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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Mountain High

Eat My Soul

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Lightroom is going to eat my soul. Lightroom has already eaten my soul. After weeks of debate, I finally capitulated and resigned myself to purchasing the software. Then, it devoured my Saturday. All of it. Each and every moment not otherwise spent dealing with human ablutions and food. I am ashamed, but also hopelessly smitten with the software. (Do you have any useful obsessions, Bucketeers?) Fortunately, I managed to extricate myself long enough from Lightroom to hunt down a few, nifty bargains for you. Enjoy. I’m going back to cleaning acne from digital faces.

Rock of Ages
Ah, Rock of Ages. I love describing it to people. (“What’s Rock of Ages? I’ll tell you what’s Rock of Ages. It’s this game where you play as a customizable boulder or pop-up people from across the ages desperately attempting to defend against an encroaching, smiling boulder from hell’s shroom-driven nightmares, that’s what.”) And while finicky and somewhat flawed, Rock of Ages is a genuinely unique experience. I’ll argue that it’s a better multiplayer diversion than it is a single-player romp, if for no other reason than the fact it’s absolutely hilarious to see people fleeing rocks. Rocks roll. You die. Delight in the absurdity (and the awesome art.)

Inherit the Earth
I’m saddened by the notion of what Inherit the Earth could have been: a dark, gritty tale performed menagerie of talking bipedal animals. But that doesn’t mean this point & click adventure is bad. At least, not if you’re the sort who doesn’t mind having conversations with ambient personalities. Inherit the Earth isn’t the kind of game that shepherds you rapidly towards your game. Instead, it lets you wend and wind and sigh, drinking in the sights as you, Rif the Fox, go about attempting to clear your name. Unlike certain other titles from the era, Inherit the Earth won’t try to abuse your noggin too much. Appreciation for Inherit the Earth may be dependent on your tolerance for furries.

Robinson’s Requiem Collection
If you die, get up and die, die and die again. Robinson’s Requiem is what you’d call non-commitally homicidal. It doesn’t really have an agenda against you. It’s murderous in the way human bathtime is murderous: dead things are simply an unfortunate consequence. The Robinson’s Requiem games make it incredible easy to expire, especially if you’ve gotten used to thrusting random food in your mouth in a fit of digital gluttony. Is it within you to hold yourself together, navigate the frailties of the human internal system and avoid breaking your limbs unnecessarily? Let’s find out. Make sure to avoid catching anything virulent.

Ironclad Tactics Collection
Collectible card games are a weakness of mine, as are steampunk robots and strategy games. As such, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that I relished Ironclad Tactics to no end. The game’s an odd mix of ideas, tied together by a dream of an alternate Civil War. What if all those people had robots, hmm? What then? Ironclad Tactics can and will, from time to time, shock you with its difficulty. I found Ironclad Tactics best when played with a friend as multiplayer mode offered a clever twist to the resource system. (P.S: Bundle comes with SpaceChem. You need to play that if you haven’t already.)

Also of note

Dragon Age Pack -$12.49/£7.43/€9.12
Well, well, WELL. On the off-chance that you missed last week’s Dragon Age: Origins sale on Steam, here’s a way to make up for it. The collection includes Dragon Age: Origins’ Ultimate Edition and Dragon Age 2. Get ’em while they’re, er, dragon-y?

The Bridge – $1.49/£1.04/€1.34
The Bridge is strange and beautiful, a puzzle game with a unique grasp of physics and some strange aesthetics. There’s relationship between Escher and Isaac Newton, casually wrapped about the game’s more cryptic moments. It’s good, it’s weird. It’s kind of cheap right now. Enjoy it. I know I did.

Clash of the World: USA – $1.00/£0.59/€0.73
Clever, retro-looking RPGs and girls with bunny ears? A shoot ’em up that goes backwards? This Groupees’ bundle is an interesting one.

Humble Weekly Bundle – Pay $10.00/£5.95/€7.30 for it all
So, like, there’s a strong possibility that you’ve already checked out all the games in this week’s Humble Weekly Bundle but, bear with me. These are great, great games regardless of whether they’ve gotten critical attention or not. (Shank 2 and Mark of the Ninja hold special, blood-soaked places in my heart.)

Ben There, Dan That + Time Gentlemen, Please! – $0.99/£0.59/€0.72
Size Five Games’ deliciously silly, tongue-in-cheek adventure games have been on my backlog for years now. I keep meaning to finish them, but I haven’t found the time. But from what I can tell so far, they’re pretty witty, wonderful experiences.

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