Correspondents Winner: World War 2 Is Back In Enemy Front

I remember when this here were all World War 2 games, as far as the eye can see. Before we had yer modern warfares and yer advanced warfares and yer fancy space games fer use in intros about commonplace genres, it was all about Nazis, hedges in France and Steven Spielberg movies.

With Wolfenstein out and City Interactive’s Enemy Front just around the corner, let’s pretend it is that way again. This latest manshoot is about an American war correspondent playing witness (and gun-pal) to the Warsaw resistance, and this new story trailer wants to convince you of its serious intent.

It wasn’t always this way. Enemy Front began life as a ‘beat-based arcade action‘ game, and while that didn’t mean that it had a dubstep gun, it seems its lengthy development has taken it down more serious trenches. That seems only reasonable given the game’s Warsaw setting is the hometown of its Polish developers.

Although let’s not forget the many booms of the trailer released last month. Maybe… Maybe with this new, respectful story trailer, Enemy Front be frontin’.

I’m all about slang today, old and new. City Interactive are best known lately for the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series, and a little of those sniping mechanics seem to have made the swap. We’ll find out whether this is worth playing come its release on June 10th.


  1. Shooop says:

    Press E to feign respect for actual Warsaw resistance fighters.

  2. Bull0 says:

    About as appealing as an emergency dental appointment

  3. sinister agent says:

    Good to see a setting other than America saves the…


    I don’t see much resistance there, either. I see open warfare and shotgun rampages, not civil espionage and sabotage. It all looks very much like every other shooter, really.

    Nice production values, though.

    • Haplo says:

      Although I tend to agree with it looking like other shooters, re: ‘open warfare vs espionage and sabotage’, depending on the particulars, then this might be one thing which gets a pass this time. The Warsaw Uprising in 1944 was the most ferocious military effort a resistance movement pulled in WW2, and was closer to an open battle than the usual hit-and-run and sabotage tactics resistance movements were famous for in the war. The Polish Home Army managed to establish some control over the city centre and fought the battle for over two months with not much in the way of external support. A good deal of the city was demolished, along with hundreds of thousands of Polish civilian casualties, as well as thousands on the part of the freedom fighters and the Germans themselves.

      Not really writing all this to correct, mind. I just feel that an incredible effort as outlined above is worthy of retelling whenever possible.

    • P.Funk says:

      The story of Polish resistance fighters as told by an American. What a daring new angle for WW2.

  4. Crossbit says:

    I was mildly interested until you mentioned Sniper: Ghost Warrior. *shivers*

  5. ArtyFishal says:

    Nazis are bad

  6. Cortes says:

    This is very nice trailer. I don’t believe CI Games shows us new material when to release date is only few days. I think the greatest asset in Enemy Front will be story but it’s only my opinion. I waiting for this game so much.

  7. libdab says:

    Just love WW2 shooters – they don’t seem as generic as the modern warfare shooters somehow. I always thought it was a pity that games companies moved on from WW2 whilst there was still a fair bit that hadn’t been covered. Shame it has to be from the viewpoint of a US ‘journalist’ but at least these guys are giving us a campaign that hasn’t been done yet.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      It seems like “everyone” was tired of the WW2 setting after it had already been done countless times. It was like the MMO oversaturation we have now, or at least, that’s how I remember it. Although, that feeling perhaps came about because no one tried to take a different angle or explore other battles/scenarios of WW2. It was the same old stuff each time. A setting can be dull or exciting depending on what you do with it, so you’re probably right about WW2 not being fully covered yet.

  8. Ladygrace says:

    Why cant we have a game where we play the Chinese and invade america and destroy it? I know it wouldnt be a long game because as soon as you land you have won from the old vets and people turning on Americas government from how badly they are treated.

  9. Loyal_Viggo says:

    I want a FPS game playing as the Wermacht, or SS. That would be superb! So much material to choose from!

    Much better than the usual boring shit playing as a Yank/Brit/Soviet soldier.

  10. Notus87 says:

    Good trailer, a few days before the premiere, this information came out today about the gameplay in multiplayer mode. CiGames finally published it on what I’ve been waiting! :)

  11. Cortes says:

    Honestly now is only 6 days to release date but I think CI Games will be silent to 10th June. When they show this story trailer I’m very surprised. Multiplayer gameplay… link to I find it here. Both of these trailer is very good. I can’t wait when I can play on this game. Promises to be great fun.