Aroooo! The Wolf Among Us Admires Meat Next Week

Pretty pretty meat.

In a fit of wistfulness, I’ve stopped seeing episodic things through to the end. Life rolls on seemingly endlessly until it stops abruptly, incomplete, messy, with few plots wrapped up. I’ve seen most of Twin Peaks five times but can’t face having no new mysteries, no more surprises, no further Albert Rosenfield revelations. No matter how messy I’ve heard the end is (very, they say), if I’m enjoying something, I’d rather have it roll on endlessly without me. But if you do like conclusions, one’s creeping nearer for The Wolf Among Us. Telltale have announced that their comic book adventure game’s penultimate episode will arrive next Tuesday, May 27, and given a little peek at it.

Should I honestly need to point out that this trailer contains spoilers for past The Wolf Among Us episodes and surely a few for In Sheep’s Clothing, I don’t know what I’d do. Yet there’s always one who will at least profess ignorance. You. Yes, you. Buck your ideas up.

A few of us here at RPS towers have been playing Wolfamongous, and our Alec was pretty pleased with how it’s picked back up after a disappointing second episode. How’s about you lot?


  1. Revolving Ocelot says:

    Ahhh, fresh meat.

  2. MkMax says:

    sigh… if only they had not screwed up the episodic model i would be so exited about this

    • S Jay says:

      How did they screw it? I thought they got it mostly right.

      • MkMax says:

        took too long without a date or any other news for ep2 and when it did come out it was short, rushed, and much worse than 1, and thats as far as excitement went

        the episodic model needs a periodic release rate, even if its long it cant be unknown, Telltale have proven themselves not to be trusted and the model that expects a long time preorder requires trust

        sadly impressions of things are relative and while im pretty sure i would have loved wolf among us as a complete edition, now my excitement has come and gone, its broken, exhausted, never to come back again

        • Anony says:

          Damn you’re pretty sad. There is/was no need to have a set release date for episodic games, everyone should know this, this game is available on console too and I don’t see them bitching about it. If you’re really not going to play this game because of EP2, the delay and not updating whiny ass players every time a new texture is added then please gtfo. If you really cared about or liked the Fables series then go read the comics.

          TT gave us a time frame, they’d have all the episodes out by summer end. Everyone KNEW this game is released in episodes and yet buy it early and bitch that the episodes are taking too long, well aren’t you glad you don’t have to code and do all the work yourself. I swear the fans of TT are so ungrateful it’s ridiculous.

          I don’t know how old you are but comic books were very similar, most had a set schedule but some didn’t. You would have hated them I assume.

          • McGuit says:

            Amen brother…testify!

          • MkMax says:

            grateful ? why should i be grateful ? they are not gifting me anything

            normally someone makes a product, if i judge it to be good enough i pay for it, i get my entertainment and they get my money, everyone got their thing, no gratefulness needed

            but here comes telltale asking something extra of me, something nobody asked for before (at least outside early access), to give the money up front without knowing what im going to get and more importantly when (even the worst preorders deals give a time window), then they fail me and im supposed to be grateful ?, sorry im not into masochism

            btw the console users got to buy eps as they came out, pc users can only buy a season pass, they didnt have to enter the trust contract

          • Anony says:

            You must be new to the episodic model then and in that case this is entirely your fault. TT has done no damage to anyone, “oh my now I have to wait a bit longer, boo fucking hoo” you’re still getting the game you bought.

            You could have easily waited till all the episodes were released and then bought the game, likely on sale even so don’t even bitch about it. TT has done nothing wrong on their end besides having a delay and that’s normal. You should be grateful that a company like them exists that can make such engaging and griping stories. Too many companies focus on the gameplay which is usually repetitive and boring with a mediocre story. Go back to CoD, you know for damn sure they will release a new game every year or two without fail, you might feel more secure that way.

  3. emotionengine says:

    “RPS towers”, eh? Why won’t anyone answer the door portcullis at Castle Shotgun, RPS? Don’t say you’re having a Bruce-leaves-Wayne-manor-to-dwell-in-a-skyscraper-instead moment here?

  4. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    As messy as the end of Twin Peaks may be, it’s a good deal better (and more interesting) than the half-season that precedes it.

  5. milton says:

    Just started getting into TWAU, held off for as long as I could because of the episodic nature but glad to know I’ll only have to wait for the last episode.

  6. S Jay says:

    Why do they release on Tuesday? (Last Walking Dead episode was on Tuesday too).

    • Zallgrin says:

      Steam updates its files/games usually on Tuesdays which means most purely digital games release that day.