you are just staring at the front page getting more and more annoyed until you close it, at least the humble bundle strategy will have me coming back to check every day for the next two weeks

  10. Wulfram says:

    Apparently “pay what you want” means “pay $15” and “bundle” means “The Banner Saga” this time around. Not that that’s a bad deal, but I don’t really see why this isn’t just a shop sale

    • Baines says:

      For those wondering if these daily Humble Bundles could get worse, the answer was “yes”.

    • MkMax says:

      The humble bundle keeps getting less humble and considerably less bundley

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        The Inhumble Unbundle?

        • MkMax says:

          heh, the second tier variations pack is particularly hilarious, (without discount) 9.99usd on steam and 10.76usd on humble (which will go up since there is no point buying that bundle without reaching the third tier, edit: yep goin up, 11.71 now) and the 15 bucks tier is a 50% discount over the full steam price which is about the level of discount that we should be seeing already for an almost 6month old game

          this is a pretty meh deal unless you care a lot about factions, if there is a steam sale around the corner (its been several months so im guessing there is one although they might have canceled/dialed them down them for the regular discounts) you are likely to see the main game cheaper soon