Minimum Stomps Onto Early Access

Minimum. Maximum. Beats per minute.

Funny how games get passed around sometimes. After TimeGate Studios took over a lot of development on Alien: Colonial Marines from Gearbox, well, it was a bit of a mess for everyone involved. When TimeGate went bankrupt last year (CM wasn’t their only problem, mind) they were still working on Minimum, and so publishers Atari drafted Human Head Studios to finish it up. (Human Head, in turn, may or may not have had Prey 2 taken away and given to Arkane.)

The MOBA-ish multiplayer shooter is nearing the finish line at Human Head though, as last night the beta launched onto Steam Early Access at £14.99.

Minimum is a third-person sort of a shooter, with that splendid flat-shaped chunky polygon look I may have mentioned I find so very appealing. Of course, one nowadays expects games with a blocky flair to let players make things and yes, Minimum has crafting for weapons and items, and deployable toys like traps and turrets.

Also, perhaps more excitingly, it has ‘Titan Mode.’ This gives each team a honking great robot to send out to smash the other’s base. Hooray! Except you need to power it up. Boo! But you power it up by shooting enemy ‘creeps.’ Okay sure!

Say, did you play Miniumum in the open beta test last weekend? Do say how it was, won’t you? Everyone else, consider the words of those who played while watching this for visual inspiration:


  1. TechnicalBen says:

    £14.99 seems a high price if it’s the same level of development as the open/closed test Alpha/Beta weekend from recently.

    £14.99 for what it might become in the future? Possibly, but it’s current gameplay is somewhat bland. Though it did have some interesting mechanics in places.

    PS, it should have been more like this: link to

  2. KeeperKrux says:

    Well, I loved it. It mixes MOBA’s and third-person shooters in an elegant, action focused way. It’s well paced, and I find matches can go back-and-forth so you don’t get too discouraged when you lose a match.

    Having to choose between killing off the enemy Titan, defending your Titan, farming creeps, choosing when to craft, or going in for kills to power-up your attacks makes the game feel pretty fresh.

    • TechnicalBen says:

      Thanks for the run down. It may have been that I missed all the additional features. :)
      Hopefully the UI/tutorials etc will be easier to understand next time I jump in.

    • Muzman says:

      Have you played Super Monday Night Combat? How does it compare?
      (this looks more FPS-y on the face of it, slightly skewed more towards PvP instead of being DOTA-ish)

  3. Kitsunin says:

    How’s it doing server-wise, I must wonder? It looks very much like My Kind of Thing but the big thing standing between me and most online games lately is ping since I live in South East Asia (Taiwan) and I get about the same lag to anywhere that Australians get…except I also get high ping on Australian servers, so the game either needs a lot of Asian players or good netcode and west coast US servers.

    I’ve been playing Dawngate lately ’cause they really improved the netcode and even 200 ping is unnoticeable there (And I like it more than LoL for a “light” tdla, though I haven’t played LoL in a while, maybe they screwed the english-user-in-Asia environment in the last couple years). Unlike Dota 2 where I can’t play with friends because just 140 ping is practically unbearable or, especially a shame, Smite, which is just downright un-freaking-playable with their stupid east-coast servers.