Monster Mash? Combat Mission: Red Thunder Demo Out

Tanks for the hilarious pun, you wit you.

You’ve read Tim Stone’s battle reports from Combat Mission: Red Thunder. You’ve studied his strategies, his tactics, his strengths, weaknesses, personality, most-played songs, favourite biscuit, childhood pets, sleeping habits, teenage LiveJournal, and the contents of his bins. You’re ready for this. You can do this, we all know you can. The demo is out for Red Thunder and by Jove, you’ll out-war that ruddy Tim Stone.

The demo offers two scenarios from the full game’s twenty-odd, Tankovyi Desant and Monster Mash. Unfortunately you can’t directly compare yourself to Tim as, for reasons I’ll never understand, he played a different mission. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t head straight for Monster Mash. It has multiplayer too, with good old play-by-e-mail if you want the real ye olde turn-based tactical experience.

For dreamers, the demo has Red Thunder’s editor. Your creations will be fleeting, ephemeral, as load and saving are disabled, but oh what visions you’ll have!

Red Thunder is out now. If all these words are just words, words, words, here, a video:


  1. Ross Angus says:

    I always read The Flare Path. I rarely understand anything, other than a few words, but by Christ, that man can write an opening paragraph.

    • The Random One says:

      I feel exactly the same way. I don’t know how much he is being paid, but it can’t be enough. I’m pretty sure he’s the one who somehow accustomed me to read EVERY RPS article by clicking the links under them instead of reading the summaries on the front page.

  2. tigershuffle says:

    Seems to be focussed on ’44 Op Bagration … bit of a Soviet steamroller.
    Hopefully there might be some scenarios where you get to play as Finland (though it states that Finland etc already knocked out of war).

    Always ‘enjoyed’ the trad elemeent of Combat Mission game and was hoping for a ’42-43 era to make it a little more balanced.

    • wengart says:

      Operationally it was a Soviet steamroller, but tactically it is a pretty balanced game. This takes place at one of the best balance points for tactical effectiveness of both armies. Now whether the Germans will have a company of Panthers to oppose that company to T-34/85s is another question entirely.

  3. Thurgret says:

    Where is the sudden RPS fascination with Monster Mash from? First Chris, now this.

    Thanks for flagging this up. Game’s still out of my price range – although I do own Fortress Italy and Gustav Line – for now, but I’ll probably enjoy the demo. The full game surely has more content than just twenty scenarios, though? More like twenty scenarios plus two full campaigns? That seems more in line with the norm.

    • Michael Fogg says:

      >>Where is the sudden RPS fascination with Monster Mash from?

      It caught on in a flash.

  4. Pulstar says:

    A free demo in this day and age, and not an expensive beta aka early access? Wot?

  5. Elmarby says:

    Passive aggressive reading: By not commenting on Tim Stone’s logistics, is she implying Mr Stone is in fact an amateur?

  6. says:

    (In the voice of Bill Murry) She Timmed me!
    She made such an opening paragraph I had to read rest even though I’m not all that much interested in the subject.
    RPS – words mean a lot here!