Death Of A Salem: Murdered – Soul Suspect

In the past, I’ve approached Murdered: Soul Suspect with an eyebrow raised and a spot of mockery on the tip of my tongue. Playing as DC’s Deadman disguised as a grumpy detective, the player is responsible for solving the greatest mystery of all – their own murder! Potentially intriguing, yes? But then, as the latest trailer demonstrates, somebody kept adding new ingredients to the pot until the broth had become gelatinous. There are demons to fight, powers of teleportation, clues to the town’s past, ghosts to sidequest with, other victims to protect and all sorts of other supernatural silliness. Basically, if a ghost can do it, the game will include it. You’ll join forces with a medium – “you can see me?” – and posssess a cat.

I am fully prepared to love this preposterous plaything.

It just doesn’t stop, does it? I half-expected an extra minute at the end there: “Once the crime is solved, Ronan will pass through into the next life where a new set of skills must be mastered, including the ability to hop from cloud to cloud, play a harp in synchrony with the heavenly host and an entire DLC chapter that recreatest the smash hit film Ghost Dad. Presumably it’s in the works.

Favourite moments from that trailer include the cat, which is introduced with as much po-faced serious murder business gravity as the serial killer, and Ronan’s expression as he falls to his death.


There are far too many obvious jokes about the main character in a game having lost the ability to “interact with the physical world” for me to even consider but it would be poor form not to mention that the abilities Ronan gains in death are interesting in and of themselves.

“Your strengths in life are stronger in death. They become powers here.” Says ghost girl guide. The narrator picks up the thread – “Ronan’s death gives him the ability to pass through walls.” I like to think he could push his face through walls when he was alive but the rest of his body was just too solid.

All kidding aside, I’m willing to believe that Murdered might be just the right flavour of ridiculous. I am intrigued.


The Ghostbusters would also be acceptable.


  1. skyturnedred says:

    Is there supposed to be some sort of trailer in the article?

    E: Seems to be fixed now.

  2. kevmscotland says:

    Maybe its just me, but from what I got out of the gameplay trailers and the fact your confined to being a ghost in the context of what the developers have decided you can and cannot walkthrough/interact with, I just found the player character to be deeply unlikeable.
    So much so that I really couldn’t care how he died, so why would I spend time ‘playing’ to find out. Alas, not on my buy list.

  3. gbrading says:

    I played the demo of Murdered: Soul Suspect at EGX Rezzed last month. It was extremely tedious and dull. In fact, it was one of the worst demos I’ve ever played. I was hoping that the investigation aspects of the game would be fully-rounded as they are in L.A. Noire, but I was mistaken. I don’t have much hope for the game.

  4. XhomeB says:

    Oh please, let it be a fun, puzzle-oriented adventure with minor stealth elements. The prospect of being a detective is as attractive as it’s always been, but it’s the execution that will make or break this game.
    After the awesome Tesla Effect, I’m ready for more.

  5. The Random One says:

    Adam, you’re drunk. Please write more posts when drunk.

  6. Moraven says:

    We need more Geist (gamecube) like games will you can possess things and in this case, a cat.

  7. Shooop says:

    This one needs to be buried deeper and forgotten about.

  8. mechabuddha says:

    All I wanted was another Ghost Trick. Why can’t you just give me another Ghost Trick?

    • Kyrius says:

      Logged in just to support you! ghost trick is extremely fun! Wish I could have it on pc :(

  9. Ross Angus says:

    Is anyone else getting a Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy vibe from this?

    • Truck_Rockpec says:

      Yes! That bit in the trailer with the killer in one room and the medium hiding in another reminded me of similar sequences from Indigo Prophecy. Also, the music off the start reminded me of the Arkham games; hopefully you actually do some real sleuthing in this one, rather than use a magical scanning device to advance the story.

  10. Darth Gangrel says:

    Really, that expression on his face as he falls makes me believe he thought “darn, I think I forgot to buy milk today”. Or perhaps he’s sad that he’s gonna miss tonight’s rerun episode of Ghost Whisperer, what with him getting killed and all.

  11. Diatribe says:

    Did anyone else want the title of this to be “Death of a Salem Man”?

  12. AyeBraine says:

    Well, I loved Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners as a kid. I mean, I really adored that movie. And this game is exactly that movie, only more pompous. But if it can really be as big as it needs to be to use each of its gimmick more than two times…

    Other than that, strange decision to meld the trailer with a full-blown gameplay featurette. I guess they were so proud of all the features, they couldn’t resist.