Some Games Live Forever: Death To Spies 3 Demo

I thought Death For Spies 3 had been garrotted in an alleyway or invited to a polonium picnic. As it happens, despite a prolonged and unexpected stay in a sinister bunker between national borders, the third-person stealth action game is still with us. A failed crowdfunding campaign may have delayed development but a demo has now been released, showing the cold war setting. In-game footage below.

I haven’t actually played either of the previous games in the series but ‘Hitman with spies’ sounds fairly close. The developers say this: “Overall it’s a social stealth with open levels, where you can change clothes, use various weapons, hide and sneak. It’s like Hitman+Splinter Cell+Commandos.”

As well as accepting dontations, Haggard are also seeking Greenlight votes. Unlike donations, votes are free, which makes certain figures extremely surprising.

It’s not clear how much of the previous information about the game is still relevant, with the website claiming three characters will be in-play simultaneously, using unique skills like Lost Vikings playing The Great Game. The Greenlight page only mentions the return of Semyon Strogov though, and his information-gathering and enemy-slaying skills.


  1. Gap Gen says:

    That figure in the butcher’s shop! He must be a mince spy!

  2. Zorlan says:

    Reminds me of Commandos. Kinda clunky animation, though.

  3. Ansob says:

    The first two were great Hitman-alikes, if on the harder side and somewhat janky. Glad there’s going to be a third after all.

    • jonahcutter says:

      Sums it up well. Though the jankiness isn’t that bad really. Just not as buttery smooth mechanics and input as Blood Money. It’s well playable when you get used to it, but it does have a distinct b-level feel.

      It also has a realistic inventory system if I remember correctly. You carry long guns over the shoulder. No magically disappearing rifles. And backpacks are shown on the back and can tip off enemies as well I think.

      All around great games, with big, explorable, sandbox levels. Some levels were absolutely huge. The games are well worth the time if you’re craving some Hitman-type (NOT Absolution) gameplay.

      As for the third installment, that’s exciting. I backed the crowdfunding drive and it basically went nowhere. I figured it had been left for dead. It’s good to see it emerge from the shadows after all.

    • XhomeB says:

      The second game in the series, Moment of Truth, is a true gem in my opinion. I loved everything about it – the map design, the stylish visuals, the freedom it offered, the AMAZING atmosphere. My only complaint? It was short. So, so short. I wish there were at least 3-4 missions more.
      I liked it more than any Hitman game, WWII period helped.

  4. WinTurkey says:


  5. heretic says:

    the first and second were great, quite difficult but good fun for people who like hitman style games (before absolution)

  6. Sian says:

    “votes are free, which makes certain figures extremely surprising.”
    You’re a sneaky one, Mr Smith.

  7. jezcentral says:

    I do like a bit of Hitman: Blood Money.

    I hope this game hits the spot far better than Velvet Assassin.

  8. Hojew says:

    Does this still use the same engine as the old Silent Storm games?

  9. guygodbois00 says:


  10. LionsPhil says:

    Those sure are some dim-witted guards.

  11. sinister agent says:

    “Hitman in WW2 destroyed by bugs and sub-hitman-2 level AI” is closer. I really wanted to like these games, but the AI is absurdly arbitrary, and the bugs, oh jesus the bugs. Try spending the second half of a mission pressing W and A just to walk forwards, because something broke the game’s internal compass somehow. Maddening.

    Pity, as the concept has loads of potential. And it was doing throwing knives even before Hitman did.

  12. Michael Fogg says:

    Makes Putin proud.

  13. BlueTemplar says:

    Am I the only one that was expecting a No One Lives Forever sequel by the title and is therefore deeply disappointed?

    • w0bbl3r says:

      I was also expecting something related to NOLF or NOLF2 until I saw the screenshot.

      As for the game; tried the demo, bloody awful. Absolute garbage. Clunky, cheap, terrible controls, silly AI, stealth system that works (only just) about 1% of the time, and it’s a very very ugly game to boot. Like it was made 10 years or more ago, by a bunch of primary school children, from the “special” school.

  14. SillyWizard says:

    That screenshot above looks pretty enough. What happened in the gameplay video?

    So all this meandering-around-a-place-slitting-throats business is all well and good, but it would be nice to have a game that’s 90% learning about the security of the target location, setting up a plan to infiltrate and exfiltrate (outfiltrate?), practicing the plan until it’s habitual, and then 10% everything going to hell once you discover that you overlooked one minor detail.

    Or, y’know, completing the mission and good job all around.

    Anybody ever come across something like that?

  15. Guy Montag says:

    What an excellent disguise to take. He must have recognized that the Germans would all take pity on him as the only non-ridiculously buff person on base.