Early Access Is The Path To The King’s Bounty: Dark Side

If the battle isn't taking place inside a clothing accessory, I don't want to know.

It was only last week that I was regaling friends with Alec’s King’s Bounty story about fighting and dying inside his own magical belt. Of course, I didn’t say it was Alec’s story when I was telling it, claiming it instead as my own. I also make videogames, you know.

Now might be your chance to claim your own stories of accessory-based battles and death. King’s Bounty: Dark Side, the latest still-not-a-proper-sequel in the wandering RPG series has just launched into Early Access.

Why is it still-not-a-proper-sequel? Because it’s an “expandalone,” a portmanteau that signals that it’s still using much of the same art made six expandalones ago. Do you wish a series so full of humour, variety and potential would commit to something more ambitious? Then don’t be… expandalonely.

Because I feel that way too.

Yeah, so, all the news was above the more link on this post. There’s not even a trailer for me to embed down here. Alec’s belt story is pretty great though, so go read that. And how about the Dark Side banner image – tacky and awful like the ’90s, no?

Anyway, we’re done here. Go on, get.


  1. CobraLad says:

    Once again, all the original devs are out supporting shitty MMO game or seeking new job, and this is 1C juicing all the last money from IP.

  2. Jason Moyer says:

    I loved KB:The Legend, and while the sequels were almost as good, I could never motivate myself to play much of them because I felt like I’d be better off just playing The Legend again. Looks like this is just another expandalone. Would love to see a completely scratch-built KB2.

    • The Great General Bazza says:

      In this case, Jason, I’d say definitely give Armoured Princess a try. Between The Legend and Armoured Princess, I give the edge to Princess due to balance changes, interesting extra races/units/bosses, and more interesting progression/companions (also, a great way to replenish undead forces, which I love ^_^). Legend has the Chest of Rage, which is super cool and my biggest point in its favour, but Princess’ cute baby Rage Dragon isn’t so bad.

      • Yglorba says:

        I liked the mechanics and visuals of the Chest of Rage more — it’s hard to beat the Reaper or the crystal-futuristic-throne-chick, and dividing the powers on the chest of rage into four groups encouraged more variety in using them.

        (Whereas the “dig up a treasure chest” power in Armored Princess was IMHO a terrible addition because it constantly pressured you to use it to get more loot instead of focusing on fun powers.)

        Everything else about Armored Princess was better, though.

  3. Frank says:

    I had access to this game, what, six years ago.

    RPS was whining about expandalones from the very start, but now I join them: nuts to this