Bohemia: DayZ Hacked, But Users And Development Safe

It may seem silly, but I've hacked this banana to be the ultimate weapon. It can also function as a phone, but it could already do that anyway

First the bad news: DayZ was absolutely, definitely hacked. That happened. After an initial period of being cosigned to Reddit rumor status, Bohemia’s confirmed to RPS that DayZ’s servers were compromised in some significant form or fashion. Initial reports pegged the hack attack as a full-on swiping of source code (which will also be the title of George R.R. Martin’s eventual cyberpunk novel after Game of Thrones takes his life and he returns as a nano-borg), but Bohemia has yet to enter panic mode. Instead, a rep told me that both players and development of the game are completely unaffected.

Here’s Bohemia’s full statement to RPS on the matter:

“We have recently detected an attack on some of our servers, the precise nature and scope of this attack is currently being extensively investigated. There were no user data on any of the servers. Current development goals and schedules for our games will not be affected by this attack.”

“More information will follow as our investigation continues.”

Which is a bold stance to take, given that – if source code was indeed pilfered – all sorts of nefarious cheating, botting, and hacking tools could be on the way. Maybe the source code is safe and sound and this is nothing worth stirring up a fuss over, but the alternative is that Bohemia’s just trying to keep things quiet until it can prepare an adequate response.

I’ve followed up with more questions about the at-a-glance nature of the hack, especially where possible cheats, hacks, and other sorts of intrusions into the game are concerned. I’ll update this story the second I hear more – or possibly a few seconds before if I find, like, a really good picture of an owl that I can’t wait to show you.


  1. Gap Gen says:

    Did the hackers threaten to delete the entire game unless Dean Hall ate a rotten kiwi?

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    Lexx87 says:


  3. Dux Ducis Hodiernus says:

    …Wait, I don’t really understand how a big real development company like this could possibly store their source code in the same place, and without any other backup copies elsewhere?

    Is this rumour that they deleted all the source code possible or just plain bullshit?

    edit: Ah, Swiping, not wiping. Well that’s a fail.

    • Tei says:

      I work on a small company, and every time the source code is on 5 o 6 computers: The git server, 4 or 5 workstations. Only something that is a quick script you made for yourself, will not be in the git server. Even the PSD files the designer make, are on the git server.

      Some projects even are open sourced, so theres a another clone in Sourceforge or so, for people to download.

      Even if you work alone, having your source code in git (or other source control system) allow you to “go back” in time, and check how was your code in date. Maybe check if a bug existed in version 0.0994, when a change was introduced and why. All of this, developing for yourself. In a team is absufuckingly essential, I can’t imagine a team working without a central repository system to share changes.

      • Artist says:

        Theres still a difference between a “central repository” and this in conjunction with online access…

  4. Jahooba says:

    If source code was stolen, that means all kinds of potentially bad things for users down the road. The term tailor-made-virus comes to mind.

    • nobody47 says:

      That’s not how computers work. Most of the software that runs the Internet is open-source. If you’re interested, read about “security through obscurity” and “full disclosure.”

  5. finniruse says:

    This game has pissed me off practically every step of the way. Dean Hall said that it was absolutely imperative Standalone was released by Christmas 2012 and it took over a year of waiting for it to be released. Now that it has been released there are no zombies. And the final straw is that hackers are probably back. Wish I’d just stuck with the mod.

    • emotionengine says:

      A non-lethal take down is always the most silent take do…

      Oh, you said “mod”. I misheard, sorry.

      • Geebs says:

        Someone seriously needs to mod in a “non-lethal” option in that conversation which results in Paul handing JC five crates of TNT and a hammer.

    • Chuckleluck says:

      No zombies? There are zombies, they’re just awful, and not scary or intimidatingly awful. My cousin bought it for me and I wish he had spent the money on something more useful, like a pile of dirt.

    • nobody47 says:

      Your complaint amounts to, “Why isn’t it finished yet? I want my game NOW!” Throw your temper tantrum somewhere else.

      You are free to continue playing the mod. Please, by all means, go ahead.

      • Slight0 says:

        How about, after X months we haven’t seen any tangible improvements and even after all these months the mod still has far more than the SA.

        There’s this group people are under the mistaken impression that all alphas were created equal and that a game and it’s company can’t be scrutinized until that fatal moment when the game exits alpha.

  6. Ross Angus says:

    Owl pics, or no deal.

  7. MacTheGeek says:

    I wonder how many almost-identical-but-with-one-tiny-change assets will show up in that “WarZ” knockoff.

  8. Universal Quitter says:


    I’ll care if I see an actual increase in hacking. Until then, getting worked up at “maybes” and “ifs” would just be stupid.

    Err, I mean, burn down Dean Hall’s house and invade the Czech Republic! How dare they not make every second of my life a continuous stream of joy and laughter?!

    • Matt says:

      “A continuous stream of joy and laughter” is about the opposite of how I’d describe the DayZ experience.

  9. KernalPanic says:

    Sounds like a good time to scrap what they have, rewrite and optimize the code with the move to Real Virtuality 4 engine (ArmA3). Reminds me a little when HL2 source code was stolen from Valve and they scrapped what they had and rewrote the game and the engine from the ground up. BIS finally has the cashflow to make this a reality now.

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      Reminds me a little when HL2 source code was stolen from Valve and they scrapped what they had and rewrote the game and the engine from the ground up

      Um, your memory might need some attention.

      HL2 source code was stolen from Valve


      they scrapped what they had

      Never happened.

      rewrote the game and the engine from the ground up

      Also never happened.

    • nobody47 says:

      They already have and are continuing to rewrite entire parts of the engine. They’re even rewriting the whole renderer. Dumping what they have and switching to ARMA3 would be a huge mistake, if for no other reason than that it would put them back at square one. DayZ’s engine is in many ways superior to ARMA3’s now.

      If you kept up with Rocket’s many detailed explanations, you’d already know all of this.

      link to Go there. Read.

    • rb says:

      Yeah, but Valve didn’t have a ton of people waiting for updates at regular basis.

  10. rexx.sabotage says:

    Is the ‘Esteemed Official of the Free Press’ still holding banana interviews at gunpoint?

    Those were goodtimes.

  11. eightiesmullet says:

    This game is a good example of a drawn out beta game not releasing in time.

    I had fun a year ago, romping around until I realised it was a team based online shooter.

    The fact that it is still in beta and has been PROPERLY hacked means I wont be buying the final release.

    It’s bad enough getting sniped in the game, never mind bot-shot.

    • nobody47 says:

      I guess you just haven’t kept up with DayZ. SA is not even in beta. It’s in “early access” mode, akin to an alpha. It won’t be in actual beta for quite some time yet.

      It’s not a “team based online shooter.” It’s more of an apocalyptic survival simulator, based on a military simulator engine, which has gun and melee combat. It can be played solo or with friends.

      Aimbots are not really a problem in SA, at least, not any more than in any other online game. BattleEye and VAC do their thing, and so do the bad guys, just like in every game.

      And I don’t know what you think you mean by “PROPERLY hacked.” We don’t know what happened. Even if a certain version of the source code was leaked, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Security holes are security holes, whether the source is public or not. They’ll continue to improve the code and fix bugs and holes, just as if this never happened. By the time the game is officially released, the code will be very different than it is now, so it won’t be very useful to the bad guys anyway.

      Most of the software that runs the Internet is open-source because, among other reasons, it improves security. There is nothing here to panic or worry about.

  12. racccoon says:

    The code is just a mod anyway. Plus the hackers are now making their own DayZ but are actually working on it.

    • nobody47 says:

      You don’t know what you are talking about. The mod is a mod; the standalone is not.

  13. deejay123 says:

    the dayz files eventually got released if you want to update your post about it; link to