Warmer War: Company Of Heroes 2 – Western Front Armies

hurrah! hurrah for war!

I spent most of the weekend playing Wolfenstein: The New Sequel, which left me anticipating a robotic dog assault for the first thirty seconds of the Oberkommando trailer for Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer expandalone The Western Front Armies. I’m half-convinced that there’s a zombie-robot soldier actually called the Oberkommando in Wolfenstein. Of course, Company of Heroes 2 has a more serious warface than Wolfenstein, even if the two trailers below (one for the US, one for the Oberkommando) do look like they’ve been plucked from a high octane shooter rather than an RTS.

The Americans inevitably end their trailer whooping as death rains from above.

The Oberkommando inevitably end their trailer trundling through a hell of fire and ash. They do not whoop.

I enjoyed Company of Heroes 2 but it didn’t stake a place in my life in the way that the first game did. A strong injection of multiplayer content might be the way to bring people back on board but I’d like to have seen the Eastern Front explored a little more, or an entirely new corner of the war, rather than a return to familiar fields. I guess it makes sense to go where the money is though and the official page for the expansion describes the Western Front as a “popular theatre of combat”. It sure was.


  1. BobbyDylan says:

    Bring out a SP campaign that actually involves tactics other than zerging, and I’ll buy.

    Till then, I’ll stick to COH1 and WIC.

    • mtomto says:

      I think it’s a matter of shitty maps. CoH1 had rivers, bridges etc creating bottlenecks and it was awesome. In CoH2 you just run around everywhere zerging as you say.

      I know CoH2 has bridges and rivers, BUT… the bridges are not important – there’s usually a path right beside the bridge… silly. The rivers can even be crossed by all units… silly.

      If we got good maps and annihilation lobby system the game would be great. Right now it feels like Relic is trying to make some sort of DOTA / RTS bastard child… and it’s not pretty at the moment.

      • Phinor says:

        The CoH 2 multiplayer maps being crappy is very true at least for me. I’ve been playing the original CoH for years and years with a friend and we never could get into CoH 2. It just wasn’t enjoyable. Finally few months ago I realized that CoH 2 probably has some player made maps available and I found a map pack of CoH 1 map conversions. They aren’t necessarily pretty but man do those maps play better. The game became immediately a lot better, much more pleasant to play. It might make be a bad player but bottlenecks and more cover really makes the game much more enjoyable. It was so drastic change that I’ve already pre-purchased this new expansion.

      • GenBanks says:

        The other thing for me is that visually the game looks like it’s been flattened like a pancake compared to CoH1… Something about the way things are visually spaced out in relation to each other, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s as though walls and buildings don’t stand as tall or look as impressive as in CoH1. This might be partly also the fault of the design… why do the base buildings have to look so bland compared to CoH1? Every soviet building is a barely distinguishable mixture of dirt and dirt coloured camouflage netting. Even after dozens of hours of playing I still occasionally get confused about which building is which. I don’t know if all this is just me?

    • Elmarby says:

      If you are looking for a WW2 RTS that is heavy on the WW2 and light on the RTS, may I recommend the Combat Mission series?
      It might not be as graphically fancy but it has a high fidelity while remaining fun.
      It’ll take you some getting used to, the interface in particular. But it is a very rewarding game once you do figure out what is expected of you. You’ll quickly find out why you should not tank rush, and why parking your cannon on the hill with good lines of fires might not be the best idea. It is a great testament to the game that what worked in WW2 tends to work in the game.

  2. Gap Gen says:

    That header image reminds me of the time we went to watch the starlings on the Somerset levels.

  3. Chuckleluck says:

    Again I sayeth, “Why not just play Company of Heroes 1?”

    • NicholasTimothyJones says:

      That’s what I do!

    • Synesthesia says:

      Because FUCKING BRITS (and in the game?)

      goddammit. They turned me off the game when they were released, and continue to push me off it every time i try to return. Such a beautiful RTS ruined by a faction than breaks everything that was nice about it. Now you can no longer flank and outsmart a player, you need a specific unit or tech-state to break through a defensive position.

      And yeah, I know early bikes kill them, but i’d like to see you try that against a brit and 2 americans. Are trenches still free?

  4. Kakrafoon says:

    Just bring back the British Army and maps with more bottlenecks, and I will be a very happy CoH2 player.

  5. yurusei says:

    About the only great thing COH2 had that the original didn’t was Russian military opera.

    It was sparse and in between though.