United We Stand? – Two Assassin’s Creeds Coming This Fall

My pinky alone is the result of a tireless death march by 200 developers

When you look at the Assassin’s Creed series from a standpoint of raw numbers, things gets a little preposterous. I don’t mean sales, either. It’s well-documented that Hoods and Handspikes is basically this generation’s Shoots and Ladders. No, I’m referring to less publicized stuff, like the number of people who work on these ceaselessly cascading historical murder romps. Assassin’s Creed IV had all of its ships crammed into a single bottle by 900 some-odd people, the series’ latest main entry, Assassin’s Creed Unity, is apparently being put together by ten studios working in conjunction. Unity indeed.

It’ll be out this fall alongside another, still-unnamed series entry aimed at the previous “gen” of consoles. I wouldn’t be shocked if that ended up on PC as well, though.

Ubisoft officially revealed Unity’s development details as part of its most recent bout of financials. It’s going to be PC, PS4, and Xbone-only, so expect “amazing next-gen graphics” to compliment its French Revolution Paris setting.

For those curious, the ten studios involved in its development are Ubisoft Montreal, Toronto, Singapore, Quebec, Annecy, Shanghai, Chengdu, Kiev, Montpellier, and Bucharest. Quick, someone bring back The Animaniacs so they can write a song about it!

The other game, meanwhile, is shrouded in mystery aside from news that it exists and will release this fall. Rumors, however, peg it as Assassin’s Creed Comet, in which you play as a Templar named Shay and run around New York circa 1758.

So yes, two same-year entries in an already annual franchise. Honestly though, it’s not that much different from how Ubisoft’s been running its ship for the past couple years. Only difference is, spin-offs now focus on previous-gen consoles instead of handhelds. That said, I’m still a bit concerned. Assassin’s Creed hasn’t exactly been a bastion of consistency over the years, so who knows what we’ll get this time? Maybe it’ll be a wonderful departure from the norm like Black Flag was, or maybe it’ll reestablish the dull, land-bound status quo.

Or maybe this is all just a ruse and it’ll be set in space.


  1. Guvornator says:

    Sorry Nathan, you seem to have misspelled “Autumn” ;)

  2. Ramshackle Thoughts says:

    Not exactly hyped for more. Black Flag is the best in my opinion, but ONLY because I approached it as the Pirate Simulator they should have made rather than an AC game.

    I am surprised they haven’t caught onto the fact that a dedicated pirate ship game would be a fantastic new IP.

    • BobbyDylan says:

      This. Totally this. I’m not interested in Asscred 5, but would love a Black Flag 2. This time, let me chose my own ship, rather than the Jack-Derp.

    • LegendaryTeeth says:

      “From the makers of ‘Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag’ comes a new game that’s just the awesome pirate bits from that game and none of the other BS.”

      Yeah, I’d buy that.

      • Tssha says:

        Only if we get to jump off the main mast and stab someone in the throat. I don’t care if it’s realistic, I wanna feel like a badass!

    • hjarg says:

      Oh yes, please! Black Flag 2 without the Asscreed would be just perfect!
      Seriously, Asscreed was fun until Revelations, III was like having a second job and Black Flag was good because of the ships, not assassinations!

    • Cinek says:

      “Pirate Simulator” – Simulator? Really? Buahahahahaha

      • Ramshackle Thoughts says:

        Not literally. Or maybe in the same vein as ‘Goat Simulator’.

      • Monkeh says:

        He did say “the ‘Pirate Simulator’ they SHOULD HAVE made” though, so it’s not like he’s saying Ass4 is an actual Pirate Simulator..

        • Ramshackle Thoughts says:

          To be fair, it was a poor choice of words I just chucked in for effect. I don’t want a simulator either. I just don’t want to have to deal with crazy alien conspiracies, or being dragged out of my swashbuckling to do office filing, or whatever else it was that got in the way in Black Flag.

          • Universal Quitter says:

            To be fair, it’s a fairly well-known joke.

            Anyway, I would buy two copies of a proper open-world Pirate game, if they ever have the balls to make one. If Ubisoft even went out of their way to say “Black Flag minus the Assassin’s Creed lore,” I think I might even buy three.

    • Syra says:

      Give me that but with multiplayer ship to ship and the ability to have a team of assassins on each boat and actual combat not just 1 hit killing each other.

      Also: Sea monsters and sharks attracted to water around battles so you cant jump in or be knocked off.

      Then we are done.

    • HisDivineOrder says:

      Actually, I remember a while back reading a news report about Ubisoft doing some surveys on whether gamers would want an Assassin’s Creed 4-like Pirate simulator where you just run around yarrr’ing and being a pirate.

      I suspect, “Survey says YES!” was the most popular answer.

  3. rustybroomhandle says:

    “Chutes”, surely? But that’s moot anyway, because over here they were snakes. Ardcore!

  4. iainl says:

    Ubisoft continue to vastly overestimate how long I have in a given year for playing AssCreed games. I’m still only a third of the way through Black Flag, and that’s after skipping Revelations, III and that Vita-based spinoff entirely, along with half of Brotherhood. They’re good games, but so big, and just one thing in a year full of other stuff.

    • Dawngreeter says:

      This is the truth. I skipped Revelations and played about half Asscreed 3. Black Flag I finished in about three or four weeks, though. Still, I don’t think I’ll be playing Unity before the year’s end. I certainly want to play it. I expect it to be good. I love AssCreed. But I need to take decently sized breaks between the offerings.

    • meepmeep says:

      I haven’t played III or IV yet as I’ve said I won’t do so until I’ve finished Revelations.

      So I’ve been playing the second half of Revelations following this news today, and by jesus god I remember why I lost the will to go on. Turgid, turgid, turgid.

  5. Gap Gen says:

    What would be neat would be taking the future timeline and doing a Ass Creed / Remember Me mashup in past & future Paris. Lose your quarry in 1700s Paris? Jump to 2050 and take the metro! RER broken? Jump to 1795 and take a horse across town! Confuse quarries by dragging them from a dirty, crowded les Halles that smells of rotten fish and transporting them into the 18th Century les Halles!

  6. Mittens89 says:

    Ass-cash-ins Creed.

    I’ll get my coat.

    • Stupoider says:

      I swear Ass Creed’s been getting more rehashed installments than CoD these days, or am I mad?

      • staberas says:

        Well they havent gone mad yet for an Ass Creed – Snoop Dog DLC ….. D:

  7. melnificent says:

    It’ll be out and fall where?

  8. DXN says:

    Also, it’s being made in the Unity engine, and released only in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. The assassin will be a robot, Unit T, who is able to disguise as an innocuous Manchester United footballer; being English, you need tea. There are aspects of stealth such as hiding in a yew (neat tree!), but also some questionable artistic decisions such as making ewe-knees teal.

    Overall it’s pretty good.

  9. PsychoWedge says:

    This would be logical developement for an annual series, wouldn’t it…

  10. HisDivineOrder says:

    PC versions of both games would be fine by me.

    It would make PC the only platform that gets every AC game. Imagine that. A PC exclusive feature.

  11. BLACKOUT-MK2 says:

    So two games a year. Have we now reached the point where Assassin’s Creed is technically worse than COD?

    • P.Funk says:

      Not yet. AssCreed is still technically more creative. If CoD came out with a pirate version followed by a french revolution version preceded by an American Revolutionary war version it’d probably a helluva lot more interesting.

  12. Thirith says:

    I can take or leave Assassin’s Creed at this point, but exploring Paris at the time of the Revolution? Climbing Notre Dame? Count me in! I very much missed the unique, impressive architecture especially of the Ezio era in AC3, and its lack is one of the reasons why I haven’t yet bought AC4. Exploring places I know from real life in these games has been one of the main appeals of the series for me.

  13. Megakoresh says:

    I think Ass Creed 4 was quite refreshing, but it also showed one thing: the series is exhausting. To be honest, unless it was set in near future, with vehicles and gadgets and maybe some augmentations to boot (Them arm blades <3), I find it difficult to be excited about any of the upcoming Ass Creeds.

    • suibhne says:

      Bingo. The setting was fun, much of the core gameplay was great, but the game itself was just…long, with little payoff for *most* (not all) of its moving parts.

    • P.Funk says:

      Maybe if they come up with a story thats actually compelling it might not exhaust you so much. I haven’t cared about the happenings in one of these since AC2. In fact thats the only one I actually engaged with from a story point of view.

      • Megakoresh says:

        Story is secondary to me in any game, unless it is non-linear. If the story is linear, I mostly care about the gameplay. And in Ass Creed the gameplay is repetitive and there are not enough varied and unique mechanics and abilities. While it may look cool, it plays the same all the time.

        And honestly there’s only so much you can squeeze out of old historically-authentic technology. This isn’t Chivalry or Dark Messiah of Might and Magic with all of it’s precision melee combat (not to mention that the latter is a fantasy game anyway). It simply can’t rely on mechanics such as magic or physics-based gameplay.

        All it can rely on in it’s gameplay are the things one could use at that time. And it’s not much. Certainly not enough for this many games. There’s a reason most games in this genre are set in modern era. Vehicles, weapons, gadgets and technology are not just for the setting alone. They are also a source of fresh gameplay options.

        • P.Funk says:

          I disagree with your last paragraph. Modern tech allows for many varied ways to do things but historical periods can still have varied mechanics as well, if anything its our limited mindset that limits our ability to appreciate what can be done then.

          You put the best creeping level of AC or Prince of Persia versus the best creeping level of a Splinter Cell game and fundamentally stealth is stealth. Sam Fischer might have fancy NVGs with other powers, but so does Ezio with his magical vision. Ranged weapons? Both got them. Melee kills? Yup, both.

          There’s nothing that modern tech can do that the old world can’t other than computer stuff thats related to things like info sharing such as hacking and the like, but even then its a facade. Its not as if you really hack anything in games, you’re just accessing some node the developer leaves for you to get info to drive the plot forward or check a box to finish the level. Its no different than if you grab the secret tome from the Templar library or whatever.

          Ultimately the limiting factor is NOT the setting, its the creativity and the ambition of the gameplay design. Fundamentally an AC versus a Splinter Cell isn’t that different. The gadgets in both are fake as hell and just serve as a conceit to justify a gameplay device, like ranged kills, increased situational awareness, etc.

          The problem isn’t the setting, its the lack of risk taking in the design department. We do a couple games in renaissance Italy and suddenly the setting is exhausted? Nope.

          Besides, if you think story is irrelevant to the experience you’re basically forsaking 50% of the stuff in most AC games. Without story I wouldn’t even touch one of these. I guess those are just different priorities.

  14. Felixader says:

    Holy Shit! How are these games still making money?

  15. The Sombrero Kid says:

    I wonder if i’ll ever care about anything from Ubisoft, EA or Activision ever again. Seems unlikely since I haven’t bought a game from any of them since January 2011.

  16. waltC says:

    Q: How many Ubisoft contractors does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    A: 900 or so.


    • Gap Gen says:

      Yeah but that lightbulb is normal-mapped and volumetrically-shaded to hell and back.

  17. Richard Burton says:

    I had a feeling the amount of people working on AssCreed BF was a relatively high number when I finished the main storyline other day. I left the credits rolling and left the room to cook dinner. Over half an hour later when I checked back in I returned to see the credits still rolling relentlessly on. As were, I have to say, my eyes. *rolls eyes like Ubisoft credits* I mean, do we really need to know the names of those working in the different marketing divisions and accountants at various Ubi offices around the world? People who probably had very little if any direct influence on the game itself at all? Why not credit the company dog and the postmen and pizza delivery people while you’re at it too, eh Ubi? And to top it off I didn’t even get a PS3 trophy achievement for NOT quitting the credits! How did Ubi know I left the room?