For Goodness: Sacred 3 Anti-Delayed

Well this is fun. Once upon a time in ye olde fantasyee land of Ea’rth, Sacred 3 was set to launch at the end of August. Now, however, the latest in a longish lineage of solid Diablo-alikes has moved to the goodship August’s bow because it’s so ready that it doesn’t need no stinkin’ month. But as Eurogamer slyly points out, there is a Diablo-related product coming out that month. So maaaaaaaaybe… but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Fingers crossed for something good, not rushed. New trailer below.

I can’t tell if that voice acting is intentionally horrible or just regular horrible. Either way, I chuckled a little. Combat looks suitably smashy, though. And I guess the weapon spirit system allows you to acquire new abilities or something. The video’s not entirely clear.

Oh but wait, I just found this description on the game’s otherwise worrisomely barebones website:

“Weapon Spirits will help the player to level their heroes and make their equipped weapons deadlier than ever. These mysterious spirits come in all shapes and sizes with many different powers to make for the perfect companion during the player’s battle through Ancaria. Weapon Spirits will enable players to increase critical hit rates, hamper enemy movement, regain health, empower the entire team and much more.”

Sacred 3 will be out on August 5th. It’s worth noting that this one is coming from Keen Games, not original (and now deceased) series developer Ascaron Entertainment. Like what you see, or does it just look like another ARPG in desperate need of something to set it apart?


  1. Gilead says:

    The best bit of Sacred 2 was the random Blind Guardian concert. Sacred 2 also had the most tedious opening in-game cutscene I’ve ever seen, though, so swings and roundabouts.

    • razgon says:

      Agreed – The flaming guitar was one of the best weapons I ever found – Awesome concert!

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        That guitar was pretty awesome. The drumsticks sucked though.

    • damoqles says:

      Never played it, so until last year or so I’ve never even known that Sacred Worlds had something to do with the game, but by god, is it a phenomenal song!

  2. gravity_spoon says:

    Here: link to
    is a slightly more verbose form of that Spirit system as explained by Deep Silver Community Manager – Maurice Tan. It kinda looks similar to the Mitama system from Toukiden: Age of Demons.

  3. frightlever says:

    Does it look THAT different to Sacred 2? I’m not thinking so. I liked both previous Sacreds but might give this one a miss. Didn’t the original studio collapse shortly after Sacred 2 came out?

  4. Wulfram says:

    The voice acting seemed in line with the quality in Sacred 2

    • Philomelle says:

      Having played Sacred: Citadel, which had the exact same cast and art style as Sacred 3 seems to have, the voice acting is very Saturday Morning Cartoon. Which is neither good nor bad, but it does mean your enjoyment of the third installment heavily hinges on how much you liked watching Thundercats, He-Man and Conan the Adventurer as a kid.

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        I HAVE THE POWER… to like these sorts of cartoons, they provided great entertainment when I was young and I still like them, although I only occasionally watch them nowadays via youtube clips.

  5. gschmidl says:

    “Pre-order Sacred 3 now and receive the exclusive weapon spirit Z4ngr13f”


  6. PsychoWedge says:

    I didn’t even know there was going to be a Sacred 3… And this thing is only for PS3, judging by the trailer?

    Btw, the original german voice acting in Sacred 1 and 2 was stupifyingly good. They got a lot of really high profile voice actors who normally dub all the hollywood stuff.

    • gravity_spoon says:

      It is on Steam too. That trailer was just for PS.

    • socrate says:

      too bad the english voice acting was terrible and the writing in sacred 2…yuk…its like it was written by a 12 year old…the company didin’t collapse for no reason the game was overall terrible

  7. tumbleworld says:

    Oh, Gods. Toddler-grade voice-acting almost always means equally toddler-grade writing, too. If those character barks happen more than once, they’re going to be unendurable. The weapon spirits seem like Diablo runes turned into micropayment and pre-order bait. Plus it’s got a whacking great Deep Silver logo up front.

    My interest and enthusiasm for this game just totally evaporated. Damn.

  8. Freud says:

    I never played any of the Sacred games, despite being an ARPG fanatic. They just slipped through the cracks and then I read some negative review and never got around to playing them.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Sacred 2 is my favorite ARPG ever. The attention the designers gave to all the little details in the game world really make it stand out from the rest of the competition, IMO. Plus, it’s really a lot of fun, especially with the additional material from the expansion.

      You should try it.

      • socrate says:

        please don’t its a german game….look at all german dev studio and look how they all turn out and/or end up doing for game…its buggy as hell,horrible balance,voice acting and don’t even get me started with writing and gameplay…Diablo 3 is a million time better then Sacred 2 and coming from me thats saying alots.

        Its kind of sad really cause Sacred 1 was quite interesting…sadly it also had an horrible skill gem system that made the game tedious and boring with not much improvement skill wise as you progressed within the game(don’t actually remember if Sacred 2 had this horrible system also)…but the class were 100x more interesting and unique then 90% of Diablo 2 hero at this time and the world was also quite interesting…but gameplay wise…it was terrible after a few hour in and discovering that the skill system made less skill gem drop as you upgraded more and more skill(such a stupid system)

        In the end play Diablo 2 you will feel like a true hack and slash god and it still the most fun loot game with a loot system that is the best of all time so far easily

  9. Riaktion says:

    What Diablo related product? Are we talking in console land?

  10. quietone says:

    Sacred games are my favorite ARPG series after Dlablo and Titan’s Quest. In, fact, I am in the middle of a Sacred 2 game these days. The writing is awful, the voice acting is even worse, the game does not give a toss for immersion (you are walking around a desert with your High Elf and suddenly you stumble upon a bus stop? A rock concert? Ancient egyptian robots?)…but none of that matters, the games are lootfests with vaired character classes, all sorts of upgrades and gigantic areas to explore. I love them, quirkiness and all.

    They should be renamed as Facetious RPGs, or FRPGs (TM)

    I only hope Sacred 3 is as preposterous as the other two.

    • Batolemaeus says:

      That bus stop is nothing compared to the Tiberium harvester (!!!) you find in one of the expansions. Appropriate too, since it is sitting in a sea of crystals.

      And let’s not forget how at least one class in every game is a radical departure from genre conventions. The dwarf in Sacred using a flamethrower, cannon, mortar and an ability to radically boost drop chances. Or in Sacred 2, a robotic feline with extremely quirky abilities. Or the Seraphim with her Bee Eff Gee, a weapon that shoots…well, BFG orbs.

      • HadToLogin says:

        Dwarfs being mechanical experts and using guns isn’t a departure, it’s “fantasy world knowing gunpowder” canon.

        Warcraft 3 has dwarf unit using mortar. Arcanum has tons of guns-using dwarfs. Warhammer has dwarfs with cannons.

        AFAIK, every time universe uses gunpowder to kill, dwarfs are first to embrace it.

  11. Shodex says:

    Sacred 2 is one of the best worst games I’ve ever played. Not recommended as a single player experience, but grab a few friends and play it. It’s terrible. One of the races is this Egyptian robot mega-man dog. And I was playing some sexy angel race that wouldn’t shut the fuck up and had horribly voiced opinions about absolutely everything.

    The actual gameplay is fine. Combat feels good and the quests are average. Everything else is just so campy and stupid, that it’s a riot.

  12. The Random One says:

    So now that we’re finally phasing out roguelike, Diabloalike has risen to take its place?

  13. nimbulan says:

    That is some terrible voice acting. Looks fun though from the short clips they showed, a far cry from the previous entries in the series which I found incredibly boring.

  14. galaad97 says:

    This is quote taken from Gaming Bolt’s interview with Deep Silver’s creative producer Sebastian Reichert.

    “Sebastian Reichert: First of all, Sacred 3 at its core is an action game. A lot of classic RPG elements have been removed or simplified to ensure a fluid multiplayer experience.”

    taken from:
    link to

  15. waltC says:

    The actual game looks like Torchlight 1…;) Looks pretty rough–and yes, the voice-acting is atrocious! I was surprised. For the PS3? What’s that all about?–Sacred Gold for the PC wasn’t a bad game at all when it shipped, I thought. But this thing looks horrible. It looks like the original Sacred developers/publishers sold the rights to the name and that someone else has redo–uh, butchered the Sacred franchise. Just weird. In the original Sacred ( & Gold, of course) I loved the goblins wailing “Momeeee-e-e-e-eee! Dad-eeeeeeee!” it was very funny–the game had wit and humor. This thing looks like an abomination. I don’t own a console of any description, and it is exactly releases like this that constantly reinforce my excellent decisions in that regard (Console-free, Amiga/PC-only for the last 30 years, and have never had occasion to regret it…;))

  16. tvcars says:

    Added to wishlist, oh its free to play, removed from wishlist. Moving on.

  17. galaad97 says:

    Well I wouldn’t say like D3 since this one won’t have a proper loot system(Just gold and potions). They dont want the player to focus on getting the next weapon or armor, managing inventory is troublesome on console apparently.