Sequality: Mortal Kombat X Announced

A chilling display of violence etc.

Mortal Kombat sort of blew up, didn’t it, in a bad way. All that violence and gore and edge got everyone excited, then the sequel put all that gore into a really very nice game, before the series exploded and showered two decades with disappointment and live-action television and so very many palette-shifted ninjas. Pleasantly that streak ended in 2011 with a solid display of man-mutilating in the Mortal Kombat reboot. Come 2015 we’ll be smashing bones and tearing off heads again, as Mortal Kombat X has been announced.

This is one of those ‘announce before E3 so people know we exist and we don’t get lost in that horrible week of horriblness’ dealies, so publishers Warner Bros. don’t have too much to say about or show of the game right now. One fighting people will return and we’ll get some new violent sorts too, each coming in variations which play a bit differently. The announcement also mentions adding “a persistent online contest where every fight matters in a global battle for supremacy.”

And that’s about all we’ll know until E3 comes–heaven help us–next week.

Developers NetherRealm Studios do say they have “an all new graphics engine” in MKX but we’ve all learned our lessons about assuming announcement trailers aren’t pre-rendered, haven’t we? Or believing that finished games will look as pretty as their E3 ‘gameplay’ trailers, for that matter.


  1. Creeping Death says:

    I never really know what to say about these kind of announcement trailers. It’s great that we’re getting another Mortal Kombat? I guess? I enjoyed the last one… and hopefully, if the trailer is any indication, we’re getting stage interactions similar to Injustice. So that’s cool.

    Awful music choice, though.

    • anark10n says:

      Have you ever considered the possibility that the music isn’t awful and you just have awful taste in music?

      • Lionmaruu says:

        the music is indeed awful in the context of the video. and do be honest also awful in general, just plain bad.

        • anark10n says:

          No , it’s not, I happen to like rap/hip-hop and actually liked the music. As for the context of the video, could you even follow the lyrics before you claimed it’s out of context, or maybe it’s because you’re used to a certain type of music and are slightly miffed that they didn’t cater to your tastes?

          • dskzero says:

            Well I do like Hip Hop and Rap as well and this is pretty awful.

          • anark10n says:

            So you do. Now what? Is there a reason I should give your opinion more credibility than anyone else I’m in disagreement with (you included)?

      • kharnevil says:

        Nah, the music is awful.

        as Charlie Brooker once said:

        “Any human dumb enough to voluntarily sit through a second helping of that unremitting fecal spew really ought to just get up and leave the planet via the nearest window before their continued presence does lasting damage to the gene pool.”

        • anark10n says:

          Yes, of course, because everyone shares your taste in the arts, yes. Merely stating your opinion and quoting someone in your criticism makes your opinion the most objective of facts.

          • Tams80 says:

            Are you from the UK?

            If not: sorry that our humour has not rubbed off on you.

            If you are: get a bloody sense of humour!

          • anark10n says:

            Ah, the true and tested method of defending one’s own offensiveness: if they don’t get it, it’s because they don’t have a sense of humor. Don’t consider the possibility that it wasn’t funny to begin with. No, there’s no way it could’ve been that.

            Edit: And also assume that I’m not laughing at how almost everyone else is offended by the fact that there’s rap in their Mortal Kombat trailer.

          • Bassen_Hjertelos says:

            As far as I can see there’s only one person who’s criticized the context the music was in. Everyone else just said the music was awful. Personally, I also think the context is weird. And the music is awful. And I like some rap music. Just not this rap. ’cause it’s crap. Crap rap. UhuHuHuh.

      • ncnavguy says:

        I actually liked the music too and felt it fit the trailer well. Nice beat and its cool to get something different then the ubiquitous dubstep in vg trailer

      • Henjin says:

        So, just because we don’t like something you like, it means our taste is awful? Nice.

        • anark10n says:

          Well, yes. Take particular note of how it’s my opinion that this is the case.

          • Distec says:

            The music is pretty bad tho, rite.


          • anark10n says:

            I thought it gave the video a vibe I like better than the MK theme song did, so no, it’s not bad.

      • Neith says:

        Oh no, that music was bad. And I usually play my rap music in the bg when I play games like these… but this particular song put to this particular video?

        Nothing good.

    • Stuka_JU87 says:

      When I first saw this video on reddit I thought it must be some fan edit because of that horrible song. It seems so out of place for Mortal Kombat and is extremely annoying.

    • Rolento says:

      The music is indeed awful. Why couldn’t they have done a remix of one of the original themes….

      • anark10n says:

        Because they didn’t.

      • coppersloane says:

        It’s a trailer. Not sure how long you’ve been gaming, but the trailer music is almost never the in-game music.

    • coppersloane says:

      All the cool kids believe their opinion is gospel.

      • chilibiz says:

        You mean because they have the nerve to post “I don’t like thing” online?
        Yeah. What a bunch of punks.

  2. SillyWizard says:

    Has Scorpion always had fire-flavored attacks? I don’t remember that. (Haven’t played the series since the SNES days, though.)

    Also — why are they bothering to show us shattered bones and shit when the respective limbs apparently continue to function perfectly normally?

    Also — blegh, burly ninja always bug me.

    Also — awful music choice.

    • Bull0 says:

      Yeah, the X-Ray attacks came in with the most recent one (I think?) they’re fun for the gore value but yeah, it is a bit weird watching someone’s stomach getting frozen and crushed, only for them to go on to win the fight. You get used to it, and it’s comic-book violence really – plausible it ain’t.

      Might be a cool direction for a fighting game to have the fighters continue battle despite grievous wounds, and see those wounds affecting how they fight, but I guess that’d be a whole different game

      • SillyWizard says:

        Yes, having to learn to cope with handicaps in-game would be an awesome gimmick for a fighting game.

        • rexx.sabotage says:

          Bushido Blade?

          • MobileAssaultDuck says:

            Someone really needs to make another one of those, or just rip off the gameplay.

          • Bull0 says:

            Hmm… that looks more like “If you get hit you die instantly”, which while also pretty engaging as a concept isn’t what I meant. Maybe it’s just the video I’m watching.

            I thought more like, if your arm gets broken you carry on fighting, but with just the one arm (perhaps not for very long, but still).

          • MrStones says:

            While your right about being able to end a fight in a single hit, it also had a body damage system where taking a hit to the leg leaves you limping (well more crouched) with a changed move set depending on weapon, a hit to the other leg would then leave you only able to able to roll around on your belly swiping away pitifully with your sword. You could also cripple arms (but only one, you couldn’t actually cripple their sword arm and leave them weaponless) which also changed your move set and effected heavier two handed weapons more than light single handed rapiers and the like.

            Nothing quite like winning a fight stuck on your back with only one good limb left, also bonus points for having a small chopable bamboo forest you could play to your advantage too. A Bushido blade remake with local multiplayer would get all my moneys

          • stupid_mcgee says:

            Bull0, it’s just the video you’re watching. In Bushido Blade 1 and 2, if you get hit hard in the right arm, it can disable your right arm, making you fight with your left. You can also take out both arms, which means your opponent could execute a wild flail every now and then, and that was about it. You could also take out a person’s legs, which would make them hobble if one leg was taken out, and they would have to crawl and roll about if you took out both legs.

            And, if you’re wondering, yes, you could take out both arms and both legs, leaving the other player a flailing barely mobile stump of a human being. It’s still possible to win in such a state if you get lucky, though, so disabling all of a person’s limbs doesn’t make them entirely nonthreatening.

          • Bull0 says:

            Oh. That sounds like exactly what I want, then. So yeah, somebody make this for PC. Thanks. And thankyou both for the explanations!

          • Premium User Badge

            Phasma Felis says:

            Bull0, the location damage is hard to see in videos because the PS1 wasn’t up to actually rendering lopped-off or bloodstained limbs. You can only see limb damage in the character’s changed behavior.

            But yeah, those games were amazing. It boggles me that no one has ever gone back to that concept, as far as I’m aware.

            I don’t think anyone has mentioned yet that glancing body blows were possible, which didn’t kill but slowed you down a bit for the rest of the match (and made you flinch, which a quick opponent could exploit). Thrown weapons were especially fun; most characters had a few shuriken or something they could toss out to slow you down, but one guy in the second game had a wakizashi (short sword) that could kill in one hit from 20 feet if you didn’t block or sidestep. Pretty easy to avoid if you were expecting it, but a nasty surprise for first-timers. The best part was that, if you equipped him with a katana, he could dual-wield it with the wakizashi

        • BillyIII says:

          Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.

        • ncnavguy says:

          Remember the Disarm’s in Soul Edge? Definitely adds a layer to the combat. And I assume showing the bone break was dropping a hint that xray moves are gonna be back. I for one hope that the trailer is showing in game assets as we’re at a point in graphical fidelity where fighting games can take a serious leap with the right ambition. I still have frowny dreams when I think that best looking fighting game was fight night champion which EA stupid stupid stupidly never ported to PC

      • Premium User Badge

        Phasma Felis says:

        Oh, sure, now Time Killers sounds cool.

        (Post-Mortal Kombat arcade game where some attacks, if not blocked, could lop off arms and heads. You got huge bonus points for an Armless Win. It was epic. For some reason everyone remembers it sucking.)

        • pepperfez says:

          I think because it sucked?

          (But also made me giggle nonstop.)

    • MobileAssaultDuck says:

      Scorpion had a fire-breath fatality in MK2, his decoy also had a fire/smoke animation to it from 2 forward. He gained the flipping fire kick in 4 or 5.

      • SillyWizard says:

        Ah, of course. While in reality I’d simply forgotten about that entirely, I’m going to argue here that I’d simply processed that fire-breath thing as being more of a “Scorpion is a dead hell-ninja thing,” and that he didn’t previously have what you would call fire attacks, per se.

        Nits picked!

        • killias2 says:

          Yeah, his only fatality from MK1 had him breathing fire with a skeleton head. He also had the same kind of power in the MK movie. This sort of became a “thing” because it contrasted well with Sub-Zero and made sense given his Hellish origins.

        • Spacewalk says:

          And now he has a hoodie that he can glare from under because he’s a dead ninja from hell and noone can understand this pain.

      • Lionmaruu says:

        Scorpion breathes fire since the first game, even if you play on snes.

    • HadToLogin says:

    • Synesthesia says:

      I kinda really liked it. Hip hop or whatever that is goes wonderfully with mortal kombat. The last one was excellent, a good return to origins, while getting the ultra bar from SF made it infinitely more interesting to play. It gets a lot of hate for some reason, but hey, it’s the internet!

  3. Michael Fogg says:

    Fighting games – the Jersey Shore of gaming

    • pepperfez says:

      Mortal Kombat occupies its own weird little ghetto even among fighting games, so it’s not exactly a good proxy for the whole genre.

    • killias2 says:

      I don’t know, the actual Jersey Shore types, if they play anything, tend to love those FPSs.

    • grechzoo says:

      The amount of ignorance in this statement made me double take to check it wasn’t actually a really clever spam bot posting.

      But no….I think you are a real human being who has come to that conclusion……even though it defies all fact and logic.

      You should join the republican party!!!

      Judging a genre based on one (overly violent) game, is like saying all shooters are mindless murder simulators. Or all puzzle games are meant for four-eyed hermits.

      Addendum….or just judging a genre on a video and hearsay when you have NEVER properly played one of these games is like a blind man judging painting.

      I have analogies for days :)

  4. PikaBot says:

    Ech. If you can say one good thing about MK9, it’s that it perfectly captured the classic Mortal Kombat experience. It is every bit as slow, clunky, and imprecise as it’s forebears. They even kept in the terrible hitboxes!

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      My opinion of the MK series has always been: If you want a well-balanced and meticulously made fighting game, then go play Street Fighter. If you want a goofy, gore-filled spectacle, then play the Mortal Kombat series. I’ve held this opinion ever since MK released in arcades just after Street Fighter II.

      • PikaBot says:

        I’m all for a goofy, gory spectacle. That’s not the problem with Mortal Kombat. The problem with Mortal Kombat is that it’s just not fun to play.

        • pepperfez says:

          Or even watch, really. Somehow even with all the brutality nothing has any weight, and at least as of the last EVO tournament I watched there’s just no balance to speak of.

          • PikaBot says:

            Yep. Same with Injustice. That company is just utter shit at making hits feel impactful. There’s almost no distinguishing effect or sound between a blocked hit and a connecting hit, and the hitboxes are just garbage so you’re hitting like half a foot away from the where the model ends.

          • grom.5 says:

            Thought this. But I changed my mind after spending some rounds with friends on it. The clumsiness of this game is tangible and it’s quite fun to watch the bloody dolls hitting each other.
            Not a “serious” game, but it’s accessible for everyone. Not like street fighter or Blazblue where a difference level make you utterly crashed your opponent.

            And I didn’t talk about the story mode of the last one. We intend to saw a movie, at the end, the story mode was the perfect Z movie for everyone. Taking turn to win against this last boss…

            You should try with friends in local. It’s not something to play by yourself imo.

    • Lionmaruu says:

      I bought mk9 day one and I am a long time player, still the 1,2 and 3 are better, mk3(ultimate) being the most complete fun you can have with mk, STILL I liked mk9, but yes the gameplay didn’t aged very well, I found it hard to come back to play more after a month or so, that doesn’t happens with most fighting games I play, including the classic mk games.

  5. Hunchback says:

    Hey, the last MK game on PC was actually ACE. I know it might sound really weird and non-sensical but it actually had quite an awesome solo campaign. All fighting games should learn from it.

    • Jalan says:

      It re-told the stories of the first three games. Sadly most fighting games barely manage a single sequel, much less have enough longevity to get the “it’s cool, we’ll reboot this and re-tell things in the modern age” treatment.

  6. thelastpointer says:

    I thought only Steven Seagal fights to rap music.

  7. kdz says:

    I really loved the singleplayer portion of the last MK game… on PS3. A month or two ago I got Injustice: Gods Among Us for PC for cheap. Since I’m a huge superhero nerd I was really excited to play it, but it was almost unplayable with the 360 controller. The d-pad is terrible and the thumb-thingie is not precise enough. And I generally love the 360 gamepad.

    It was honestly one of the worst experiences in my gaming career: feeling betrayed by a control device I’ve spent my entire life mastering.

    Just wanted to share. I’ll definitely be enjoying MKX. On the PS4.

    • sabrage says:

      He should have been warned…

    • HadToLogin says:

      Well, that was your mistake to not read reviews. When I was looking for some pad for MKK one thing everyone could agree is that in this case, X360 pad is teh shite.

  8. tvcars says:

    I just like the old adventure martial arts games, all these new street fighter/MK arena stuff isn’t my cup of tea. Another reason why these games fail is their lack of doing anything new. I liked Tekken 3 and International Karate plus. That’s about it. Wot I hate is when the combo’s get overly ridiculous with controls. Although Wu Tang might have been an except to the rule. I guess it depends on the execution, pun delivered as intended.

  9. DanMan says:

    Could they just all stop announcing games for next year? What the hell is even coming out THIS year? I can’t really name one single game I’m looking forward to.

  10. dskzero says:

    This is the first time in my life the music choice in a trailer managed to kill my interest in a game.

  11. tnzk says:

    Fucking brilliant choice of music. Kudos to the one or two people here who thought the same.

    Notice I said choice. I didn’t imagine something like this could ever work. It does, and it’s kooky.

    Now I’m excited. Not since Street Fighter III has a fighting game soundtrack felt so fresh. I hope they continue it in the game proper.

  12. Distec says:

    Since this has become a discussion about the trailer’s music rather than the trailer (or game) itself, I’ll throw my screed in as well.

    It’s not gud. I don’t listen to rap/hip-hop anyway, and I’m honestly sick to death of hearing that same beat in any random track that I get subjected to. So yeah, personal bias and all that. But it doesn’t even fit what I’m watching on the screen.

    I’m burned out on screeching wubwubs as well, don’t get me wrong. But at least that flavor of dubstep felt appropriate for a game like Mortal Kombat; loud, obnoxious, and has possibly imbibed The Dew. And I actually mean that in a kind of good way.

  13. Wowbagger says:

    The 10 year old in me will always enjoy Sub zero and Scorpion fighting, I’ll buy it and then be disappointed by the arcade lite combat and other characters being meh.

  14. coppersloane says:

    Love the music, love the trailer.

  15. coppersloane says:

    Mortal Kombat has featured every genre of music in some way over the years, but now that it includes rap, a bunch of haters come out of the woodwork. Guaranteed they’re all white, male, and American. Lol Racists.

    • Premium User Badge

      Phasma Felis says:

      Now that’s hardly fair. Some of them are more than likely white, male, and British.