Sanitawesomium: STASIS Isn’t Standing Still

There's me rhapsodising about the look then illustrating it with a picture of vending machines. This is why I don't work in marketing

Sanitarium-inspired space-horror adventure game STASIS impressed me even before it had any money in the bank, but based on its most recent videos it appears to be spending its Kickstarter funbucks wisely. Specifically, on making its haunting environments all the more detailed, animated, lavish and sinister. More ichor, too. More ichor always helps in any game. Yes, even the My Little Pony ones. Don’t try to tell me I’m wrong.

Here’s the recent environments video. Look at that water ripple! Look at those corpses twitch! Twitchy corpses alone warrant £130k, right?

South African one-ish-man band Christopher Bischoff also put out this update video in March, which goes into more detail about what’s changed with the game post-crowdfunding.

A few more bits and bobs may be found in this recent-ish KS update, though apparently backers have access to more regular updates. Despite my enthusiasm for STASIS I’m not a backer, because corruption or whatever people on Twitter say, so I’ll just have to imagine there’s a fountain of wonderful information I don’t have access to. As is the way of things, you can still pledge after the event if you like.

Also, I note the alpha demo‘s still available – definitely worth a look if you haven’t already, as even though early it basically nails proof of concept and is far more lavish than you’d expect from something so far from final release.

And here’s something else impressive that the dev’s been working on – reimagining other games as 2D, isometric worlds or in a STASISy vein. BioShock, No Remorse, and is that AssCreed? Lovely stuff. BioShock especially – Rapture in a Planescape style is something many of us would love, I’m sure.


  1. Gandor says:

    Now we just have to wait for Sanitarium: Tides of Madness.

    I miss old games…

  2. Subject 706 says:

    Er, wasn’t Crusader : No Remorse isometric to begin with??

    Also, STASIS looks slick, and will probably be well-spent kickstarter money for me.

  3. Maxheadroom says:

    Of the plethora of kickstarters I backed last year that im still waiting to bear fruit my excitement level for this ranks somewhere in the middle. Somewhere behind Elite but way ahead of Shroud of the Avatar

    • Chris Bischoff says:

      The fact that I’m even in the same sentence as Elite is pretty amazing!

      Your support is much appreciated!

  4. Lemming says:

    Just a note, one of the reward tiers is a die-cast model of the ship you’ll be skulking around: the Groomlake. I’ve never been so tempted by a higher tier on a Kickstarter before.

    • Chris Bischoff says:

      It is an awesome model….just saying… :D

      • Komm says:

        Oh man… I hope you make a smaller version or something available for people who can’t swing the $1000. I’m a sucker for sci-fi ship models and that thing is absolutely beautiful. To add, the westinghouse logo on the mains panel is a sublime touch. The slab blah blah description made me laugh my ass off. <.<;

        • Chris Bischoff says:

          I have a few plans for the release of the game that will cater to gamers of all budgets!

          You know, I played the ALPHA demo about 100 times before we released it and didnt notice the ‘Bla bla’….about 30 minutes after the demo went out people were picking it up!

  5. JFS says:

    I’ve been following this game for years. I’m even on the mailing list, and I normally never am voluntarily. I sure hope it turns out well! :)

  6. Martel says:

    This looks real interesting, not sure how I missed the kickstarter for it.

  7. Wonderboy2402 says:

    If you are a fan of isometric games, Stasis is going to be awesome. This year should be a great one for these games. I backed this game, but also pillars of eternity, Wasteland 2, torment, sui generis, and satellite reign.

    Going to be a great year.

  8. SillyWizard says:

    Shouldn’t RPS contribute a small sum to just about every noteworthy Kickstarter just to get access to the backer updates?

    • Chris Bischoff says:

      The Kickstarter Backer updates are all open to the public on the KS page.

      The website updates are really just posted more often, and then the information is condensed every few weeks into the large Kickstarter backer updates. Its a way to keep people informed, but not flood peoples email with weekly or fortnightly updates!

  9. CookPassBabtridge says:

    “Because corruption…”
    Doesn’t that warrant a bit more explanation? I’m now sitting here thinking STASIS’ creators have been up to Well Bad Shenanigans.

    • Chris Bischoff says:

      I can promise you we haven’t! I believe what Alec is referring to is not backing to ensure journalistic transparency (ie – not showing favouritism to backed projects!)

  10. says:

    “Sanitarium was such an awesome game!” Might have copypasted it verbatim from every other STASIS article here!