Shhhhh! Payday 2 Stealth Heist Sneaks In Tomorrow


You can be stealthy in Payday 2, sure, but if your sneaky sneaking falls you can always fall back on the old pop-pop and blam-blam your way to riches. Not with the latest mission you can’t, you Loud Larries, Noisy Nellies, and Clodhopping Charlies. No, shhh, you can’t throw that grenade no matter how funny it’d be. No, save all your fighting for when we get to the park. If you don’t stop screaming, we’re turning this heist right around and going home. The new Shadow Raid heist, you see, will be Payday’s first proper stealth mission when it arrives tomorrow in a free update.

Shadow Raid will see your merry band of bandits robbing a crate-filled compound owned by Murkywater, a mercenary company with a habit of swiping things from warzones. The grand goal is a timelocked vault which takes two keycards to open (which seems to secure fancy samurai armour), but you might not make it. If any alarm is sounded at any point, you’ll only have 60 seconds to haul rump the pickup spot with whatever you’ve swiped. No, Gary, you can’t put the samurai armour on now. We’re in a hurry. No, no swords either.

Overkill are planning a Steam trial weekend and 67%-off sale to accompany the launch, from Thursday through to Monday.


  1. Durrok says:

    I really wanted to like Payday 2 but the game has some core issues. For instance the missions being hugely diverse in payouts and having only 2-3 missions that are actually worth the time to do. The mission selection is bonkers, I can’t really think of any reason to do it the way they did. The upgrade system is partly randomized which could have worked well but plays heavily into “only 2-3 missions worth doing” part.

    It’s a shame as I think there is a really solid game underneath these bad design decisions. I don’t suppose this update makes any headway in fixing these issues does it?

    • ArthurBarnhouse says:

      Why did you comment on the article then?

      • The Random One says:

        Because it’s interesting to share one’s opinions?

      • Durrok says:

        Because I’m curious if any of the design decisions I did not like have been resolved or if there any plans to resolve them.

    • Morph says:

      I’ve racked up a lot of hours in Payday 2 with buddies. It’s fun (though we go more for shooting than stealth) but yeah it’s full of weird design decisions – the mission selection being a big one.

    • Armitage says:

      I agree with you on payouts, but these are completely intentional inequalities by Overkill. Cash is supposed to be mostly meaningless. The real fun is in the shooty shooty bang bang and how good you are at executing heists. People who speed run a high payout mission are totally missing the point.

    • Blaaaaaaag says:

      If you’re solely after rewards, then yeah, there’s only a handful of particularly lucrative missions. There are modifiers for the value of each mission now, so that if you farm a mission obsessively it becomes worth less xp (to the point that it’s worth nothing at all) or if you haven’t done a mission in a while it gets a boost. You can also earn a stealth bonus of up to 50% to apply to your next job. Levelling goes pretty fast these days, I feel like it’s *much* faster now than it was in the first couple months.

      The crimenet map is still a stupid thing, but if you’re after a specific heist you can always buy it with a bit of offshore money. They’re not too expensive, it’s something I do all the time without worrying even slightly about what I’m spending.

      The reward cards are still there, and in the base game, getting the mods you’re after is still a pain in the ass. They’ve done a bit to fix this in 2 of the DLC’s: The Gage Mod Courier Job lets you earn 5 different collections of mods (as many times as you like) by collecting packages in the game levels, while in the Sniper Pack, all the mods are unlocked by performing certain tasks (each one is linked to an achievement, too). Fortunately, the game is still pretty fun even when you haven’t yet got all the gear you want to ultimately have by the time you’re done with it.

      • defunct says:

        Infamy leveling is VERY expensive. My first time I leveled up, I spent enough on buying missions that I had to do a few dozen missions to get enough money so I could finally rank up. For me, there was NEVER enough off shore money. Once I got my first infamy rank, my local bank account was more or less meaningless. I already had all the weapons I wanted. I just needed money to buy any perks I’d need for a mission.

        So now, I worry about buying ANYTHING with offshore money. Although I’ll stop worrying at rank 4 infamy. If I get rank 5, I’ll be called a cheater instantly, apparently, and will be booted from games, so I’ll skip that.

        • Blaaaaaaag says:

          I always find this strange… I know a few people who struggle to keep their offshore accounts in good shape, but personally I’ve never had any issues. In the first 6 weeks or so of the games release (before I took a several-month-long break) I had managed to amass 1.2 billion. All I do now is make sure I won’t drop below the 800 mil that I need to get my next four infamy ranks.

          Not denying that offshore moneys could be an issue for some, I’m just puzzled as to why that is. Are you folks gambling it all on the dumb card gambling thing, or what?

    • darkChozo says:

      On upgrades influencing map selection, are you referring to when farming cards on Ukrainian Job/Four Stores/Jewlery Store was all the vogue? They’ve since made multiday jobs much more valuable, so Rats and Firestarter are the farm missions of choice for XP (which is all anyone cares about nowadays).

      That being say, I think PD2 is the type of game that gets ruined if you really care about the grind. Playing the same missions over and over again for 200+ hours just isn’t going to be fun, it’s worth mixing things up even if it is less time-efficient.

      On mission selection, I actually like for making it harder for people to settle into playing the same maps over and over again, but then again, I’m weird (I like matchmaking systems too!).

  2. Shooop says:

    Pointless since Overkill went out of their way to ruin the already poor stealth mechanics the game had to begin with.

    Most developers try to improve their games with patches. Overkill wants to make it worse.

    • phanteh says:


      My little group of gamers (4 of us in total – handy) were quite happy playing PD2 for a couple of months after launch. Then, they made stealth ‘more involving’, or something, which completely ruined the way that we played the game (kill everything, quietly, body bag EVERYONE).

      So, we don’t play Payday anymore.

      Now, we’re all for them adding deeper stealth options, building on the mechanics and allowing those who want to play some hardcore stealth bank heist game like that, but they did it at the expense of the way we liked to play the game, and no amount of community bitching seems to have made a difference.

      Given the above, and their player numbers recently, I don’t think we’re alone.

      Overkill – please, listen to your community.

      I’ve lost track of the number of games I’ve enjoyed and become invested in only to watch the developers slowly ruin it. It’s especially sad when members of the community come up with brilliant ideas to combat balance issues / gameplay improvements – widely approved of by the wider community – only to have them fall on deaf ears (hello Mechs).

      • ArthurBarnhouse says:

        That’s interesting because I think their changes have been significant improvements. Getting rid of the additional pages talent and just giving everyone a flat 4 reduced confusion or the irritating conversation of “OK who can actually answer this page?” The body bags change is more complicated, but I see why they did it, as before you could just go into an area, kill 8 civilians and just bag them. Now you have to actually try on maps like Jewelry Store. You can move civilians now, the spotter asset helps track guards, it warns you when someone is calling the police or if a new guard is coming on duty. It’s added a lot and I think improved the experience. It’s all a matter of taste I suppose. My crew evolved with the body bag change, which is where most people broke off from the game.

        • Blaaaaaaag says:

          I completely agree, and before the stealth update, I felt like stealth was becoming a far too rote procedure. The game had become utterly stale.

          I like that you can’t just lock down the map on Framing Frame day 3 now, you have to actually be sneaky. The design changes haven’t made the game less fun, they’ve made it more challenging and much more interesting.

          • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

            I wouldn’t mind the stealth changes if the game weren’t so incredibly unreliable about being sneaky. If I had a bag of gold for every time a guard walked through the wall, or detected me 3 seconds after I was out of view, insta-detected me when I am crawling around with a detection rating of 4, or just sat there right next to the objective door for ten minutes, I wouldn’t have to bother with stealing the gold on framing day 3.

            But all those things DO happen, and they happen so often it’s pretty much a guarantee that at least one of them will occur to me during the course of the heist, and if I have teammates god forbid, then there’s no point to even attempting stealth. The old system meant that if you messed up, you could recover with a little quick murder and be on your way. Now, you pretty much just fail the heist, as shooting your way out in stealth gear is not going to happen.

            I don’t even bother trying to stealth the missions that were hallmarks of sneakiness anymore. Even FF just makes more sense to go enforcer and bring a shotgun and saw. Day 3 in particular is egregious, as it can take 30-40 minutes if you’re trying to get the gold out and the vault spawns downstairs. Sitting on cams for a half hour is not fun, nor is waiting in a corner while a few guards have a powwow in one room for five minutes straight.

            The old system wasn’t great, but it did take a fair bit of coordination to actually get a team to pull it off properly at least. And yeah, the infinite body bag thing was silly, but it made sense at the time given your limited cable ties (really? I only have room for two? How big are these cable ties, exactly?) and inability to move hostages at the time.

          • socrate says:

            There is also the problem that the game almost force you to get 4 player if you want to go stealth and like hamburger said stealth is just really really badly made in that game.

            Add to this that your AI is actually the dumbest most useless AI ever and playing solo because your friend quit after doing a mission and tiewrapping about 35 civilian in the jewelry and having civilian still spawn and walk around all day was more a pain in the ass then “fun” then you see there is a major problem…its the kind of dev who think UNFAIR=hard,no it doesn’t it just turn off people cause they see your game as badly designed with broken mechanic or not well designed or balanced one.

            Sadly the game is pretty much the only one of its kind in this time of gaming…so if you want to play a cool robbery game you’re stuck with a really mediocre one that end up being a very limited and poor experience…teaming up with random dude is just out of the question btw

            oh and i really wish you could max everything at one point…sadly you can’t oh well it was my first and my last payday and overkill game anyway…wish dev these days would realize that we don’t all have friend that JUST play 1 game 24/7 so many online game at this point..and much better FPS at that,they really need to understand that solo compatibility still need to be there…and thinking of that its not like i want to play with friend all the time…or worst random stranger with no coordination and sense of teamplay.

      • Shooop says:

        The “everyone gets body bags” thing was just one of the things that ruined the stealth mechanics. They also took away the key power of dominator – the ability to incapacitate a guard without killing them and having to answer their radio. Use it now and you have to answer their radio. There is zero reason to ever intimidate a guard in the game now.

        They changed the rules without thinking about how it would change the way the game works. And it’s not the first time Overkill has pulled knee-jerk reactions like this. They deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as EA for their wanton stupidity.

        • ArthurBarnhouse says:

          They’ve said it wasn’t supposed to work that way, but I can see why people didn’t like that. However, I see why it was necessary, because maps were too easy with the dominator. You could kill four guards and dominate the investigator. There’s still value to dominator, which is that you can trade guards the way you can civilians in combat situations, plus you need it to have joker.

      • Armitage says:

        I think you underestimate how hard it is to listen to the community when they all say different things. It’s not like they can just head to the forums and see “oh, we need better stealth”. I agree with your comments on stealth but lets give them credit where credit is due. This is an intensely fun game despite this and other issues it has.

      • HadToLogin says:

        I love people who hate stealth change. You guys practically ask Overkill to “make game for dumb people again, please, kthx”.

        All they did was force you to teamplay more and be on a lookout for the whole heists, not just for those 5 minutes you need to kill 4 guards and intimidate 5th.

  3. TheBigBookOfTerror says:

    I got Payday 2 when they had their last free weekend. Its the only online game I’ve managed to actually stick with, just got to level 76 this week. I’ve played the Borderlands series but mostly solo with occasional co op sessions. It does suffer the usual problems that happens when having to play with real people, but its very enjoyable when I get lucky and play with friendly gamers, and the shooting mechanics are very satisfying. Just wish I had some actual friends who played it instead of having to drift between public games and dealing with people who kick you on immediate connection because you don’t have the right mask or they somehow think you’re stealing their money when sawing open trucks…

    • dufake says:

      Payday 2 is NOT a bad game. I’m infamy 3 level 60 now(360), and I will be honest to tell you the game is lack of levels. Many maps could be completed in less than 5 mins.

  4. TwwIX says:

    lol What stealth mechanics? The game is a glorified horde mode with objectives just like the first game was. The only thing that Overkill has managed to accomplish with their bullshit is ruin the balancing of the game even further. The AI is fucking laughable and always will be. That’s why they constantly keep buffing them and giving them unfair advantages like auto aiming and insta kills. They’re utterly fucking useless at AI programming. It was fun while it lasted but Overkill managed to ruin a perfectly fun horde mode with their constant idiocy. They did the same shit with the first game by cramming crap like Overdrill into the game. They killed what little active community they had with that one, single update. These morons will never learn. They sure as fuck lost me as customer. The same goes for Starbreeze.

    • Suakeli says:

      You seem needless angry over a single PC game.

      “lol what stealth mechanics?” People are really liking the stealth on Shadow Raid, even calling it as good as Metal Gear Solid.

      “laughable AI”, the new(ish) cloaker unit has some really clever tactics for AI.

      As far as I know, Overdrill in PD1 was completely optional and it didn’t remove any of the existing gameplay.

      “Killed what little active community they had”, never had trouble with finding fellow players online and the Payday forums (not talking about the Steam one) are also quite active.

      “These morons will never learn”, They have constantly improved the quality of their new heists, as in Shadow Raid > Election Day > GO Bank > Diamond store (so basically, the newer the better)

      Serious question: Why are you so angry over a video game? For example I think that CoD games are overrated, but I stay away from all posts and comments about that game, because I don’t see the point in talking about a game I dislike.